Coming off the bench last night against the Rabbitohs, Brandon Smith has described his first try as a Rooster and admits he nearly didn't play last night.

After enduring a back injury against the Warriors last week, Smith was in doubt to play against the Rabbitohs last night but instead decided to push through the pain.

His decision would end up benefiting the Roosters as he was able to get them over the line by two points.

This included a spectacular try from Smith to bring the Roosters back into the game after conceding two tries in the opening 15 minutes.

Just as he so often did for the Melbourne Storm, he came on during the 25th-minute mark and made an immediate impact. His freshness allowed quickness from the ruck area, where the Roosters struggled in the opening 20 minutes.

Smith admitted after the game that he nearly ended up not playing last night due to soreness but is thankful for naproxen easing his pain.

"I'll tell you what, if we weren't playing the Bunnies I probably wouldn't have played. It was the type of game I wanted to be a part of," Smith said.

"It took me a record amount of anti-inflammatories to keep me out there so thank the lord for naproxen."

"I've done everything I could to get out there and we knew we had the week off the physio sort of said 'mate it's gonna hurt but you're not really gonna do any more damage.'"

"So, that kind of gave me the green light to push through a little bit more pain."

NRL Pre-Season - Roosters v Sea Eagles
GOSFORD, AUSTRALIA - FEBRUARY 17: Brandon Smith of the Roosters runs with the ball during the NRL Trial Match between the Sydney Roosters and the Manly Sea Eagles at Central Coast Stadium on February 17, 2023 in Gosford, Australia. (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)

Continuing on, Smith described in immense detail how he scored his first try in the Sydney Roosters jersey.

"That 60-metre runaway. (I) broke through six tackles," Smith said laughing when asked about his try.

"It was good. I've come on and everyone was a bit more tired, we did a bit of video on the markers throughout the week and I'm just lucky that everything worked out to plan."

"Like a lot of things involved, if Sam Walker didn't push through the line, I guess Lachlan Illias wouldn't have fallen for the dummy, so got to thank him for that or it was Luke Kleary I can't remember really."

"I was too busy with the wind in the back of my hair, too busy flying at Usain Bolt speed but yeah it was good."

"I was scared of Latrell so at the end of the try I really tucked the head into the ball, I really tucked the ball with two hands, I've seen when Latrell had a massive try-saver last week so I wasn't letting him take that one from me," he continued laughing.