10 Way-Too-Early Predictions for the 2020 NRL Season

Welcome to the year 2020! It’s not quite what was predicted by those futuristic cartoons from the 1980s, but it is a brand new year.

With it comes the excitement for a new NRL season, as well as all the armchair fans who try to sell why their team will win the premiership this season.

So, why not make some of my predictions as to what I believe will occur over the next 12 months.


10. This will be Josh Dugan’s last season in the NRL.

It is always a shame when injuries ruin a career. In recent years, the shining example of this has been Josh Dugan. An Origin and Test star up until 2017, Dugan played 23 games last season, quite a phenomenal effort given it is only the third time he has played 20 or more games in his NRL career.

However, the Sharks have too much outside back depth. Bronson Xerri has a centre spot locked up, probably for the next decade, and the return of Jesse Ramien, coupled with the presence of Josh Morris and rising youngster Jackson Ferris, may see Dugan stranded in the NSW Cup for most of the year.

Dugan turns 30 in May, and I struggle to see another NRL club who would want to sign him.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – SEPTEMBER 08: Joshua Dugan of the Sharks in action during the round 25 NRL match between the Wests Tigers and the Cronulla Sharks at Leichhardt Oval on September 08, 2019 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images)


  1. Either TwentyOne is on the money with the Latrell to souths prediction as also predicted here by Rhys Sullivan OR Rhys Sullivan is actually TwentyOne??

  2. 3 of these ain’t gunna happen.
    No QLD team will make the top 8.
    QLD won’t win the SOO. In fact I belive NSW will win it 3 zip.
    Storm won’t even make the GF let alone win it.
    The author of this tripe seems to pin a few of his guesses on Holmes killing it on his return.
    It took Hayne a year to get back into the groove and he is 100 times more talented than Holmes.

  3. Kev I think the cowboys will struggle also
    I believe Morgan is one of the most overrated play makers in the game.

  4. Lane, just relax mate. Bunnies will come good. You’ll see. Stop paying out the team you love. Support them mate.

  5. Are you serious Rhys? Canberra won’t make the 8????
    & Latrell Mitchell is NOT going to the vermin (they can’t afford him and Arrow)….my prediction, he’ll go to the Gold Coast, where he will thrive as a fullback under big Mal’s tutalege, and a $900k sign on fee.
    I think you may have had a little too much brandy custard over the festive season mr Sullivan! Hahaha

  6. He may be correct with the Tigers & Panthers coaches? Although I saw a huge change in attitude in the Tigers last season. Particularly in defence. As a good defence wins a lot of games, they’ll win more games than many people would imagine they would right now.
    The Panthers… I’m scratching my head ,with why one very good centre from somewhere hasn’t been targeted in the off season? They have one centre who’s played some first grade . Plus, Whare & some up & comers. Doesn’t fill any supporter with optimism I’m sure . Still, that’s not really Cleary’s fault.
    So let’s just see how both teams go?

  7. Stupid start about Dugan. What because he’s had injuries and the sharks have back options means he won’t play NRL next year what a joke?

    Last year he played 23 games, scored 11 tries, 2 try assists, 11 line breaks, 111 tackle breaks which was third best in the league and averaged 125 metres per game. Plus was in the top 10 in kick return metres

    The two QLD teams in the final is an interesting take. I think Brisbane are too young and too overrated. Pantai Jr is very inconsistent and sucks at lock, Issako will have his first year at fullback, they still don’t have much impact off the bench outside Ofahungue. I don’t really rate them.

    The cowboys I do like. Think they have a top 5 forward pack, a very good backline, really like their depth and juniors coming through my two worry’s are halves and coach. Probably the most important area of any club.. will Morgan play well and can Drinkwater lock down that spot or will Martin or Clifford come back? As for coach Green has done well before but he locked like he lost the locker room last year and has been on the edge for a while now.

  8. Timmah, if he signs with us I’ll laugh so hard at you and Laney boy. If not fair play. We will see…

  9. Swa9.
    Where does Martin play? He hasn’t been very good in the halves at Penrith or the Cowboys. His most promising position looked to be at fullback. No chance to play fullback now. Maybe a stand in centre? He has pace , but few other real skills.
    Can see him playing a lot of Queensland Cup.

  10. There are idi.ots here who for the past 5-years have been saying that the Storm won’t make it to Top 8. Every year these idi.ots are proven wrong. Once an idi.ot, always an idi.ot.

