Do you want to be a more thoughtful tipster and not just an interested guesser who tips on gut feelings or because you like or hate certain teams?

A Guide to Better Tipping in the NRL is the first book that's devoted to the art and practice of tipping in the NRL. It's a book for tipsters who want to tip smarter and go from the third, fourth, or fifth rung in their tipping competition, up to the first rung. And stay there!

This book isn't for those who tip their favourite team every week (sometimes purely out of loyalty), or tip depending on ladder position, or from the flip of a coin. It's for those who desire to become ‘Tiger Tipsters'. Those who have ambition, cunning, patience, and discipline.

Those qualities just need to be coaxed out.

Tiger Tipsters consider any number of factors prior to making their final decision on what
team to tip.

This book teaches tipsters new tipping strategies and methodologies such as the Percentage Analysis Graph and The Coin Toss Vector. It also introduces the reader to basic statistics and provides additional research resources.


You'll discover never-before-published NRL tipping methodologies. These are some of the methods that have kept the author at the very top of competitive topping since 2015.

There's six chapters that cover the topics of:

  • Tipping in the NRL
  • Becoming a Tiger Tipster
  • Tipping in the Real World
  • The Maths in Tipping
  • New Approaches to Tipping in the NRL
  • Aussie Rugby League Commentators' Slang
    ... and an extended Appendix to help you discover the best available online resources.

If golf is the game of millimetres, then rugby league is the game of contradictions.

Rugby League author and commentator Daniel Pain said “use this book of facts and deep knowledge to be ahead of the pack with the expert stats. These stats are not secrets, but they may as well be! The hard part has been done for you; all you need to do to win the next tipping comp or SuperCoach is to flick through the pure gold within these pages.”

A Guide to Better Tipping in the NRL challenges the reader to do their homework and promises that they'll look at tipping with fresh eyes, a new skillset, and will soon rise up the office tipping ladder.

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