With the 2018 season drawing nearer, we will begin to look at how each team is shaping up for the season ahead.

Today we dissect 2017’s big improvers; The Parramatta Eels – and what their best 17 looks like.

Parramatta Eels 2018 Player Movements

2018 Gains
Kane Evans (Sydney Roosters, 2020), Jarryd Hayne (Gold Coast Titans, 2018), Mitchell Moses (Wests Tigers, 2019), Jaeman Salmon (2020), Tony Williams (Cronulla Sharks, 2018)
2018 Losses
Troy Dargan (Brisbane Broncos), Isaac De Gois (retired), Bureta Faraimo (Hull FC), Jamal Fogarty, James Hasson (released), Frank Pritchard (retired), Semi Radradra (rugby union), Jeff Robson (retired), Kelepi Tanginoa (Manly Sea Eagles), Alex Twal (Wests Tigers)
Nathan Davis (2018), David Gower (2019), Cameron King (2019), Tepai Moeroa (2019), Will Smith (2020)
Off Contract 2019
Daniel Alvaro, Andrew Davey, Bevan French, David Gower, Clinton Gutherson, Josh Hoffman, George Jennings, Greg Leleisiuao, Manu Ma'u, Reed Mahoney, Tim Mannah, Tepai Moeroa, Mitchell Moses, Kaysa Pritchard, Brad Takairangi, Peni Terepo, Stefano Utoikamanu

2018 Predicted Lineup

  1. Clinton Gutherson
  2. Bevan French
  3. Michael Jennings
  4. Brad Takairangi
  5. Josh Hoffman
  6. Mitchell Moses
  7. Corey Norman
  8. Nathan Brown
  9. Kaysa Pritchard
  10. Tim Mannah ©
  11. Manu Ma’u
  12. Tepai Moeroa
  13. Beau Scott
  14. Cameron King
  15. Kane Evans
  16. Daniel Alvaro
  17. Kenny Edwards
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Coach: Brad Arthur

The Big Question: Will Jarryd Hayne cause dissension amongst the Parramatta ranks, much as he did on the Gold Coast?

Predicted Finish: 5th

Authors Note: Depth aplenty in season 2018, as was the case for the Eels last season. The question to be asked is, will they find the right balance? Is ‘key’ signing Jarryd Hayne even good enough to be a walk up start in the centres or on the wing? – considering you’d have to be a blind man to replace Clinton Gutherson as the fullback after his stellar season in the number one jersey last year – I think not.

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  1. Dont see brown playing up front or hoffman making the side over hayne !
    Arthur seems keen on smith as utillity on bench so pritchard vs king in pre season for dummy half ?

    • Nathan Brown killed it playing in at lock wearing 13, why would there be a change? What ever happened to, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!”

  2. Breaking News….

    Anthony Seibold locks in Greg Inglis’ 2018 position for Rabbitohs

    “Greg Inglis will line up at fullback for South Sydney in 2018.”


    Sadly, just as I suspected. If Inglis’s knee goes so go Souths fortunes! Inglis only wants to play FB and the new coach doesn’t want to lose his star player. Hopefully that doesn’t kill any hope of Souths signing RTS. I think he would only be interested in playing FB in 2019.

      • What I believe chalky is both Inglis and Seibold have been “quoted” in separate articles saying the same thing, that GI wants to play FB and will be playing FB (and what GI wants GI gets). Now, if the media are misreporting quotes these two then you are right but if the quotes are accurate this is just a confirmation of what they have already said. Still, it does not mean that things cannot change and there is always that possibility if Jesse Arthars or Mawene Hiroti get an opportunity and impress. AJ was also looking very comfortable as custodian by the end of the 2017 season so Souths have options.

        I am expecting the coach not to risk Inglis during the trials which should give all 3 an opportunity to impress. I am keen to see if Campbell Graham can improve on his efforts at the end of last season. When he bulks up he will be massive. I am excited about the mix of youth and experience and some of the talent of the kids coming through. I think Cameron Murray will announce himself to game this year as a future SOO rep player. I will give 3HATs that at least. He did say this kid was good which means he got at least one thing right.

      • Who cares about Parra ! Story been here a while and even Parra fans haven’t posted !
        For the record I would put GI with Gagai, RTS at FB

        • A lethal left edge attacking combination if ever I saw one. Redv90 look back over the history of ZT stories and you will find countless examples of Eels and Sea Eagles fans “photo bombing” stories for other teams. It was a “Breaking New” headline and then return to normal programming. I’ve made 3 posts so far that ARE story related, and you? I’m not being salty just trying to give your observation some context and balance.

    • I doubt that the Eels will play Hayne on the wing. It is more likely that Taka will be moved to the back row to accomodate Hayne at right centre. If finds his mojo (drops 10 Kg) and plays like the Hayne Plane of old he will be moved to FB but that is a long shot IMO.