  11. 1) Storm will fall in a heap this year and Scam Smith will retire from the game a loser.

    2) Souths toxic culture will bubble to the surface.

    3) Parras will be the first team to go back to back with serious cap cheating.

    4) Cleary will be retired from coaching due to looking tired again.

    5) Broncos will continue a decade of disappointments.

  12. Sorry batman..
    You couldn’t be more wrong about Cleary. Let’s just say he’ll be there for Better Or Worse ! With the money Penrith paid him , there really is no other choice.

  13. Martin is still at the Cowboys. He’s just returned to training a few months ago from his brain bleed injury. He’s still seeing specialist and isn’t yet committing to playing footy full time yet.
    For 2020 he is uncontracted so I guess he’s free to go wherever.

    At 24 years old and with loads of natural talent I’d love for him to return back to NZ for my Warriors just for some depth and give him a chance. Would play Kodi Nikorima at hooker and have Egan/Lawton back him up. Green and CHT start the year in the halves and would look to put Martin in with CHT as the year goes on. Blake Green is old and washed up he needs replacing and Martin could be that guy. Is similar to Nikorima but Martin does have a kicking game, Niko doesn’t. Martin also takes the line on more, Niko is just a runner.

  14. I love how people know everything about clubs by reading the papers. Who said Souths had a toxic culture mate? Who do you support Batman?

  15. @thecatman
    you yoused to be a ‘pashonate’ Manly supporter, what hapened ?
    get caught cheating the cap for the last 5 years ? got unsavoury crims in your mediocre lineup ?

  16. Wow. Mychookmycar, You’re not fooling anyone with all your alter egos talking to yourself.
    Everyone knows you are just trying to sink the boot into manly.
    Pathetic coward pos 💩

  17. I think is very rich to suggest Ivan Cleary is “considered in the upper echelon of coaches”. The guy is an all time loser. He achieved a 300) that still has a senior coaching job. Normally a younger winner replaces older coaches with such poor records. I think its widely accepted he has always failed to deliver on the potential of the players he has under him. Perhaps you are confusing his recent 5 year/high dollar value coaching appointment back at Panthers and a metric to put him in that ‘upper echelon’? I think its fairer to class that as a further investment in his son.

  18. I think is very rich to suggest Ivan Cleary is “considered in the upper echelon of coaches”. The guy is an all time loser. He has not been able to achieved a 50 percent win record at any of his previous clubs (Warriors, Panthers, Tigers and Panthers again). This is extraordinarily poor for a guy with 300 plus games coaching under his belt and may be the only guy that still has a senior coaching job with a record like this. Normally a younger winner replaces older coaches with such poor records. I think its widely accepted he has always failed to deliver on the potential of the players he has under him. Perhaps you are confusing his recent 5 year/high dollar value coaching appointment back at Panthers and a metric to put him in that ‘upper echelon’? I think its fairer to class that as a further investment in his son.

  19. Panthers18 your cat men as stated on the Nine NRL site have Penrith, Warriors and Gold Coast battling it out for the Wooden Spoon, I think with Souths Pole rabbits Green and Red christmas Elf size forwards, you can throw that team in with the other lot of no hopers for a spoon chance also.

    But to be fair Souths Pole Elfs will be underdogs againts the other dud three teams for 2020 spoon title honors. Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  20. this bloke and his comments, good on ya mate. You think losing Sam and Sutton and the whole team crumbles. If that’s the case losing Cronk And Mitchell means you’re wooden spooners? The season hasn’t begun yet champ let’s wait and see who we sign before the season starts mate.

  21. Oh dear, Pabs, time to get some speech therapy. Stuttering can be treated. AdamHoward, we shall see.

  22. Rabbitoh17 were you born yesterday?
    Everybody knows how Toxic the Souths club is. They have turned into a transit.lounge and two or three players are presently looking over their shoulder to see which dog eats dog, will survive the exit door chop so Souths can lure Mitchell to the dump of of place in their place. Hahahaha.
    On top of that you have rehab veterans Inglis and Roberts hanging around the players waiting for their next turn to fall off the wagon.

    Rabbit17 the entire place is toxic thanks to Crowe and Bennett in a desperate attempt to buy a premiership so Bennett can finally retire with one more purchased comp to go with all his others. But it is never going to happen. Hahahaha.

