NEWCASTLE, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 07: Jack Bird of the Broncos in action during the round five NRL match between the Newcastle Knights and the Brisbane Broncos at McDonald Jones Stadium on April 7, 2018 in Newcastle, Australia. (Photo by Ashley Feder/Getty Images)

Broncos coach Wayne Bennett has revealed that star recruit Jack Bird wants to remain at Brisbane while conceding he is unhappy.

The former Shark arrived at Red Hill on a lucrative four-year deal, but has been been hampered with shoulder and sternum injuries that have restrained him to just eight games this season.

And speculation has circled that the 23-year-old wants to return to Cronulla, a move that the Brisbane super coach downplayed.

“There is no fun for him,” Bennett told The Daily Telegraph. 

“He’s been through the worst, it’s all upside for him, but probably not until next year.

“It was nobody’s fault, it’s one of those things. Now it’s sorted and the recovery has taken a bit longer than we all thought it would.

“He just can’t play football. It’s not his fault or the club’s fault. It’s the business we’re in.

“It’s a tough time for him. They are young men and want to play football. He is away from family and his close mates. That is the reality of the situation but it is what it is.

“Whingeing is not going to change anything. The bottom line is to get on with life. We want Jack at the club and he knows that and I’m sure Jack wants to be there.”

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Bird has not played since round 10 and may not return to the field until 2019. And teammate Matt Lodge admitted he was struggling with not being able to contribute on the field.

“It’s hard for anybody to be happy when they have missed the whole year,” Lodge said.

“I’ve been in that position a few years ago. It’s hard to enjoy being around a footy club when you can’t get on the field.

“He is probably feeling that, but it turns when you start playing and get some performances together.

“Broncos fans should get behind him and encourage him because he could help this club to a (premiership).”


  1. I want him to go

    Don’t blame the guy – just think that he costs too much for them not to play and I like the guys they’ve got in there right now that I think are much cheaper and doing a decent job. He never quite had the right vibe for Brisbane.

    The broncos team is pretty good – they’re just terrible at defending.. My “posterior exit hole” clenches every time they give away a penalty, they are that bad. If you’re a brisbane fan, you might know what I’m talking about.

  2. Agree – I think he will struggle to recover from the sternum & shoulder injury. I don’t think they will want to keep him on the books chewing up a big chunk of the salary cap. Watch for the Sharks to get him back on a bargain deal in 2019.

  3. Leaving beautiful Sydney’s coast line, for the dirty muddy water that runs through the middle of Brisbane, would make anybody home sick. When this man signed on the dotted line he was aware that all his friends and family would be back in the best city within Australia. Dollar signs is all he could see. He now needs to grow up and be a man, stick to his decision to abandon his loved ones for the sake of a few extra bucks. The grass is not as green as it seems when you cross the other side. Wisdom is earned from learning from ones errors. Bird should be much wiser in three more seasons.

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