SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - DECEMBER 05: Adam Reynolds of the Rabbitohs kicks an AFL ball during a South Sydney Rabbitohs NRL training session at Redfern Oval on December 5, 2017 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)

South Sydney Rabbitohs halfback Adam Reynolds is recovering from a minor foot injury and has been placed in a moon boot as a precaution.

The injury, known as plantar fasciitis, is a common form of heel pain and is currently being treated by the club’s medical team.

“He’s got plantar fasciitis, which is essentially inflammation of the sole of his foot – the fascia that runs along the sole of the foot,” Rabbitohs Head of Performance Paul Devlin said.

“We’ve put him in a boot to offload it and allow the inflammation to settle.”

“It’s very common,” Devlin added.

“When you get anything which concerns your foot, the easiest way is to put it in a boot which compresses it, takes away the pressure from his foot and allows it to heal quicker.

“He’ll start running again really soon.”


    • Your “concern” is noted and appreciated but as the story says it is only minor, no need for concern. I am sure Reynolds will be ready to bury the Dragons with his kicking game in the upcoming Charity Shield game. 😉

        • A run of injuries and a lack of regular playing time in first grade would affect most players form I think. Particularly for a player who is so dependant on his kicking game where touch and consistency is paramount.

          You are right though, Reynolds has been a shadow of hus former self and all too injury prone in the last few seasons.

          This year young half Connor Tracey is knocking on the door looking for an opportunity and by all reports is already training the house down so Reynolds and Walker should have added pressure on them to perform. If they do not Tracey may step up and take their position from them.

          The only problem for Reynolds as I see it has been his disruptive run of injuries while Walker’s problems have stemmed from being forced to play out of position which lead to an “attitude problem” last year. As I understand it (and I may be wrong) Walker has opted not to extend his contract at this point so he may be thinking of a move.

          If Reynolds and Walker remain injury free and are given consistent and regular playing time together with Cook at dummy half then there should be no problems. With either Greg Inglis or try scoring machine Alex Johnston at FB potentiality it is one of the best spines in the competition. Light years ahead of the best the Dragons have to offer in any case.

        • I didn’t read your whole novel only the last paragraph. On paper you do have a better team then the dragons just wait for your injuries.

        • No, no. That’s JUST the twins “Tom and Jerry” (Tom and George) who will be under pressure to perform in 2018 or they will be on a boat facing transportation for life back to England!

          Souths have good young forwards with good you hands so don’t be concerned. You will see soon enough come the Charity Shield game.

        • Sam is still Hot and cold aswell and the rest of your forwards are young and inexperienced.

          I guess we will see you old timers have a lot of Faith.

        • Sam Burgess is a better player and tougher than any 2 Dragons forwards together… on their BEST day! I bet you would be willing to trade half your forward pack to get him too.

          And for future reference “old timers” is patronising, condescending and disrespectful. Clearly something was lacking in your education while growing up.

  1. After what i read about his injuries last year, it is no wonder he was below his best, if he stays fit, he will dominate the halves this year, his kicking game is second to none, if he produces his best, Clearly won’t get a look in the NSW SOO team.

    • If Nathan Cleary and James Maloney are in form for the Panthers Cleary will get a call up ahead of Reynolds irrespective of form. There is always a preference to keep a working halves combination together over a part time pairing with little experience playing together.

  2. Ok , to clarify that was Penrith halfback Cleary that won’t get a look in. Can’t wait for the response to that!!

    • No, no penso, I think you had it right the first time, Reynolds clearly won’t get a look in this year 😉

      Seriously though, I really think that if the Cleary/Maloney partnership starts the year strong they will get the blues jerseys to keep the combination.

    • A Queenslander who follows St George, go figure!! Be careful what you wish for, a fit Reynolds would go along way to ending Qld’s run, so would Cleary I might add, and for the record I would not swap Reynolds and Walker for any other halves combination.

  3. A very passionate Bunnies and Blues fan but Reynolds is not up to SOO quality . He has one of the best kicking games in the league although the other parts of his game do not warrant blues consideration. He does not have the speed , passing game , the ability to steer a blues side or put the defence under pressure with his running game . He is very capable in defence and Reynolds best years where on the back of a dominant pack led by Sam and Teo . No , thanks Brad

    • Jt then Souths should get rid of him , if he is nowhere good enough for SOO he should not be considered for first grade any first grade side, going on your comments, I see it differently, he was good enough a couple of years ago to be selected and if he regains his fitness he will be the standout halfback again.