    By the way I have it on good authority that Latrell Mitchell will not be in the green and red elf outfit for 2020. Hahahahaaaaaa

  23. Rabbitohs17
    January 2, 2020 at 8:59 pm

    “The season hasn’t begun yet champ let’s wait and see who we sign before the season starts mate.”

    Hahahahahahaha you really are a funny bloke rabbit17. There are TwentyTwo players below who so far are joining or been shown the Transit.doors.out, and you are saying they have not finished yet lets see who else they buy. Hahahahahahaa!!

    2020 GAINS
    Arrow (Gold Coast), Troy Dargan (Brisbane Broncos), Brock Gardner, Edene Gebbie, Bryson Goodwin(Warrington Wolves, Jack Johns, Steven Marsters (St George Illawarra Dragons, CJ Mundine, Jaxson Paulo (Gold Coast Titans, James Roberts(Brisbane Broncos, Jaydn Su’a(Brisbane Broncos,
    2020 LOSSES
    Dean Britt (Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs), Billy Brittain (released), George Burgess (Wigan Warriors), Sam Burgess (retired), Jacob Gagan(released), Mawene Hiroti(released), Greg Inglis (Retired), Rhys Kennedy (Brisbane Broncos), John Sutton (retired), Connor Tracey (Cronulla Sharks), Kyle Turner (released)


  24. Yep rabbits17 and I’ll be laughing right back at ya if LM doesn’t sign with your lot (if he does…well, good luck to you)….let’s wait and see….still reckon he’d be better under Big Mal than that crusty senile old git Bennett

  25. Lol Barry John Howard is the one who is hating. You can feel it through the serious length of laughs and effort to make his point made 🤦‍♂️🙄

  26. Off topic here but commiserations to Rooster Legend Ron Coote who has lost his house and possessions in the continuing bush fires.

    It was most pleasing news that Ron was able to save his 1974-1975 prized possesion, that being the back to back Rooster Premiership jerseys as reported by seven news early this morning.

  27. Everyone knows Souths have a toxic culture. I have it on good authority that it is going to explode this year.
    Sams forced (medical) retirement is just the beginning.

  28. Batman, it’s time to start following the roosters now. What’s Sam going to do? One more tackle on that shoulder he is not going have any quality of life after football. It’s best for him to retire with some function then bash his body! He has a 10 year job worth $360k a year. Please toxic culture. You have daily telegraph as your source 🙄. I can’t stand all these fake Rabbitohs supporters bashing on my team. Love and support your team and stop pretending you know everything.. it’s footy, and the bunnies will bounce back this or the next season. Who cares if we don’t. Just support your team or go following the roosters like Coote and Crichton.

  29. Just for the record I’m not slamming Coote, I feel for the man for losing his home. No one deserves that.

  30. @theropeablebratman,
    now look what you’ve done, you upset penso17
    as a 16 year old skinny private schoolboy manly fan, its amazing how much you know !

  31. theCatman January 3, 2020 at 8:17 am
    “Everyone knows Souths have a toxic culture. I have it on good authority that it is going to explode this year.”

    Presume you are referring to membership exploding to 35,000 with Latrell coming home?
    Speaking of signs of toxicity, roosters sitting 3rd or 4th last again for memberships many would agree is a fair indicator.
    Might explain why news of others wanting out will surface shortly.

  32. Hey twenty one. Mychookmycar is using old logins from manly fans to stir sh!t. Angryeagle, naveenisgod, Batman etc.
    Don’t be fooled.

  33. Hey twenty one
    Could you please tell us the real story of the origins of TheAngryEagle ?
    And you go way back so maybe you can expand a little bit on screamers take on mychookmycar, screamer does struggle to keep up sometimes.

  34. AdamWoodBurner..
    Last year the so called experts had Penrith in the Top four?
    I looked at their line up before last season started. Having seen all the players who’d left the club before the start of the season. No real big buys before last season.
    Wondered how the experts came with that conclusion about Penrith?
    So this coming season from what the experts say Penrith, Wests, Warriors, Titans have zero pressure on them. Nothing is expected from them! Of course that could be correct information , that they’ll do nothing?
    Still, the so called experts are mostly incorrect in their predictions.
    So a better than expected season from at least a couple of those clubs is just about guaranteed!

  35. EastOfDivide
    Agree with you on that.
    Experts are often referred to as ‘drips under pressure’ they just get paid for their opinions.
    I am hoping all those teams give the competition a shake.

  36. Glad he saved his latter memorabilia.
    I think he had 6 premierships with Souths before he when to easts. Hope some of that was saved.

