BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - MAY 24: Coach Wayne Bennett of the Broncos talks at a press conference after the round 12 NRL match between the Brisbane Broncos and the Parramatta Eels at Suncorp Stadium on May 24, 2018 in Brisbane, Australia. (Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images)

As speculation around the league’s coaching ranks continue to heat up, Broncos mentor Wayne Bennett has admitted his future is clouded.

“The last time I left [to coach the Dragons in 2009] I left for similar reasons but I made the decision to leave so this [constant speculation] didn’t happen, but this time I haven’t made the decision to leave,” he told reporters at a press conference today.

“It is up the board now and the CEO to make their decisions. I’m not making the decisions for them this time. I made it easy for them last time but I’m not doing it this time.”

Despite being contracted until the end of 2019, Bennett added that there is “absolutely” a possibility he will not be at Brisbane next season.

“I live in the real world…and quite realistically I may not be here,” he said.

“I haven’t been told otherwise, this is the club I want to be at. You’ll have to ask the directors that.”

It comes amid a report by The Courier-Mail that Bennett and Brisbane skipper Darius Boyd snubbed a team barbecue at chief executive Paul White’s home in a revelation that threatens to tear the Broncos apart.

“A lot of them went to Paul’s and came onto my place. Like everyone else they feel the pain. It wasn’t pre-planned,” Bennett said.

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“I got text messages they wanted to come to my place. I enjoyed their company, we had a great night. I was proud that the boys were strong enough in their own way to stand for what they believed in.”

To add fire to the fuel, The Courier-Mail is reporting that Dragons coach Paul McGregor is on thin ice at the club and influential figures have Bennett on their radar.

Bennett was coy when asked if he would consider a return to the Dragons, simply stated he hoped to remain at Red Hill.

“I’ve made that known to everybody, upstairs and downstairs, to all of you… and until that option is not available we’ll talk about what the future might bring.”


  1. Alright Dragons fans. Get ready for 3 years of joy (…maybe) and 5 years of misery after he leaves us with a retirement village roster.

  2. I have generally been a supporter of Wayne Bennett but this is a game based on results. He has been the first to move on great players, sometimes early, and ruthlessly. He moved on Wally, Petro, Turtle, Gillmeister, Parker and many others. He has fearlessly dropped underperforming players to reserves. Cut staff and assistant coaches. He has never been particularly influenced by past achievements and reputations. He has been mostly correct and justified in his actions with Brisbane often winning premierships after strong action.

    To cut a long story short and paraphrase an old fashioned Biblical verse, he who lives by the sword dies by the sword.

  3. I am wary of expecting Wayne Bennett to achieve the same success he had with the Dragons the first time he coached them. All the ingredients mixed beautifully first time round, and I think a lot of people believe it will happen again. I’m not so sure, and it’s been a long time between drinks for the old man when considering his last premiership victory.

  4. Successful a long time ago but now long in the tooth and outdated. If he goes back to the mergers it will be ultimately seen as an outgoing Doust’s last twist of the knife for this mob. Where Bennett goes Darius inevitably follows along and no doubt he’ll be paid overs. At least Darius would be some chance of staying out of the forward pack with McGregor nowhere in sight. The knives are out for Mary as the coaching musical chairs gets underway.

  5. If Wane Bennett coaches the dragons will Ben hunt remain at the dragons? obviously they don’t like each other

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