      • It’s my opinion, as you have yours . Not every decent NRL player is origin quality. This is my belief on Reynolds. Souths had a lot of players looking good on the back of Teo and Sam . Reynolds is definitely one . His kicking game would only be behind a few ( Thurston, Smith ) but the other parts of his game that I stated are well below other half backs in the game . He may be a solid player , a lot better than I but a long way off a blues jersey.

        • I totally agree with you mate re Ben Te’o but you have to let it go. He is NOT coming back and he never was after his treatment by some Souths supporters and League fans in general who hounded him even after his trumped-up allegations of assault against a woman were dropped and discredited. He wanted to get as far away from Australia as he could which is why he has never been back. It is a great pity that so many changes occurred following the 2014 GF. Souths were at their peak then and in the WCC and first two rounds of 2015. They have not been the same, and only shown glimpses since.

          There is some very good young talent emerging at Souths, along with a quality side they will go well this year barring injury to key personnel (which would also affect the chances of any other club). Keep the faith, Souths will improve on their last two seasons in 2018.

    • @ jtraynor67

      I’ve done some research and looked up some of your past comments on this site. There are so many profiles like Redv90 that appear out of nowhere to stir up trouble and take aim at the cardinal and myrtle or at me in particular so you can never be too careful.

      For the most part, I agree with much of what you have posted in the past and you do seem to know the Rabbitohs well although you were wrong about moving Keary to HB and letting Reynolds go and you were wrong that Cook is not a FB. It may not be his preferred position but in Souths last game in 2017 against the Eels he Cook showed some VERY positive signs filling in for AJ to prove (as I have always said) that he could handle the position well (at least in attack). In defence, I would agree, it is not his position.

      With your comment on Reynolds though while your assessment is spot on you have to remember that his form has been heavily affected but a persistent run of injuries and a lack of regular time on the field. Added to that he has had to switch halves partners on a number of occasions which also does not help his rhythm. If I am honest Reynolds kicking game is NOT anywhere near where is was in 2014 and the beginning of 2015. James Graham taking our Reynolds intentionally and illegally attacking the legs after the ball had gone was the beginning of a horror injury run that continues to this day (judging from the story). IMO that is the only reason why Reynolds is not the player he once was and can be easily remedied if he can avoid injury and get consistent game time and opportunities to improve his touch with his kicking game.

      Reynolds is one of the better defensive halves in the game but he has to lift his game a few gears to be ready for origin. That said he is stil a far better option than Mitchell Pearce or Luke Keary for the job but IMO Nathan Cleary is an absolute certainty if fit.

      As for Redv90 jtraynor67, this Dragon has many heads but just one mouth and one agenda. You don’t fool me and I am not going to talk to shadows anymore. As a very wise little rabbit once said, “for all of you who post with five or six different names you have my pity”

      • I’m a passionate bunnies fan and at the time there was talk Reynolds wanted out , so I said let him go . Going on Keary s 2017 form , give me him anytime over Reynolds. Cook was our best attacking option, when Maguire gave him 5 mins. He puts the defence on the back foot with every scurry from dummy half . There is no hooker who can mate his speed . No , not a fullback . A weapon with blistering take off speed .

        • Agreed. I’m happy for Cook to be Souths permanent 70 – 80 min hooker, but given the need for Souths to find a FB with Inglis and AJ out of duty I think Cook proved his speed can also be a dangerous weapon from FB. He also was good under the ball and lethal on kick returns. But yes, he should be Souths hooker. Farah is NOT the answer, I always preferred Cook over Farah in any case.

          Keary only looked good in 2017 playing off Pearce’s speed to the line. He did not control or organise the backline, that too was handled by Pearce. Look for Keary to fall to pieces in 2018 IF Cronk is unavailable. The added pressure on Keary to come up with the goods will tip him over the edge. His defence in any case if woefully inadequate. We will agree to disagree then but I would take Reynolds over Keary any day. Try to recall the contributions of BOTH in 2014 and Adam Reynolds form in the minor preliminary sem-final against the Roosters, the GF against the Bulldogs and in the WCC. Reynolds is a gun and unlike Keary does not depend on another player to create a platform for him to perform.

