SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 10: Jack Bird of the Sharks looks dejected after defeat during the NRL Elimination Final match between the Cronulla Sharks and the North Queensland Cowboys at Allianz Stadium on September 10, 2017 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

In a huge blow to the start of the Brisbane Broncos’ 2018 campaign, new prized-recruit Jack Bird is set to miss the opening of the season as he undergoes a full shoulder reconstruction as reported by The Mole today.

It’s a demoralising loss for both Bird and Brisbane fans who were eagerly anticipating next year after he controversially signed a lucrative four-year, $4 million contract to move north.

:”We brought him in for a check-up and we feel surgery is the best option for Jack going forward,” said Broncos High-Performance Manager Jeremy Hickman.

“We’ll know more after the surgery but we’re hopeful he’ll be ready for Round 1.

“Jack’s biggest concern coming to a new club was being in the best possible shape, and getting an operation wasn’t part of that plan.

“But in the long-term, it’s going to be better for him and that’s the conversation we had.

“The good thing with shoulders is you can get running pretty quickly to make sure his running volume and fitness is right for the start of the season.”

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The NSW Blues star was severely constrained by the injury last season at the Cronulla Sharks but the hope that it would mend during the offseason didn’t go to plan.

It’s also a bad look to start off with for the Broncos who reportedly paid $350,000 more for Bird than what the Cronulla offered, in what the Sharks called their richest ever contract proposal.

With the 22-year-old said to be undergoing surgery this week that will hopefully help him return to full health, it at least leaves Broncos coach Wayne Bennett without a selection dilemma for at least the first month of the season.

However, Bennett won’t be afforded the usual opportunity to experiment and tinker with different line-ups in the pre-season trials.

There are several potential positions Bird might play with five-eighth, fullback, lock and centre all possibilities.

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After declaring his resentment to playing centre at Cronulla, Bird has made no secret that he wants to be closer to the ball in receiving more playmaking responsibilities. It’s highly unlikely Darius Boyd will be shifted from fullback and Josh McGuire was in career best form at lock this season.

Set to battle with Kodi Nikorima for the number six jersey, Bird will already be on the backfoot in the two-man race.

Bird will miss at least the Broncos’ opening matches against the Dragons (Jubilee Oval), Cowboys (Suncorp Stadium), Wests Tigers (Campbelltown Stadium) and Titans (Suncorp Stadium).

Hopefully for Bird and Brisbane fans, he can completely overcome his shoulder issues and return to full health in delivering on his big payday for a club that is desperate to avenge their bitter preliminary final loss this season and go all the way in 2018.


    • Good one! 👍 For a second I thought tgat Bird had flown the coop! I was about to say lucky escape. 😂

      • So $1 mill is now the going rate for a decent rep player, is that it?

        So how does this compare with some of the best paid in the game?

        $1,250,000 per season (Daly Cherry-Evans) choke! Has someone got a glass of water? 😉
        $1,200,000 per season (Johnathan Thurston) – perhaps the best player ever! (after Andrew Johns) 😉
        $1,200,000 per season (Jarryd Hayne) – Seriously? Even Jetstar get you to where you are going they just can’t get you back, this plane doesn’t even get airborne!
        $1,000,000 per season (Cameron Smith) – Sterlo argues the best player ever!
        $1,000,000 per season (Cooper Cronk) – was on $850,000 per season at the Storm
        $1,000,000 per season (Ben Hunt) – Oops! One too many zeros on the cheque perhaps?
        $800,000 per season (Billy Slater) – almost certainly the best FB to have ever played the game!
        $800,000 per season (Greg Inglis) – absolute gun player all clubs would queue up to sign.
        $800,000 per season (Sam Burgess) – absolute gun player all clubs would queue up to sign.

        Broncos Australian Rep players:

        $750K per season (Darius Boyd)
        $500K per season (Matt Gillett)
        $400K per season (Sam Thaiday)

        Well that seems fair! Especially Boyd who is at least worth as much as Milford or Bird (even though both are over paid).