  37. Ron Coote stated his most prized possession was the urn containing his mother law’s ashes.
    He then held up a picture of himself with Eric Simms, Bob Mcarthey and John Sattler and said that was then next most treasured.
    So to you lying wombats on here stop making up despicable lies about a man who has just lost his home.
    Ron Coote will always have his heart with Souths just as the picture showed Athur Beetsons true club the tigers.

  38. January 03, 2020 3:59pm
    Pamela Whaley of AAP
    Latrell to become a Bunny, Blues to retain Origin shield


    It will be one of the biggest transfers…..
    Part of Fox sports release.

    Relax ladies, official announcement is imminent.
    Latrell’s release signing from the roosters taking time today all to do with with sacking his old manager Rushton and hooking up with his new manager Matt Rose.

  39. Brennsy keep telling you are not good at this.
    Stop telling fibs.
    Next you’ll be telling us Latrell loves the roosters 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  40. TwentyNunbskullOne Latrell has never been a Souths Pole Christmas Elf player in his life , so he can’t be heading home you drongo! What a goose.

    But we are all thankful Ron Coote left Souths when he did or he would not of saved his most precious possesions of those back to back Rooster premiership jersey’s of 1974-75.

    You see he would not of gone back into his burning down house for a couple of Wooden Spoons he would have collected had he remained at Souths. It would have only added fuel to the fire. Hence his most cherrished jersey’s of the mid 1970s while his good ex team mates were playing for spoons. Souths Imports Sims and Sattler photo that he saved from the flames would not of been saved. So the Coote family will be forever in the Roosters gratitude for him playing in such a magnifiscent Roosters outfit.

  41. Look at TwerpyOne getting all excited over a revamped story of a journalist having a stab at some really far out of reach predictions. Stop creaming your daks TwerpyOne it anit gonna happen goose. Lets read the clowns errotichahahahahaha post…….

    January 3, 2020 at 6:40 pm
    January 03, 2020 3:59pm
    Pamela Whaley of AAP
    Latrell to become a Bunny, Blues to retain Origin shield

    Read the story TwerpyOne and nit the headlines. Hahahahahahahahaha. Read the fine print hahaha

  42. Ladies, Latrell is coming home to the Rabbitohs where he belongs.
    No more redneck clown suits for this champ.
    Official announcement imminent.
    Happiness over money.

  43. Brensy he didnt stuff up. He just wanted out of the dump and happy to go for less to be happy.
    Why do you think Danny Devito sent Smokey Robinson and Bent Fittler to Taree to duck up and beg him back.
    All they got was a pizza and a free ride back to the airport.
    Had already signed with us.

  44. Brensy you forget to add what a big role the MRC played last year against us.
    Re Tetevano his manager approached us but we rightfully declined.
    Arrow is 2 classes above and future origin captain.
    Also Latrell was never about rooster brown paper bags and discounted property purchases.
    It’s all about being happy and the toxic rooster culture failed him.
    He just wants to come home to his beloved Rabbitoh family where we both agree he belongs.
    Have a great night.

  45. TwentyOne
    January 1, 2020 at 7:36 pm
    Gagai to Gold Coast.
    Latrell to Souths announced by Friday. 4/5.

    Ok so what’s happened twentyone. No news today about either Gagai or Latrell as prophesied. Is it happening or not? Or are you just another gypsy horoscope reader scamming innocent people?

  46. Lane seriously you’re a typical fan who bad mouths his team. Like I said to Batman. I think it’s time you support your true team roosters. Let me ask you a question what if arrow is a gun and we sign Mitchell. What will you say?

  47. Hey Rabbitohs17. What happened to penzo oil? Why has lam penso stopped posting when you started?

  48. Look at the nutter TwerpyOne carrying on like a typical Souths fan. We all know now why Souths memberships are around the 26k mark. Hahahaha
    TwerpyOne has four memberships. What a three toothed goose.

    Whats the matter rabbit17/penso17 ?? Some realist fans like Brennan you don’t like because he tells it as it is. Hahahahahahahahaha!!!! It is a well known fact Souths have got a weak pack that will be weaker with the massive loss of Sam and George Burgess, Sutton, and the other bloke who came off the bench in the 2014 grand final. Then all your clown club has purchased a wooden spoiner so called enforcer Arrow. Hahaha hahaha hahahaaaa!!!!