      I agree with you though that Brown should be lock but the predicted team list has him in the front row with Mannah (which IMO is a mistake).

      • Arthur won’t play Hayne on the wing although I think that is his best position. He is the closest thing we have to Semi.
        Play him on the wing and give him license to roam like Semi did. My only problem is Hayne is lazy and won’t go looking for the ball.
        I think he will start in the centres at the expense of Taka. Taka won’t move into the back row as he won’t displace Ma’u,
        Edwards or Moeroa. The only way he will nab a back row spot is if Scott retires or gets injured. I think Taka will battle it out with Smith as the bench utility.
        As for Brown in the number 8 jumper and Scott starting at lock…………What has this guy been drinking?
        Brown was the 2nd best lock in the game last year behind JT. Brown will be the starting lock. End of story.
        Gutherson won’t play until round 3 or 4 so Bevan will start at fullback.
        We also won’t carry a hooker on the bench. Smith or Taka will be the utility and will fill in at hooker for 20 minutes to give the starting hooker a break. I would go with King over Pritchard as King can play the full 80, has a good kicking game and is a better defender than Pritchard although Pritchard has better speed around the ruck. King has a superior passing game to.
        This is how I would go.
        1. French
        2. Auva’a
        3. Jennings
        4. Taka
        5. Hayne
        6. Moses
        7. Norman
        8. Alvaro
        9. King
        10. Mannah
        11. Ma’u
        12. Moeroa
        13. Brown
        14. Smith
        15. Edwards
        16. Evans
        17. Terepo

        When King Guth is ready he slots into fullback, French moves to the wing and depending on early form either Auva’a or Hayne drop to reserves.

        • 100% agree.

          BA did state yesterday or the day before Gutho is almost certain to miss the first couple of weeks, and French will start at FB, and very strongly indicated Hayne will play in the centre, although I agree he should play on the wing, and leave Taka’s at centre to feed him.
          I’m not sure whether Mosses and Norman will play 6 and 7 respectively, but they very well could.
          I also think Evan’s will start, over Alvaro.

          Now it would appear that I don’t agree 100% after all, but the differences are so minor, I’ll stick with the 100%.

        • @eelsalmighty
          I wasn’t sure who to put in at starting prop as Evans, Alvaro and Mannah are starting props as none of them offer impact off the bench. I would even consider dropping one of Alvaro or Evans in favour of Matagi or Vave as these two offer more impact. I also think if Arthur can get him playing right Tony Williams could be a dark horse for a prop position.
          As for Norman and Moses who knows which number they will have on their backs. They both play either side of the ruck and swap sides several times during games so in reality the number on their back is nothing more than a number and has no real bearing on what position they play.
          For me Taka needs to stay at centre as defensively he was the 8th best centre in the NRL last year and the best of any Parra player. As seen in SOO Hayne is a massive defensive liability at centre.

        • Agreed again, especially with the numbers for Norman and Mosses. The numbers will be a formality, or even a sort of (very short) diversionary plough.

          We have depth, across the board, so there will be pretty of completion for spots.

  3. This is a very good and balanced team. Plenty of experience there along with young talent. Hopefully we can build on our great 2017 season without any unwanted distractions (looking at you Hayne).
    Exciting times ahead for Parra, go the mighty Eels!
    P.S. I don’t see us winning the comp this year, but next year is a definite maybe. We’ll have our new stadium ready to go for season 2019, it may just be a good omen for us considering we won the comp in 86 when the last Parra Stadium was first built.

  4. Parramatta have so much talent in this team ‘there’s got to be an investigation!’ I dont care for their top 4 aspirations but i love watching them in full flight.. and i think Bevan will take over Semis spot as a standout try scorer this year.
    Rooster v Parra GF

    • I thing you made a typo mate, it should read: The Roosters have so much talent in this team ‘there’s got to be an investigation!’

      • I thought you made the connection but looks like i was wrong 😊
        Sorry about my name.. its my real name backwards.
        Mychook is better right ?
        I hate my parents for that and im so so sorry for this name 😣

        • Nice to meat you Racym. Wouldn’t have used my real name though if I were you. Everyone will want to pop round and say hello. There are some REAL stalkers on the site (nightcrawlers). Believe me, you don’t want THAT sort of attention. Have you seen “Fatal Attraction”? Remember the Glenn Close character? And I’m the poor bloody Rabbit in the pot!

  5. 1. Hayne
    2. Auva’a
    3. Jennings
    4. Gutherson
    5. French
    6. Moses
    7. Norman

    Taka will alternate between centre and second row depending on who is injured or who they play.