        • What’s your dam point
          It’s called smart management that’s why Bennett is the best coach the game has seen any other club would be paying 1 million a year
          For the boyd gillett Thaiday as for Milford that statement proves
          Your stupidity Milf is a freak he will be the best player in the comp
          In the next few yrs you have to pay big money to keep the future stars
          Bennet knows this Hunt got the ass because he isn’t worth the money he wanted so he goes and joins the dragons on a million dollar deal Milf is worth a million he still is about two years away from hitting his best and paying him big coin now to keep him is smart
          Bird is worth the cash
          Boyd is on cheap coin because of his own stupidity he has said he won’t play for any other coach so he was never gonna leave the Broncos and the club knew it and his 30 odd so it’s a bit late for big pay days gillett hasn’t always been that great his been solid but his form has only hit its peak the last few years and he has had upgrades
          He is definitely worth more but he wanted 500 thousand he had bigger offers so it’s not money he like a lot of Broncos stay for success
          Why join a team that’s no chance to play finals when you can take less to win comps if You want cash over premierships you join the Knights
          Thaiday has never been worth more then 500 thousand
          Second the Bennett has never payed big coin for forwards

        • “What’s your dam point boooiyeee?”

          My DAM point hillbilly Mick is that Milford is not worth $1 mill per season and Boyd is worth more than Milford. On current form (not Milford’s 2015 form) he is worth Boyd’s $750K a season (less than Inglis and Burgess certainly). He is NOT the player that Thurston, Smith, Cronk, Slater, Inglis Boyd or Burgess are. Firstly he is playing out of position. He is a FB not a 5/8. He pulls it off because he has talent, speed and agility and is a jackrabbit who is hard to catch but he has no kicking game and his passing game falls apart under pressure. He is better playing for himself than for his supports and is not able to crack a set defensive line only a broken, retreating or staggered one. Don’t get me wrong he IS a talented player but he is also inconsistent and not up to the calibre of the aforementioned (that means the guys I mentioned before). Boyd is a more natural 5/8 than Milford who would still be cutting teams up if he was playing at FB and attacking out wide on both sides of the field.

          You are showing your stupidity if you think Bird is worth the same money as Thurston, Smith and Cronk. He is also not worth more than Slater, Boyd, Inglis or Burgess. I repeat these names for emphasis in the hope that if you examine each of them it might sink in.

          “Boyd is on cheap coin because of his own stupidity”

          Some Bronco fans would call it loyalty but then after Corey Parker got screwed out of his final pay cheque it’s clear loyalty is not reciprocated at Red Hill.

          “Milf is worth a million he still is about two years away from hitting his best…”

          Is that “smart management” (to use your words)? Pay someone more than they are worth now in the hope they will be worth that money later on down the track? Sounds like a dumb way to do business to me but when you have a club that does deals in car parks with brown paper bags and calls them TPA’s then I suppose it is neither here nor there. It’s not as if you have to worry about capping your payments so just give them more.

          “when you can take less to win comps”

          When WAS the Broncos last premiership then? It was 11 years (or 12 premiership titles ago). Looks like the well has run dry at Red Hill. 2015 was the last and best chance the Broncos will have for some time. They are clearly behind the Storm, the Roosters and a full strength Cowboys side. They will also struggle when they play the Sharks and the Eels and I look forward to the Broncos playing a full strength rejuvenated Rabbitohs team.

          Clearly the Rabbitohs have had a dismal last 2 years and they were absolutely robbed in their round 8 clash with the Broncos… Korbin Sims off side try, Milford passing off the ground to Moga for a try and then Milford knocking on in front of the refs for the winning field goal at the death. But then again your mob would celebrate a dishonorable victory. From 2013 – 2015 Souths had the wood on the Broncos winning 4 of the 5 games played. So just wait till next year hillbilly Mick, there will be no banjo celebrations for you.

          Nice draw for the Broncos by the way, only 2 top 8 sides (2017) in the first 9 rounds! Just the sort of sweet draw that money can’t buy..

  1. Just looking at the Broncos page on this site and it has Bird on $1m a year and the captain Darius Boyd on $750K a year. What is going on here? Is Andrew Gee back in the building?

