As the boredom of being indoors sets in, the fans aren’t the only ones twiddling their thumbs without any football on the weekend.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be checking in on the players to see what they’re up to, and who they’d hate to be stuck with through all this.

In today’s edition, we’ve spoken to Cowboys wrecking ball Francis Molo, who enjoyed a breakout 2019 season.

ZT: So you’ve obviously been stuck inside with everything going on, what’ve you been doing to keep yourself busy?

FM: Still early days at the moment, I’ve just been busy with my two little ones at home and helping the missus out at home when I can, but I’m really enjoying the time I get to spend with them. I don’t get as much time with them when I’m playing because of travel so it’s been good to see the little things I miss out on when I’m gone.

ZT: You debuted at Brisbane before switching to the Cowboys, is there much difference between the club culture?

FM: Both great clubs with strong cultures. I wouldn’t find much of a difference, all of the boys are pretty close knit and love to rip in together whether they’re playing or training.

ZT: You really hit your straps last year, even snagging the club’s Coaches Award, what can you see yourself improving on this year?

FM: Personally, consistency is a big thing for me so hopefully I can keep doing that for longer durations when I’m out on the field playing this season.

ZT: Now you didn’t take part in the tournament, but what did winning the Perth Nines do for the confidence of the side?

FM: It brought a lot of confidence especially for the younger blokes that got a run, but it was great way to start the year and an awesome achievement for the club.

ZT: The team had a huge coup in the off-season, picking up Valentine Holmes on a long-term deal, but has sort of affect has he has on the side?

FM: He’s been great ever since he’s joined the club, he’s added much needed strike and depth in our backs and an easy bloke to get along with.

ZT: What was it like running through the tunnel and onto the new stadium for the first time?

FM: Unreal experience. Had goosebumps walking through the tunnel with the boys, it would’ve made it better if we won that game, but to play the first game and open the stadium is a privilege I can look back in the future and say that I played in the first game there.

ZT: We’re all stuck indoors at the moment, who’s the last bloke you’d want to be stuck in isolation with?

FM: Definitely Moosey (Josh McGuire).

ZT: Obviously you can’t go train with the boys, what’ve you been doing to stay fit?

FM: Got a little set up at home but it’s not enough with the food I eat, I’m hoping to get more gear from the club, who knows how long this will last for.

ZT: And last question, any hobbies you think you’ll pick up while you’re stuck at home?

FM: Hopefully I find cleaning and cooking a hobby instead of a chore!

Thanks for the chat Francis! Stay tuned for the next installment of ‘Blythy’s Lockout Low Down’, and drop a comment below to let me know who I should talk to next, and what you want to know!