    • Old Hayne yes, new 115 Kg Hayne, no! Hayne is lazy naturally and won’t drag the extra 20 Kg further than he absolutely has to. Gutherson is the best FB option the Eels have IMO. If Hayne had never left the Eels in the first place we probably wouldn’t even be having this discussion, but he did and things have not gone well for him since.

      • I am one who believes a change of clubs on most occasions can reignite that old desire to succeed. Hayne has made some poor choices in the past few years but I think he is in for a really big season. We all should remember he is still a current NSW rep player. I’m sure he will lose a few kilos and by the season’s beginning will be fit and ready for action.

        • He shouldn’t have piled on the kilos during the off-season if he was really motivated for a return to form. If he loses weight faster than he loses interest he may yet discover his mojo and return to form. Perhaps being back where he always wanted to play will be just what he needs. Or is that just ANOTHER one of Hayne’s dreams?

        • Yes top and tackle to freshen you up for a good nights sleep. Pleasant dreams WoodChook. If you have trouble falling asleep just try to count Crichton’s fingers… start at 10 and work backwards and imagine each one coming off at the knuckle! LOL

      • Serious comment
        I look forward to the chook roasting story from you. Be careful hahah 😉
        Mw can do the 2013 GF conspiracy.
        I will do a sydney clubs merge one if im not banned soon
        Eels almighty . I will read anything he scribbles

        • You’ve seen mighty’s writing then? Just scribbles in crayon. He is a savant behind the keyboard though, that’s where he comes into his own. mighty is certainly more diplomatic than I am but hey, where’s the fun in that right? The old “Controversy Corner” used to be fun because of the arguments and differences of opinion.

          Why would you be banned? Show some restraint and tip toe along the boundaries and you will be alright.

          With articles remember there is no guarantee of them seeing the light of day but if appropriate they will go up. Rest easy, I won’t go after the Roosters or Broncos. When I do something (perhaps over the weekend, time permitting) it will be something on nostalgia, comparing the game past and present and perhaps a look at where I think it is headed. That’s the plan.

        • Actually…
          mw can do a ‘how to deal with NRL brats online’ story.
          Kev gets the Hayne Hayte Train entitled ‘i have a dream’

        • Mychookmycar, thank you, and I hope any article/s I write don’t disappoint.

          SSTID, mate I’m not that serious am I? I can understand Manly supporters not picking up on when I’m taking the Mickey out of them, but I’d get banned if I made remarks direct enough for them to understand. That said, I thought normal people would understand. Has the “angry eagle” converted you to the darkest of dark sides, or are you having a subtle crack at me?

          P.S, I got a gold star for my crayon work.

        • @ mighty

          All in fun mate. The “angry eagle” may drift to the “dark side” from time to time but “I feel the good in him, the conflict”. You mighty, provide balance to the force while I treat it like a giant snow globe and try to “shake it up” for sh!ts and giggles to see what happens. Bahahahahahahahahaha 😉

        • Ahhh mighty ,ems is fightn words , il take your 13 spoons and add a DCE , checkmate girlfriend!
          The only reason Manly fans don’t understand you is cause you Parra fans ain’t gots teef ! 😂😂😂😂😂 you dribble

        • Our 13 spoons are in our past, whereas DCE is your present (current situation / gift) and future, and what a gift. Here’s a pleasant thought for you, if his contract is indexed in line with the cap, and it almost certainly would be, he’s costing you (as you are 1 of the few members) as much as we’re paying Norman and Mosses, COMBINED.

          As for you failing to understand Parra fans because we have no “teef”, and therefore dribble, but why is it you can’t comprehend our written posts? It’s not the Chardonnay, because you don’t drink, and it couldn’t be too many skim milk, decaf, cafe latta’s. It must be the chips, or more specifically, too many head knocks fighting for them. Not to worry, I’ll use little words, and type slowly for you.

        • “It must be the chips, or more specifically, too many head knocks fighting for them.”

          Definitely! 😂😂😂

          “I’ll… type slowly”

          I’ll send you a bill mighty if you keep using my jokes! 😁

        • Hayne looked a little like the Michelin Man returning to training after the off-season. At his current rate of growth he is on track to look like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from the “Ghostbusters” movie.

          Hyperbole or exaggeration for comedic effect aside, Hayne HAS gone North instead of South on the scales and it doesn’t look like any of it is muscle. Perhaps he is preparing for winter in Canada now that Dave Taylor has been shown the door? It could be Hayne’s next “dream” perhaps? 😂

          All I know is that Inglis has copped a lot worse on this site in the past so call it a “circle of life” thing.

          Are you the same “tragic” that the “angry eagle” has been looking for and once claimed he had in his burley bucket? Are you his old “chum”?

        • Tragic , oh tragic ! No hard feelings aie ! All I wanted was to show you my favourite fishing spot ! All I said was the chum bucket was blocked , there was no need for you to climb in it ! I don’t know who turned it on but I did replace the safety switch, can we give it another go ?