    • Pull your head in chalky the cap joke was funny in the 90s
      Let’s look at this cap rorting squad

      Boyd a 30 odd yr old who has stated he won’t play for any other coach he could of been offered 200 thou he would of stayed it’s his fault he got less

      Oates Kahu you think they are on big coin nope

      Roberts took less to win a comp he got tired of playing for the Titans
      He wanted to win comps

      Bird big deal 1 million although the club say it’s less but we will say 1 million

      Milf big deal

      Nikorima peanuts

      Thaiday sims Glenn nope no big deals there

      Mcguire nope worth way more then he is getting

      Gillette nope Lodge hell no

      Macca nope

      Fai Mead Funaki Isaako murphey Ofahengaue Pangai Opacic Pangai Jr. Pearson

      Nope no big money deals there Scarlett Seve shibasski S’ua Terupe
      Well that’s about it so yeah the cap jokes are lame the roosters now there’s a team you should point your lame cap jokes at so seriously point out the players who are on big coin dumbA**

      • In closing the broncs.
        Have what 2 player who is worth 1 million Milf Boyd only one though is getting a million
        Other then that the rest are not worth a million and are being paid the right price gillett and McGuire are the only under paid guys in the team
        So again feel free to point out the big money guys and the guys you think the club is rorting the cap by not paying a fare price lol
        Seriously you haters are pathetic lol when they get the big stars the clubs over the cap their rotting the cap whinge whinge whinge but when they have a young team of rookies and no million dollar superstars oh oh they are rorting the cap by under paying lol grow up

  2. As as much i hate the advantages the Broncs get in 3rd party payments i also dont believe half of what i see in the salary lines on this site.

    • The third party argument is pathetic
      All I hear is the Broncos have an advantage
      Because they have Brisbane
      The Warriors have an entire freaking country and a billion dollar spine yet no one
      Accuses them of cap rorting or for having unfair 3rd party advantages
      Why because they suck if they were winning games you watch how fast they
      Start getting accused of cap rorting and having 3rd party advantages
      The broncos get heat because of their success back when the club was struggling
      When Bennet first left they went through a faze where they lost a lot of talent and we’re rebuilding with a lot of kids for a few yrs no one accused them of rorting the cap or for having unfair 3rd party deals but once they started winning again and bacame a threat the haters came crawling out of their holes with cap rorting b.s and third party deal b.s

      • Settle down hey. Who cares if some people on the internet think the Broncos are rorting the cap? How does it affect your life?

        As for the third party b.s as you call it. That is a blight on the game whether you see it or not. The cap is supposed to even the competition, but then third party deals work against that. The Broncos undoubtedly have more access to 3rd party deals than, say Newcastle or Canberra, due to their location, and they don’t have to fight for them as much as the Sydney clubs do. The Warriors might be the only team in the NZ, but most of NZ don’t care about them or rugby league. It is not the Broncos fault though, it is the NRL, it is just that the Broncs have the most to gain from it that irks some fans.

        • @ eels47

          I wouldn’t waste my time mate, he laughs at his own players who play for the Broncos for less out of loyalty and calls them stupid for doing so and missing out on a big pay cheque. His super coach Bennett has not won a premiership since 2010 and the Broncos have not won one since 2006. Even the Sharks and the Rabbitohs have won a premiership title in the last few years. So much for a “super coach” and an under paid team of rep players!

  3. Rabbitohs Breaking News…

    – The Rabbitohs have signed Jesse Martin (Manly’s U20 captian). He is a lock/hooker.

    “The Queanbeyan Blues junior averaged 99.2 running metres and 36.4 tackles per game last season over 25 appearances for the Sea Eagles. (U20’s)”

    Souths have also signed Jacob Gagan and Jack Stockwell (verbal agreement, not yet signed) from the Knights.

      • You can’t be grumpy about this, surely?

        I don’t know your lineup well enough to comment on where you need 2nd / 3rd reserve players, but you picked up a utility in Crocker, and let a junior forward move on.

        I can’t defend Manly, that’s just not possible, but come on, you can’t be upset with this, and remember you don’t have Pearce yet?

        • The point though mighty is that while the Sea Eagles are focused on recruiting outside their club they are letting tomorrows champions escape out the back door! The kid was one of the 2 best on ground for Manly in the U20’s GF and was their captain. I was only telling holmsey recently that Manly should shift their focus to resigning the best of their U20 premiership winning side before other clubs swooped.

          So what if Pearce signs for a couple of years (or even Cronk’s signing for that matter) if the best talent of the next generation leaves the club then there is only short term gain for long term pain. THAT is why I have always been more concerned about Crichton re-signing than worrying about rumours of Cooper Cronk. Crichton is the future of the Rabbitohs and a potential captain and the “Bob McCarthy” of this generation.