  49. AdamHubcap January 4, 2020 at 10:36 am
    “Look at the nutter TwerpyOne carrying on like a typical Souths fan. We all know now why Souths memberships are around the 26k mark”

    Given your insight as to why Souths membership is around the 26k mark Hubcap, how about an insight as to why your stain sombreros membership is sitting 3rd last in the NRL for the 3rd year running despite 2 lowly recognised premierships?

  50. Howard you and lane got no idea champ. Let’s just see who we pick up before the season starts. Lane really supports the roosters so don’t take what he say with any weight 🙄.

  51. Marsters is a highly rated player and great for back up and origin. Clearly need back up don’t we? 🙄, SuA and Lowe are good second rowers and Knight Burgess Taylo Murray are doing a great job. Amone will come through and we will have more forwards coming. Sam is irreplaceable mate I know.

  52. Taking a break from the Souths vs Roosters squabbling on here. This is my NRL team of 2019

    1. J. Tedesco
    2. B. Ferguson
    3. L. Mitchell
    4 . J. Manu
    5 . M. Sivo
    6. L. Keary
    7. D. Cherry-Evans
    8. M. Tapau
    9. J. Hodgson
    10. P. Haas
    11. B. Cordner
    12. J .Bateman
    13. J. Taumolo

  53. This is my NRL team of 2020

    1. Tedesco
    2. Tupou
    3. Mitchell
    4. Manu
    5. Morris
    6. Keary
    7. Flanagan
    8. JWH
    9. Friend
    10. Taukeiaho
    11. Cordner
    12. Aubusson
    13. Radley
    14. Liu
    15. Crichton
    16. Colins
    17. Butcher
    18. Verrills
    19. Tupounuus
    20. Faamausili
    21. Smith
    22. Lam (penso)
    23. Hall
    24. Ikuvalu
    25 Hutchinson

  54. If I left any soufths players out please forgive me. They have 30 chokers who fold at the last hurdle.

  55. So the roosters is your 2020 team 😂 🤦‍♂️ I wouldn’t expect much else from a roosters fan. Meant to be a mix but I guess you’re entitled to your opinion.

  56. Mark.mybuttflaps January 4, 2020 at 6:39 pm
    “This is my NRL team of 2020”
    What? Only 1 Souths player being Latrell Mitchell wearing the 3?
    Is Billy ‘Jeff Goldblum’ Smith that bad?

  57. Friend and Radley finally into a rep side according to Mark.mybuttflaps even if it is mythical which is better than they have achieved so far or ever will 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    BTW, Latrell’s release was signed this morning explaining the delay in his long awaited passion to join his beloved home at the Rabbitohs and finally distance himself from the spring st stains.
    Hang in there Brennsy, your dream of Latrell joining Souths will become a reality shortly.
    I’m just as excited as you are buddy, its all happening.

  58. Brennsy, Latrell’s presence was not required.
    Hang in there buddy it’s all happening and shortly your biggest Xmas wish of Latrell coming to us will be announced.
    Can imagine your excitement.

  59. BL
    Souths do have a lot players to replace any any member would be concerned.
    Sam – cant be replaced, but arrow is not a bad replacement on short notice. Who do you think would be a an option in the
    current market?
    Sutton – What a club man and hard to replace. – Jaydn Su’A
    George – between him and his twin brother they would have been lucky to have a full season, Possibly Tom Amone.
    Kyle Turner – What a shame, came back from a serious neck injury from a high Gallen shot, Seibold shunted him but Bennet used him last year and was up front with him. Salary cap.
    Light weight pack yes they do. Big packs don’t always win.
    Defence is their biggest issue.

  60. Twentyone I truly hope you are correct. I want latrell out of our roosters team ASAP. He will be nothing but a destabilising charater if he remains with the premiers. If he joins souths that will be music to my ears. Just means souths will be wasting valuable cap space that they desperately should be spending on some class forwards.

  61. No Brennan. I was wondering if he was twentyone instead of penso. But then realised 21 and penso are the same.

    Hahahaha your comment about dinosaurs and cave men.

    ZT on holidays til monday. If you believe 21, then the next story will be about latrell signing with souffs

  62. TheRopeableRooster
    December 24, 2019 at 8:34 am
    C’mon ClownOfDivide. You are deluded if you believe “many players” have rejected offers from the Roosters. Nobody rejects the Roosters. The Roosters reject them. Just ask Latrell. Hahahahaha.

    Comments are closed.