  6. If I was Parra I’d have French at fullback. He’s a livewire and having that pace around the ball is deadly. Sure he isnt going to throw cut out passes but the simple fact that once he gets the ball in space and he’s gone its almost certainly a try is a great thing to have.

  7. Lol there’s no way that will be the line up

    1: C Gutherson ( back round 4 )
    2: B French
    3: M Jennings
    4: J Hayne
    5: K Avau’a
    6; C Norman
    7: M Moses
    8: T Mannah ( C )
    9: C King
    10: D Alvaro
    11: M Mau
    12: T Moeroa
    13: N Brown

    14: B Takairangi ( utility)
    15: K Edwards
    16: S Matagi
    17: K Evans

    18: K Pritchard
    19: S Vave
    20: P Terepo
    21: W Smith

    B Scott is well past it this will be he’s last year
    Has had a great career.. there’s to many in front of him now..
    N Brown will be lock there’s no doubt about that. Hayne centre will set he’s winger up on heaps of tries with he’s silky hands. King pips Pritchard. Takairangi on bench who covers centre, 5/8th lock 2nd row very handy player

    • That was how I was going to name it but Evans to start instead of Alvaro, solid side anyway!

      • I haven’t seen you around for a while CBB4ver. I think the Dogs have taken a step in the right direction signing Cogger to give them options in the halves. They still have “boss-eyed” Lichaa at hooker though so it will be a crapshoot to see if your halves get the ball at each play the ball. When the Dogs get a new hooker and Lichaa plays in the back row playing a similar role to a cross between Elijah Taylor and Josh Jackson then the Dogs will have taken a big step forward IMO. Until then I think little will change. At least playing Mbye at FB should pay dividends.

        At this point I think Evans is better utilised as impact off the bench (like Kasiano was for the Dogs). He just needs to play more mins when he comes on. Although he will be playing in the front row IMO he is better suited as an edge back rower. He has good speed and mobility for a big man and a great ability to offload so he would be a real headache out wide one on one. This advantage will be lost if Evans is used as a draft horse to plow up the middle of the field. I was right about Widdop at FB CBB4ver, I will be proven right about Mbye at FB and I will be right about this one as well (if the Eels ever decide to move Evans to an edge to see what he can do. Btw, I would also be proven right IF the Broncos ever switched Boyd and Milford but too much change all at once can be unsettling for Pappa Smurf as he is uncomfortable in unfamiliar surroundings so I guess we will just have to wait for Kevin Walters to breathe life back into Red Hill when the sun finally sets on Bennett’s coaching career and they cast a bronze statue of him out the front of Suncorp stadium. 😉

    • semitrailer1 Kane Evans is going to be upset at being a bench player again. He left the Newcastle Knights feeder club the Roosters to get a bigger pay packet and most of all more game time. He could be heading to Newcastle mid season if he can’t crack a kick off spot. He was seen up at Newcastle recently with his ex team mates. Talk is it is a done deal come the end of June if Parra do not comply.

  8. @ mighty

    All in fun mate. The “angry eagle” may drift to the “dark side” from time to time but “I feel the good in him, the conflict”. You mighty, provide balance to the force while I treat it like a giant snow globe and try to “shake it up” for sh!ts and giggles to see what happens. Bahahahahahahahahaha 😉

  9. panthers2017
    January 19, 2018 at 9:36 pm
    In my defence to a comment that you have made in another topic, which the comments have now closed. I am entitled to change my mind, SSTID_1970. I will not be bullied by you.

    Likewise, the comments have closed on the story you posted on…

    “I am entitled to change my mind”

    To agree with me and admit that you were wrong? You left that bit out. Most of us here (me included) have peiven we can admit when we are wrong or retract a statement or apologise for overstepping the mark yet you NEVER have. Why?

    I see that you only changed your mind once Moylan left the Panthers though. I bet if he was still there you would not give your true opinion so freely.

    It isn’t bullying to joke about a clubs players or coach. You certainly have and you weren’t joking. I haven’t called your club “toxic” so keep things in perspective. YOU tried that one on and I never have.

    I had every intention of keeping things friendly and civil, I was the one to extend an olive branch and bury the hatchet. Even the Roosters fans are more forgiving and better sports and have thicker skin.

    Just remember panthers2017 attacking or criticising your club, players or coach is NOT a personal attack or bullying. I have posted plenty of positive comments about the Panthers, their players and your clubs’ chances. You are yet to do anything of the sort with the Rabbitohs.

    If you don’t like what I post then ignore it but I am hoping that you are big enough to get passed this. Am I right? 🕊

  10. Ooops.. looks like Choc just read his emails and he aint happy about something. I would not want to be in his sights when he’s like this..
    Keep it ‘intherealworld’ peeps. 😉

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