SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 25: (L-R) Steve Walters, Ricky Stuart, Mal Meninga, Laurie Daley, Bradley Clyde and Brett Mullins of the Raiders celebrate after winning the 1994 ARL Grand Final between the Canberra Raiders and the Canterbury Bulldogs at the Sydney Football Stadium, 1994 in Sydney, Australia. The Raiders won 36-12. (Photo by Getty Images)

Over the years rugby league has seen some amazing teams dominate the competition for periods of time.

Although some of these teams did not win the premiership every single year of their dominant form, it is hard to dispute the impact they had in the game.

The following teams, in no particular order, are some of the greatest to ever play the game.  Don’t forget to comment your opinion below!


The Green Machine Reign Supreme (Canberra Raiders 1987-1994)

It can be argued that the Raiders reign of dominance over rugby league didn’t begin until they beat the Balmain Tigers 19-14 in a historic first grand final win in 1989. However, in 1987 although facing defeat the Raiders made their maiden grand final against the Sea Eagles and even though they did lose that season laid the foundation for what was to come now that players like Mal Meninga and Gary Belcher had obtained grand final experience that they were able to build on in later years.

Between 1987 and 1994 the Raiders appeared in 5 grand finals in 8 years, winning 3. It was during this time that players such as Meninga, Belcher, Daley and Stuart cemented themselves as some of the greatest rugby league players of their era.

The Raiders won the 1989 and 1990 premierships back to back, they were the dominant team in the 1991 grand final for around 50 minutes of the game (sorry Penrith), with underrated winger Matthew Wood having a great game scoring the both the Raiders tries in that game.

Then the dynasty was put to a close after the 1994 grand final with the Raiders dominating the Bulldogs in a 36-12 victory with veteran captain Mal Meninga riding off into the metaphorical sunset, retiring with one last premiership.



      • @ screamingeagle

        Well done my old china! Bringing some culture to the site at last! 2017 was the year of the Rooster, too bad they missed it and didn’t even make the GF. Now they have to wait another 12 years for the next one. And they spent all that money for 2018 and no party! I guess they will just have to leave the Dom Pérignon Rose Gold vint 1996 on ice until 2029 although the ice in the bucket may have long since melted by then along with the polar ice caps. Bahahahahahahaha

  1. All fantastic dynasties in the game. However, I would like to say that the Bulldogs dynasty lasted until 1995 where they won their 7th premiership from 6th spot. They were one of the strongest sides in the 90s as well. That dynasty was 15 years rightfully.

    • Good ONE but Souths have 4. 😉

      South Sydney Rabbitohs (4 dynasties)

      1908 – 1920 (13 years) – 4 premierships, 4 x Runners-Up, 4 x Minor premiers
      1923 – 1932 (10 years) – 7 premierships, 2 x Runners-Up, 5 x Minor premiers
      1949 – 1955 (7 years) – 5 premierships, 2 x Runners-Up, 4 x Minor premiers
      1967 – 1971 (5 years) – 4 premierships, 1 x Runners-Up, 1 x Minor premiers

      The 1955 premiership was especially noteworthy as Souths as Jack Rayner’s side had to win 11 straight sudden death games to win the premiership!

  2. WHAT “Dynasty” only last for 3 years and has just ONE premiership to show for it? This sounds more like a modern day politically correct “participation award” than an actual achievement!

    Some other memorable “3 season” dynasties:

    Lost in Space (1965 – 1968)
    Frontline (1994 – 1995, 1997)
    The Adventures of Lano and Woodley (1997 – 1999)
    The Librarians (2014 – 2017)

    Acropolis Now (1989 – 1992)

    Memo: “Hey you Rooster stupids, even “Acropolis Now” have 5 season dynasty! Chicken no good, is nothing! Lamb much better and cook on spit. Opa!

  3. There have been some amazing teams with periods of dominance, but IMO only two teams can lay claim to the word dynasty. St George and their 11 straight and Qld 2006+.