  63. Brennan.Lane January 5, 2020 at 10:20 am
    “Comments are closed.”
    Mark.mywords January 5, 2020 at 9:49 am
    December 24, 2019 at 8:34 am
    :Comments are closed.”

    Does this mean you 2 wombats are coming back under another nic again after all your comical posts?

  64. Just read Buzz Lightyear’s predicted ladder for 2020. Yes it is a joke of a ladder written by the worst journalist in Australia but give the man some credit, he hasn’t put the sharks in the no1 slot this year. Mind you, his bias clearly showing through with his prediction of the Storm in 8th place. When was the last time the Storm wasn’t in the top 6 (for the smart ar.ses out there 2010 doesn’t count).

    My predicted ladder is as follows

    1. Storm
    2 . Manly
    3. Roosters
    4. Raiders
    5. Eels
    6. Rabbits
    7. Knights
    8. Warriors
    9. Broncos
    10 Cowboys
    11. Sharks
    12 Panthers
    13. Dragons
    14 Titans
    15 .Tigers
    16 .Bulldogs

    Its high time the Warriors performed something like their potential so I have gone out on a bit of a limb with them. Titans will do better but they need so much work that it is going to take a while. Bulldogs will have a horror season which is what they need to wake the club up. I see the Tigers as a club in decline. Also Roosters will miss Cronk and Latrell (even if he plays for them, he won’t be busting a gut). I started this ladder with my Melbourne Storm in about 5th but as I look at the competition, they might just do the minor premiership again. I think the Raiders will struggle a bit more than last year despite the addition of Williams but should be good enough for 4th. Cowboys will improve but I think that Green is too weak to deliver much more.

    Just my view of course but I reckon it will be closer to the mark than the one from that so called expert Buzz whats his face.

  65. Rucky. I am naming you the new Nostradamus. 🧙‍♂️ for your ladder prediction and taking the place of twentyone who has failed to deliver on his prophesy. However you need to go back to your original thought bubble and put storm back to 5th.

  66. How can ladder predictions be made before full team rosters are known?
    Btw R.Rooster hang around regarding Latrell which is what I presume you are referring to.
    I told you there was a hold up because of his manager switch before it was in the media.
    He is with Rose now after sacking Rushton who the sleazy roosters wanted him to stick with and take their offer without feeling the market.
    Rose manages Cody Walker and Jack Wighton.
    Work it out.

  67. Looks like Souths wannabe B.Lane has thrown in the towel and running for cover.
    Hey Brennsy how excited are you with Matty Rose taking over as Latrell’s manager from rooster patsy Rushton?

  68. Oh come on 21 it is only a prediction and a brave one at that. You have just regurgitated news from foxsports.
    The roosters have a pretty settled roster. Considering you already have Latrell pencilled in for the souths what is your prediction apart from souths being No 1?

  69. My ladder prediction-
    1. People
    2. Need
    3. To
    4. Stop
    5. Predicting
    6. NRL
    7. Ladder
    8. For
    9. 2020
    10. Season
    11. It’s
    12. Only
    13. January

  70. #
    My ladder prediction-
    1. People
    2. Need
    3. To
    4. Stop
    5. Predicting
    6. The
    7. NRL
    8. Ladder
    9. For
    10. The
    11. 2020
    12. Season
    13. It’s
    14. Only
    15. January
    16. Parramatta

  71. RopeableRooster, you could be right however who do you have above them and why ? If my ladder is anything like right then the candidates would be:

    Canberra – got stronger for 2020 in my opinion but will no longer fly under the radar. For this reason alone they won’t be No.1
    Manly – They did brilliantly last year and should be good to go again but I still think they are a notch behind
    Roosters – Nope. They will miss Cronk big time and whilst he is still around in some sort training role, he isn’t there on the field. They will also miss latrell. He might be there physically but his head will be somewhere else.
    Eels – ever the bridesmaid never the bride. Just do not see them delivering consistently enough to be No.1

    This is why I come back to Melbourne for no. 1

    As for why we do predictions on January 5th is because
    its January 5th = no footy = boring = lets do some tipping

    My sympathies to anyone and everyone affected by the bushfires, my heart really does go out to you !

  72. Sidney
    January 5, 2020 at 2:04 pm
    “Oh come on 21 it is only a prediction and a brave one at that. You have just regurgitated news from fox news ”

    No offence Sidney, like the media you are a couple of days off the pace.
    Old news now.

