MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - JULY 15: Coach Craig Bellamy looks on during a Melbourne Storm NRL training session at Gosch's Paddock on July 15, 2014 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Robert Prezioso/Getty Images)

Craig Bellamy has revealed that he will likely walk away from his coaching post at the Melbourne Storm when his current contract expires in two years.

The five-time Dally M Coach of the Year has led the Storm since 2003 and is widely regarded as one of the best coaches of all time.

Asked if he thought he would still be coaching in five years time, the 61-year old said he had other interests he might pursue.

"I've got another two years to go on this contract here so I see that as [the end]," he said on Wednesday.

"I've been doing it for a fair while now and there's probably a couple of other things I'm thinking I might like doing in a couple of years time.

"We'll see what happens, but I'm thinking that will be basically the end of my career as a head coach, anyway."

Bellamy also said he would look to mellow down his often animated antics in the coaching box.

"I get a little bit embarrassed at times and I think, 'You're a dickhead, what are you doing that for?'"  Bellamy said.

"Earlier in my career I sort of accepted it a little bit and [thought] that's who I am, but I'm 60 now. Sixty year olds shouldn't be acting like that so it's a little bit embarrassing at times."

For now, the coaching great is focused on the Storm's 2020 campaign.

"We've lost some outside backs and that area is going to take a bit of plugging," he said.

"We haven't got a whole heap of room to move on the cap either so we'll be reliant on a couple of young guys or a couple of guys with a bit of experience that are looking for an opportunity."


  1. Nick Politis I believe has a very high opinion of him and could be the replacement for Cronk as roosters head coach in 2 years.
    Robinson to continue as assistant coach and post match media gibberer as he is now.

  2. His record is outstanding but he has always had great players to work with. A test of how good he is would be if he took on an underperforming team with a fair roster, like Saints for example. Then we might see how good he is. At the end of his current contract he wouldn’t be too old.

  3. “His record is outstanding but he has always had great players to work with.”

    This comment is often levelled at Bellamy by way of criticism but for me, it does not wash

    1. By the time he finishes, he will have coached the Storm for a total of 17 years. That is longer than most coaches are tolerated at a club and says heaps about how he is regarded by the club and by the players.
    2. Every year that Bellamy has coached Melbourne his team has been in the top 8 and usually in the top 4 (even in 2010 when they played for zero points, they would have finished 5th).
    3. Christmas Quiz – name the established footy star that Bellamy recruited ? (A. Don’t Know if there has ever been one)
    4. Name the no name player who became a star whilst being coached by Bellamy (A. List too long)
    5. Only Cameron Smith was at the club when Bellamy started that remains there today (so effectively Bellamy is today coaching a whole new club (team).

    Importantly, Bellamy has never recruited stars he recruits juniors and journeymen and develops them so the accusation that he has always had great players to work with says an awful lot about him as a talented coach..

  4. Rucky – I agree completely. My comment was an observation only, Somehow, I suspect that coaching Saints would be more challenging than coaching Melbourne.

  5. No no no Mr. Bellyache!!. Please dont tone down your coaches box antics. I enjoy those antics & the laughs & entertainment you provide me when things dont go your teams way. I also quite enjoy ole coach Sticky Stuarts antics, when she gives those plastic chairs a good kick on the sidelines lol.

  6. 38er

    Not having a go mate and you may be right about coaching the Dragons.

    When he came to Melbourne, we were a young club without any systems, processes or ex players in inappropriate positions of power. Consequently, he was given virtually Carte Blanche to set up his own footy department to suit him. If he went to another club like the Dragons he would have to fit in with whatever structures already exist. It is highly unlikely that any club would give him the freedoms that he had in Melbourne or if they did, it would be a hard job tearing everything down and starting from scratch. At his age, I don’t think he would be prepared to do that.

  7. I see a plan here

    Smith retires next year then works as Bellamy’s understudy for a year before taking the reins when Bellamy retires. Its too neat not to be true.

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