  4. Maybe if he spent a lot more time training instead of getting crap tatts, he wouldn’t be hurt so much. I mean he could get out of bed and snap his ankle.

  5. Time to move reynolds on he is always injured before during and after each season….he is made of glass unlike cody walker at least cody can take a knock and stay on the paddock unlike glass man reynolds…
    time to move The Glass Man on FACT!!!


    • Shadow the only knock you probably ever had at a football venue was trying to get your beers back to your seat without spilling them but getting them knocked out of your hands in the process. You aren’t good enough to stand in Reynolds shadow… shadow and Souths would not have gotten their 21st premiership without the kid… FACT!!! Some fans have short memories and no sense of loyalty. That is why you bring young talent through (like Connor Tracey) as a backup and to prepare for the future. You probably advocated dumping Sutton years ago as well, while I for one still see value in him and am grateful that he will be a one-club player just as he always wanted to be.

      The truth is that Cody Walker went MIA last season and let balls bounce and held out an arm in a feigned attempt to tackle. His heart was not in it. Reynolds always is. It is just his body that lets him down, never his heart.

      • Meanwhile, there is a story running on FOX about Cody “show me the money” Walker

        “After declining the option he has in his favour for 2019… and a new offer tabled by the club late last year, there’s been a major development over the Christmas break.”

        “Walker’s manager, Matt Rose, reopened negotiations with the Rabbitohs and they are edging closer to a figure that they feel reflects his ability. “We’re back in talks with Souths but we’ve also had interest from three other clubs,” Rose said.”

        “Cronulla is one club keen on Walker and being updated on the progress of his talks with Souths. One club, who his manager would not reveal, has tabled an offer that they’re considering.”

        Walker has no appreciation for the fact that Souths were the ONLY club to offer him a lifeline and a shot at first grade when he was already at the back end of his career and yet to play a game of first grade. Walker was barely one season into his NRL debut when he started getting greedy and focusing on $$’s instead of his performance on the field and he has been half-hearted ever since. I have no doubt of Walker’s ability but his commitment changes from week to week along with his focus. If he wants out so bad let him go and give Connor Tracey a shot at first grade. If he cares that little for the jersey, for the club, the fans and his teammates he is not worth the effort.

        Alternatively, Walker can pull his head in (like others here whose only intention is to stir up trouble) and try to show some integrity. He still owes the club a lot for his opportunity and he has only scratched the surface in beginning to repay them.

    • Careful, Shadow. You are at risk of accused of being an alter ego with a comment like that.

      That aside, I feel a little the same about losing Dugan. Not their fault at all & you have to sympathise… BUT!

  6. Redv, TJ and Shadow, you are all entitled to your opiniions no matter how wrong they maybe, but Reynolds plays with his heart on his sleeve and goes in way to hard in tackles, sure he is injury prone but that is his style all or nothing , SSTID highlighted his 2014 form and 2015 early form and this I believe he can reproduce if injury free, we agree to disagree and only time will tell who was right.

    • “this I believe he can reproduce if injury free”

      Absolutely! That was the point I was making. Don’t write Reynolds off. If he can remain injury free and get consistent game time he will be an elite HB once again! To that end I would be very happy for Reynolds to be passed over for SOO in favour of young Cleary so that Reynolds and can avoid risk of further injury and focus his efforts for South Sydney.

  7. Typical shadow, rips in and shows zero loyalty, similar to his comments about Tyrrel and Jason Clark, the Burgess twins etc etc. What a great supporter he is….

    • He is not a supporter and he has no idea what a comma is and what it is used for. I seem to recall someone else in the past having the same problem.

      • “he has no idea what a comma is and what it is used for”

        I can give him some of mine chalky, I use too many as it is so I always have some to spare …believethat! Bahahahahahahahahaha

  8. i am a member not a supporter and i dont drink beer so your comment is woefully wrong as expected and reynolds is injury prone and cant take a knock and kicks out on the full oh yeah he is great NOT…

    Shadow…gday stmerge/deadv13 hows the ( 1 ) premiership mate?should had marched son…

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