  73. Sorry Brennsy, Latrell committed to Souths before Origin.
    Why do you think he’s signing for less to be happy?
    I see your slipping up again on your true colors.
    Time for another nic change buddy.

  74. TwentyOne
    Lol I’ve been on to laney boy. My guess is latrell signing will be official tomorrow so he doesn’t go to training.

  75. Why don’t you guys get on Facebook zero tackle let’s see who is who. Anyone’s profile in Facebook that’s got pictures and statuses going back 2 or more years will be judged as a real person. Let’s weed out the fake usernames. So twentyone and ropeablerooster Adam Howard rabbit 17 Brenner. Lane and mark.mywords get on Facebook search for zero tackle find this article and put your thoughts down

  76. Don’t have Facebook chief, Lane deadset, Roberts is a Souths product, it’s a thing called salary cap that we can’t keep all of our own players like every other club. Please come back to the light, I think you’re seeing blue/red mate. Do you forget where the butcher brothers came from? Oh you forgot they went to the red/blue army? Let me
    Guess they left because the toxic culture? 🙄.

  77. I have Toddy, but why did you blokes steal this country off the dinosaurs and the cave men? Whats the story?

    Anyway I have it on good authority that Latrell Mitchell, who’s mind is still in another dimension, and was on the verge of a straight jacket after Nick told him the money offered has been withdrawn, which in turn brought a flood of tears to his face.

    This event indeed hit Latrell like a tone of bricks with the realisation that his Rooster days are finished.
    Resulting in the nightmare reality check that he will have to play now with his seventh ranked choice after Roosters, Tigers, Cowboys, Newcastle, Canterbury and Gold Coast pull the carpet under him after their in-depth interview with the youngster boy trapped in a-mans body exploited his immaturity beyond imagination.

    This event has left a distasteful effect on my thinking towards the walk-about population of Australia.

  78. Hmmm makes to wonder doesn’t it….the bulldogs, the tigers, the cowboys, the titans and the roosters ALL rescind their offers for Latrell. Fact is the roosters could have had him but pulled their offer….WHY was that?
    I hope he does sign with the filthy vermin….then they’ll have to deal with whatever crap is going on with latrell…( the crap that all these clubs could see).

  79. daffy, someone has to come last so who would you put below the doggies ? Not too many clubs I’s guess.

    Every year there is a surprise package, sometimes that surprise is good (as in Manly & Canberra performing way better than most would guess) and sometimes it is bad (as in the Cowboys in Thurstons last year). I have a gut feeling that it might be the doggies turn to have one of those horrible years. I could be right, I could be wrong but either way, it is not a joke its my opinion.

  80. timmah
    January 5, 2020 at 9:50 pm
    “Hmmm makes to wonder doesn’t it….”
    Not really, Latrell wanted out of the vermin roosters before origin.
    Happiness over money for him the driver.
    Just had to get out out of that toxic culture and come home to his lifelong passion the Rabbitohs.
    Just didn’t belong to that low stain of a dump.

  81. This has nothing to do with taking less money to be happy and everything to do with taking less money because there are no other offers out there. none.

  82. @toddy123
    yeah i agree, lotsa big mouths on here only because their ID is hidden – that’s why i got theropeabledoormat and thebratmans’ contact info so i can follow up on a few things at a time and place that suits me.
    21, Panso17 and the eels boys like to use emails but hey yeah, they should all be forced to use fb so they are held accountable for their libellous diatribes.

  83. Mitchell will only sign for less than $800k for 2020 and will demand backended deals to make up for the $1m+ he originally wanted. Thats not returning home for the love of it. That will also end any chance for souths to have depth in their squad going forward and they will quickly end up at the bottom of Rucky’s ladder prediction in the following years. Hopefully Latrell has learnt his lesson not to listen to that dinosaur invading occupier mundine next time. 🦖🦕

  84. Hahahaha TheAngrtAnt. The biggest user of fake IDs. Ie navispoop, chooktookmycar, wormald etc. Pot calling kettle black don’t you think you Turkey. You are the one that should be held to account for your garbage. A true rooster supporter you are not. Not even a manly supporter. Faker. Get your hand off it.

  85. Brennan is just another name from the pile of WoodShavings. Comes on to reply to himself as Mark,Adam etc.
    No South’s supporter would ever call any Nuggets side a Champaign side, or a world champion side.
    When are you going to start using Charlie Carp as an alias ? You’re reeled in so easily with any comment about your buy a comp team. When’s the last time they didn’t just buy a competition, out of the titles? Before your time I bet.
    How’s the ‘halves’ buying going? Got any more to add to the list? I hear Newcastle may be releasing a Canterbury Cup half. They better get onto that!

