CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA - MAY 05: Blake Ferguson of Australia celebrates with team mates after scoring an intercept try during the ANZAC Test match between the Australian Kangaroos and the New Zealand Kiwis at GIO Stadium on May 5, 2017 in Canberra, Australia. (Photo by Mark Nolan/Getty Images)

Blake Ferguson has not been recalled to the Kangaroos after his decision to pull out of the Australian Prime Minister’s XIII game on the morning of the flight.

Ferguson was originally selected for the upcoming games against New Zealand and Tonga but was scratched on Monday morning after pulling out of the PM’s game citing a leg injury.

Australian officials were surprised when they received a call from an Eels official to inform them when just a few days earlier Ferguson was medically cleared to play the game and fitted for a jersey.

Their disappointment was several-fold given that Ferguson withdrew from the game at the same time as his teammates were heading to the airport to fly to Brisbane.

It would have been the first time Ferguson was recalled to the national side since 2017 but his name was left out when the official announcement was made on Monday morning.

Mal Meninga made a number of changes in response including calling up South Sydney’s Campbell Graham to the PM’s team for Friday’s game against Fiji and giving Canberra winger Nick Cotric an opportunity to make his Test debut for the main side.

Ferguson was in good form for the Eels in 2019 and in his return to the State of origin this year.

The Eels were shocked when they heard he had withdrawn from the game in Fiji, having been told he was excited to play in the lead-up.


  1. Blake Ferguson cost himself another Premiership by following the $🤑$🤑$ the dollars for a lousy bit more.

    Funny how players turn into Roger Tuivasa-$hrecks

  2. Fergo has already played at all levels and he’s getting on and needs a break.
    Good luck to him,
    Is it true that Rabbitoh fans buy their drinks at Bunnings ?

  3. Yes if I was Fergo I would be depressed also after his team mates of last season won the grand final again without him. Money can not but you happiness. For a little bir less than Parra forked out he walked away from his mates at Sydney Roosters anither premiership ring, and another World Club Challenge and another Aussie jumper because he is depressed. But hey, at least he has a thick wallet. However money is not everythin it is made out to be. Unfortunately Fergo like so many, need to experience the disappointments in life first hand. The wise learn from the elders.

  4. Fergo just like Pearce, Jennings, RTS, Napa, and Matterson when they departed from the Sydney Roosters for Money, they all played their last grand final.

    The Roosters continue to develop or find better replacements and go onto win more comps. Those players who departed think they were indispensable, but they were not.

  5. According to your usual rants DaveWoodTurned, players at the Roisters take half of their true worth to play there.
    So a move to Parramatta would have gained Ferguson $375,000 a season, according to your calculations. That’s much more than a lousy bit more isn’t it!
    Who’s to say that he won’t win a Premiership next season? Then he’s paid more & Won that next competition any way. Win, Win.. Or Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner. 👍

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