        • I get your point, and agree to an extent, but, and this is an argument I’ve had on numerous occasions, if you have an abundance of “potential” in a position / area, let’s say in the forwards as an example, but limited “potential” in other positions, then you have to let talent go in 1 area, and recruit in another.

          In this case Manly has let a forward go, and maybe in part because he got a better offer from a club in greater need, or maybe because they have a surplus, or both, but the point is at “rookie” level you can’t keep everyone. The Bunnies are 1 of the teams that bring talent through, so I’m sure you can relate.

          Fuimaono is an example we should be able to relate to. I’ve watched him develop, and rate him, I was even glad (for him) to see him sign with the Bunnies, but when you look at our depth in the forwards, and how many relatively inexperienced players we’ve got lining up, he was down on our pecking order. He’s a great young talent, and FYI, I rate him, but he was at least a year, or extremely bad luck re our other young guys, away from getting a start with us, yet got his opportunity with you.

          That’s why I referred to “I don’t know your depth well enough” in my comments re MW, not that I don’t back bringing your own talent through.

        • @ mighty

          Halves: Daly Cherry-Evans, Blake Green, Cameron Cullen, Jackson Hastings, Lachlan Croker, Apisai Koroisau (5/8 as per Manly’s website), Kyle Eather, (NSW Cup), Dean Parata (NSW Cup), Manaia Rudolph (NSW Cup), Cade Cust (U20’s), Manase Fainu (U20’s), Kurtis Preece (U20’s)

          And now Mitchell Pearce? You don’t think that 13 players covering 6 positions over 3 grades is excessive? It almost sounds like a Pokemon obsession to me.

          Btw, didn’t Manly nly JUST sign Jack Gosiewski? So what’s the story ZT?

          2018 Gains: Jack Gosiewski (South Sydney Rabbitohs, 2018)
          Off Contract 2018: Jack Gosiewski

          WOW! That my must be the shortest NRL contract in history.

        • @ mighty

          About Fuimaono, yes I do rate him and he is developing nicely. He is better as an edge back rower though but filled the gap well in the centres. However, Crichton is IMO 4 x his superior hence my great concern over his re-signing.

          Yes clubs need to cover all positions but you don’t want to let the BEST of your junior talent escape, not if your club is awake at the wheel.

        • Maybe so SSTID, but we never know the full story do we. Not everyone who kills it in the 20’s is successful in the NRL are they, and the same goes the other way. Perhaps the powers that be at Manly didn’t see him making the jump, who knows, or maybe your team just offered him more than Manly were prepared to, it happens all the time… The point is that you can’t keep everyone, even your “best” sometimes.

        • Sorry mate, he is about to be sporting some Blue and Gold gear, and what a fine addition to our back row he will be too 😉

        • i’ve heard he likes church st eateries better than redfern and marrickville…..he said there was a bit more variety and was over kebabs.
          he even popped in to see Peter Wynn and get some blue and gold merch before his kit arrives.

  4. Greg Inglis’ return date, 2018 Rabbitohs position revealed:

    – GI’s first game back will be the Charity Shield (24/02/2018) after nearly 1 year on the sidelines.
    – Inglis will be handed the number 1 jersey and will be captain.
    – Cody Walker will play 5/8 and partner Adam Reynolds in the halves.
    – Seibold hinted at ending the 2 hooker experiment and may look to settle on just 1 hooker for 80 minutes.

    If true I hope Souths play Cook at hooker and Farah at lock and move Sam to the back row. Play Crichton on the right edge where he is already comfortable and play Sam on the left edge. Big Sam was playing on the right edge and causing mayhem when Souths won the 2014 premiership.

      • Of course they do. pedro my only reservation about playing Inglis at FB is his knees. IF his knees are 100% then FB is his best position. I have had operations on both knees due to football so I can relate. I doubt that Inglis will be 100%. The physios and doctors all say it is an injury he will have to manage for the rest of his career, Q.E.D. centre not FB. I also ALWAYS argued for Cody Walker at 5/8 IF he has his mind in the game and not on his bank balance. On one occasion it made more sense to play him at FB last year because of the options available at the time but other than that I have always said he is a 5/8. Cook too should be the full time hooker. Time for Farah to cover another position and be a backup hooker or find another opportunity elsewhere. The key is holding Crichton!