  86. wentyOne
    January 5, 2020 at 10:05 pm
    January 5, 2020 at 9:50 pm
    “Hmmm makes you wonder doesn’t it….”
    Not really, Latrell wanted out of the vermin roosters before origin.
    Happiness over money for him the driver.
    Just had to get out out of that toxic culture and come home to his lifelong passion the Rabbitohs.
    Just didn’t belong to that low stain of a dump”
    Yeah pal, you didn’t quite get the gist of what I was saying did you?
    Canterbury withdrew their offer, the Cows withdrew their offer, the Tigers withdrew their offer, the Titans were luke warm at best and Easts withdrew their offer….now think for a moment (before you start babbling on about latrell’s “spiritual home” or wanting to “be with his brothers”), or whatever other racist crap that continually dribbles out of your hole.
    EASTS REJECTED latrell (not the other way around)…..now think hard little pizzle…WHY would they do that? Why would the premiers (and all of those other astutely managed clubs), reject supposedly the best centre in the game?
    I really hope he sorts his sh** and finds his happy place….but if it’s at soufs with those two bad attitude drunks – Walker and Roberts …ohhh it’s gonna be fun watching the vermin implode. AGAIN 😂🤣😂🤣

  87. The big question in my mind is why have the Roosters rejected Latrell so completely. Their behavior towards him is pretty incredible. When has there ever been a player effectively put on gardening leave (other than for criminal reasons) ? This is not some rogue exec having some hissy fit, they have turned against him big style. So what is fueling that ?

    This isn’t just some guy wanting to test the market, its not some untalented no mark that isn’t delivering yet he has suddenly become toxic.

    Now there are reports of Latrell having to accept half money to go to the Bunnies.

    This whole affair is very fishy and there is something very significant here that we aren’t being told.

  88. Adamhoward December 29, 2019 at 4:48 pm
    “I have it on good authority that Latrell 100% will not don the green and red christmas elf Souths Pole jersey in 2020 or any year for that matter. 100% guarentee this is absolutely a fact.” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    timmah January 2, 2020 at 8:34 am
    “Are you serious Rhys? Canberra won’t make the 8????
    & Latrell Mitchell is NOT going to the vermin (they can’t afford him and Arrow)….my prediction, he’ll go to the Gold Coast,”🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Rucky January 6, 2020 at 11:08 am
    “The big question in my mind is why have the Roosters rejected Latrell so completely.” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Yes, thats why Politis sent Fibber and Wobbo to Taree last week. I can assure you it wasn’t for the pizza.
    It was about the fishing but unfortunately the bait they took with them had gone stale and way past its use by date.

  89. My point exactly Rucky….WHY have the Roosters rejected Latrell so completely? For that matter WHY did the Bulldogs, Tigers,, Cowboys and Tits do the same???
    WHY are all of these clubs washing their hands of him….and soufs purportedly signing him for a mere 400k (which is all they have left on their cap after splurging on Arrow). Why, why, why??? Something stinks in deadfern….and it’s not just the streets or the football club.

  90. Anyone seen the movie split. For those of you that haven’t it’s about a schizophrenic with 20 personalities, seek help woody. This invader if the dinosaurs ancestor is worried about you🧘🏿‍♂️

  91. Yes I’ve seen that movie. It has the following cast:


    Not a bad line up of schizos right there. Academy award stuff.

  92. Timmah that stink in deadfern is not their club. The underprivileged team of misfits do not have the knowledge how to run a successful Leagues Club. That went under years ago. But it is a well known fact the Roosters know exactly what is wrong with Latrell. I hear some very career ending photos are almost ready to appear that just might get Souths in a unimaginable worse situation than Canterbury got into when the Roosters allowded Napa to leave.

    Like I have been saying all off season. Mitchell will not be putting on the green and red Christmas Elf outfit this year or any year in the near future.

    Hahaha hahaha..Haha….Hahahahahahaaaa

  93. Toady1234 and his crew sailed into Australia on pickininni canoe’s and invaded/stole Australia from the dinosaur 🦕 and cavemen.

  94. Agree Matt head I’ll be next dragons coach. But only because Shane Flanagan can’t coach until 2022. Head will warm the seat until then after Mary is sacked this year

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