MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 08: Coach Craig Bellamy looks on during a Melbourne Storm NRL training session at Gosch's Paddock on September 8, 2015 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Robert Prezioso/Getty Images)

The Brisbane Broncos have approached Storm coach Craig Bellamy with a deal worth over $5 million for four years, to take over from Wayne Bennett at Red Hill.

Fox Sports can reveal secret discussions between the Broncos and Bellamy have been going on for at least the past month, as Brisbane look to find a successor to Bennett.

However, Bellamy is out of contract at the end of the season at Melbourne, while Bennett is currently contracted until the end of the 2019 season in Brisbane.

The Broncos have spoken to Bellamy about all options, which includes him heading straight to Brisbane at the completion of his Storm deal, which could mean Bennett would be asked to step aside to allow Bellamy to take his place.

Bellamy could also just sit out the 2019 season, and wait until Bennett’s contract runs out before taking over.

The pair worked together at the Broncos between 1998 and 2002, before Bellamy left to join the Storm for the 2003 season.


  1. well… Its probably the best outcome to re-fit the Broncs as a few of those guys will retire as well.

  2. With Cameron Smith and Billy Slater retiring, Cameron Munster off to the Cowboys and now Craig Bellamy to Broncos, I cannot see the Melbourne Storm been anywhere near as dominant as they have been in the past 10 years…
    Manly, Storm and Broncos have been the SUPER TEAMS of the last decade and now the Dragons, (maybe Cowboys), Panthers and Souths are starting to create their dynasty.

    • Ah…. how are manly and the broncos super teams of the last decade? The donkeys haven’t won a title in over 11 years and manly while they won two haven’t exactly been slaying it lately.

    • Souths4Ever you forgot one other Super Team. The Sydney Roosters in the past decade have won 3 minor premierships, played in 2 Grand Finals 2010, 2013 winning 1, played in 5 Preliminary Finals winning two, and are on coarse to make this years semis. I’d say that is a better record than Brisbane and slightly better than the Cowboys in the past 10yrs. 🐓

  3. What an awesome insult to Bennett, could not happen to a better bloke, that stuck up, I’ll won’t talk to the media cretin is now getting some pay back, his days are numbered even if he wants to continue, he has always had the best teams to coach, but was found out when he went to Newcastle, and even though he had as much money to spend on players he wanted, could not deliver Newcastle anything , then leaves a year early and leaves the club in a terrible state.

    Good riddins Bennett RIP

    • Bennent and Hasler have finally been recognised for leaving clubs in a disgraceful situation. Surely this would be the end of Wayne’s career, although my prediction is for him to wind up at the Raiders??? Michael Maguire to the Storm, Ricky to an assistant coach job or Super League.

    • Bennett the so called “super coach” has been around a few seasons to long and his coaching style is pretty much superseded by the newish type of coach. Penso you or I could of coached Brisbane to any of the premierships they won, with all the superstars that was in all those teams which of coaurse where millions over the cap. Bennett has been struggling for the past two or three seasons including this one and his normally hard to crack defensive structures are non existent these days. He has no more answers and all the coach’s have advanced in technology leaving the old dinosaur without any new ideas to implement. Bennett cant stop the flood gates opening and any one that knows their footy, knows that defence wins premierships.

    • Penso learn your facts D U M B A S S Bennett wasn’t responsible for the Knights Rick Stone along with the then board caused most of the damage they were the ones back ending deals you knob not Bennett
      Stone and company left the club financially screwed
      As for the future
      Tinkler hired Bennett to get them to the finals he specifically told Wayne to bring in players to get it done Wayne did just that the side they had was rubbish Wayne got the players they finished 1 game short of a GF that’s more success that crap clubs seen in years then you had Tinkler not paying players and staff throw in Alex’s injury that’s why they had a bad final year under Bennett
      In fact all these young players the Knights fans are drooling over now are Bennett’s products from the Jr. System he set up so get your facts right

  4. Bye bye bennett, off to the nursing home for you.
    Seriously bennett has fallen out of the tree in the last few years.
    Belly acre had the broncos, wow.

  5. This cannot come fast enough for me. I like wayne bennet but I am tired of watching his defenses absolutely destroyed by teams. If he can’t or won’t change, he needs to go. The team he has is okay but the poor defence (not the poor form of the halves) is the major problem.

  6. Typical Broncos fans not thinking about reality of this
    If Bennett goes he will end up at another club and guess what say goodbye to Boyd Moose who will follow him and Payne Hass Pangai JR both came to the club for Bennett both have knocked back massive deals to stay for Bennett issako who only stayed at the club for bennett we will lose some good young stars David Fafita our biggest prospect who is only at the Broncos for bannett why Bellemy is a great fit you run the risk of losing your biggest stars

    • I’d say that Bellamy will have a fair influence on players as player retention and attraction as well mick. He’s a highly regarded and very successful coach and he’s been at the Broncos before.

    • I don’t care who is on the team if I have to watch the Broncos only win against teams that aren’t good enough to exploit their hideous inside out defence.

      Honestly – as a broncos fan, I’ve blanched every time they give a penalty away for a chance at the line for a few years now.

      Like I said, if Wayne won’t change, Wayne should go. I like him, but I do not respect that Wayne refuses to change how he plays. Particularly against the storm, where the storm do the same thing every game and destroy the broncos.

  7. Calm down mick. No need to start name calling. You could have made your point, which is valid, without the abuse.

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