SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 24: Maroons players line up for the national anthem during game two of the State of Origin series between the New South Wales Blues and the Queensland Maroons at ANZ Stadium on June 24, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)

The ARLC Chairman Peter Beattie states the NRL should move the start time of future Sunday State of Origin games to a 4pm kick-off time.

Beattie believes moving the time slot from 7:50pm to 4pm would be highly regarded by fans as it would better suit them, and is calling upon Channel 9 to take the responsibility to change the time.

This comes after the figures for the ratings were released, noting game Two’s ratings were significantly down on the series opener three weeks back.

A 4pm kick-off would be a much more family friendly time slot as it seems to work effectively with a regular NRL season game broadcasted at that time each week, receiving solid viewership by fans.

An earlier start could also mean the Origin wouldn’t have to compete with prime-time reality TV shows such as MasterChef and House Rules on competing networks.

Taking to Twitter, Beattie went in search to find out reactions and thoughts from the fans on the current starting time.

After numerous comments replying to fans, Beattie shared his own opinions on the subject matter.

“The fans view is clear; Sunday afternoon is overwhelmingly preferred,” Beattie said.

“NRL would therefore look favourably at 4 pm on a Sunday. A good family friendly time, kids can watch and BBQs before the game. Over to ch 9 now.”

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Time will tell whether or not State of Origin will continued to be played on Sunday’s and at what time they choose to start the game.


  1. Dumb call there, most players are still playing their games at that time, 6 o’clock maybe, but me thinks Wednesdays are best.

    Can’t believe that we have put another idiot has chairman, fair dinkum we just cannot get this right, perhaps not putting in a Queenslander would be a good start.

      • Peter Beattie, born in Sydney, grew up Atherton Queensland , was state premier for 9 years and lived there all his life, makes him a Queenslander to me you moron, research your fACTS redv90 before making stupid comments, people may have been born in one place , but it is where they grew up that matters, di.khead

    • I disagree Penso, 4pm is a great time. BBQ, kids can watch it. Makes it more family friendly. 6pm is crazy time in any house with young kids and is still looking at a close to 8pm finish.

      • eels47, what about all the ist grade country games and a grade games that usually start at 3pm, players and spectators would miss out on seeing it, at least the first half, they deserve to see the full game.

  2. Not that anyone will care what a nzer thinks but I’d welcome the earlier start. Currently it doesn’t finish till midnight here and have work the next day, sigh. That being said, not many kiwis work so I’m probably in the minority.

  3. I want an earlier start for all the night games, they should have kick off at 7pm instead of this 8pm time channel 9 prefers. I get bored waiting around and start doing something else like play pubg or watch Netflix and end up forgetting about the game.

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