    • Stop trying to turn it into a Souths article, no one cares 😉

      Seriously though, perhaps ZT could have actually put the Inglis info in an article of its own considering it is pretty big news when a champion returns from a long injury, especially given the new coach. If only you guys would have signed Cronk, you would have had endless articles about your team.

      • Sorry, I forgot all stories have been reserved for discussions about the Sea Eagles and the Eels! SLAM DUNK! POW! 😉

        I was just trying to change the record for once, especially as Broncos fans seem to have left the site in droves. No doubt sensing that the Roosters have already out bid them for the 2018 premiership! They are now waiting for the next NRL auction. Bahahahahahahahahaha

        Tommy, are you there?

        • Sorry mate, no slam dunk there. Haven’t you noticed that the constant Manly comments are drying up (except of poor MW47 and his DCE obsession ;)). And usually us Parra boys just jump on board to stir up the Manly boys.

        • Because let’s face it, the majority of RL fans just aren’t interested in eels… poor slimy things with missing teeth! Haven’t won a premiership since mullett’s and padded shoulders were in fashion and everyone was still listening to music on records! 😂

        • just like vinyl – the eels are again fashionable and making a resrugence..
          no matter which way look at it souffs and manly are still looking for relevance after their glory day. ;-0

        • Nice pickup with the vinyl segway billy but still no premiership for over 30 years!

          No 🏆for you! 😂

        • Oh, eels47 had the vinyl segway then. For tge record 💿 still no premiership for over 30 years! Hoe does that “sound”? Not exactly music 🎶to yout ears. Bahahahaha 😂

  5. In other non article related news, Fox Sports is reporting that Hayne is set to walk out on the Titans to come back to Sydney to be closer to his family. Apparently a personal choice and nothing to do with the new coach…. Won’t Henry be p!ssed though.

    If this is true, where will he end up? I would only take him at the Eels on half of what he is getting at the Titans, and he would be a winger to cover for the loss of Semi, also to be used as a back up fullback or centre (especially if Gutho and/or French are not 100% come round one). The key is though that he needs to fit into the team dynamic, it can’t be about him. Other than that who else is there, Dragons perhaps, or Tigers? Whoever it is though, he will not be able to command big $. (unless the Roosters get him that is, he can probably get a pay rise there ;))

    • yeah i heard that this morning too – and its reported to have immediate effect!!
      this may be the catalyst for the off-season horse trading to begin.
      I have heard whispers around the traps that eels will be announcing a big name signing very soon but (unusually) there havent been any leaks or indications who that may be….it couldnt be could it?

      • Yeah, the bug name signing has been doing the rounds for a bit hey. The lack of leaks is one of the good things about the new board under Bernie. Even guys on other forums who usually are pretty on the money with inside info don’t seem to have it anymore.

        • exactly – from a governance and stability point of view its great after the sieve that has been there for the last 20 years.
          a number of guys on 1ee tend to be on the money – but even the regulars have absolutely no idea.
          on the other hand – we fans want more rumour and innuendo 😉

        • ONLY if your dream becomes reality and my worst nightmare (actually that would be to see Crichton play for the Roosters, the Sea Eagles or the Broncos). Until them I’m in De Nile floating along on my Egyptian barge fishing for eels, they like to hide in the mud! 😉

    • Stop trying to turn this into a Souths story ! Mmmmm so how does Hayne play a part ? Just kidding E47 were all here to talk footy and that’s what we do , who cares about Bird , this is great someone throws up a comment and bang we’re all in ! Isn’t that what it’s about ? WERE ALL GUILTY , spesh me 😂

      • haha… the irony there is the reason I posted the Hayne stuff here instead of waiting for the article to appear. The timing couldn’t have been better.

  6. Henry must be filthy.Cant see many clubs jumping at him.Maybe Newcastle as they have the coin and his family are on the coast.Maybe waratahs and he can try and make Japan in 19.Maybe Manly to play along side DCE hehehe.Cant see Parra.Pls dont be Parra

  7. i wish bird never went to broncos ,
    Newcastle or stay at sharks is what he should have done 🙁 ….
    kangaroos not far away !!!

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