        • tommy, tommy, tommy! I really hope you are fishing because if you are serious I am disappointed.

          QLD SOO wins a dynasty? Seriously? It is a competition between two teams. Only TWO teams. Let’s not get carried away or do I have to start listing how many of these were GIFTED to QLD like the Inglis triple knock on in front of Harrigan and the 2 man strip on Hayne by Inglis and JT. Let’s be honest the SOO is a PR and public relations operation for the NRL to grow the in QLD and other states. Why else would refs “look the other way” year after year?

          Be fair tommy, Souths qualify and you KNOW it!

          1923 – 1932 (7 premierships in 8 years (1925 – 1932) to South Sydney including 5 straight premierships and 9 GF appearances in 10 years)
          1949 – 1955 (5 premierships in 7 years and the two missed South Sydney played in the GF)
          1967 – 1971 (4 premierships in 5 years and a GF appearance in the middle of this period)

          A combined period of 22 years (albeit separated) when Souths won 16 premierships, 5 x Runners-up and only once in that combined 22 year period missed out on a GF!

          What have the Broncos done compared to that?

        • Tommy I’m not the one blowing StG’s ego , did I mention manly ? Get sum sleep mate you need to vote in the morning

        • I guess it is how you define dynasty. Souths periods of sustained excellence, albeit some of them in a much smaller competition, are to be admired. However IMO, the word dynasty, much like the word immortal is thrown around loosely. The dragons 11 straight is one of the most remakerable sporting feats in any major competition and rightly sits alone at the top.

          Did I even mention the Broncos or claim a dynasty?

          I won’t even bother responding to your origin “conspiracy”. If you honesty believe that, either YOU are fishing, or I am the one who should be disappointed.

        • Yes I have to vote tomorrow but MW47 judging by the quality of your contributions you may be either too young or too mentally incompetent to be allowed within 10 metres of a polling booth.

        • As much as I hate to say it, the Queensland Origin team dynasty is just that. The number of teams in the competition is irrelevant. 11 from 12 series is remarkable and will never be repeated. Just like the Dragons 11 year run will never be repeated. Those are the 2 top dynasties in rugby league in Australia, with Souths coming in next.

          The rest on the list are not dynasties in my book, but rather teams that had success for longer periods. Dynsaties require premierships, and a lot of them.

        • tommy, which is the greater achievement ONE and ONLY ONE period of total dominance with basically an Australian rep team who could keep possession for along as they could hold the ball? Or a club that can show “sustained excellence” over several generations and periods of the games history? Even do a “Lazarus” and come back from the dead!

          In the case of the former, do you not think a club in modern times with a team full of internationals (and Australia’s best) playing unlimited tackle rules could not do something similar? What about the 1955 achievement of winning 11 straight sudden death games and coming from a position towards the bottom of the ladder to win the premiership? Did the Dragons do that?

        • Tommy your getting personal , Qld and intel in one sentence is an oxymoron, don’t forget to charge your scooter it’s a long walk to the polling booth , bring your commode you may need somewhere to sit , things move slowly in your neck of the woods

        • @ eels47

          “The number of teams in the competition is irrelevant.”

          No it isn’t. Especially given the sea of questionable rulings throughout the history of the SOO and the advantages to the NRL in expanding the game.

          It is much easy to dace the same team (especially if you have tge wood over them) for 3 straight games each year thsn face 11 – 15 different teams over 20 to 26 rounds plus finals. Cone on eel47, play fair.

        • I think I may have inadvertantly opened an “oxymoron pandora’s box”. Now every oxymoron is using it. We better close it quick before they breathe up all our oxygen! 😂

        • Don’t start conspiracy theories mate, it is tired and boring. Was there a conspiracy when NSW were dominant? Surely you don’t honestly believe that the Queensland domination is not a dynasty?

        • I don’t value a 3 game, 2 team competition over that of the gruelling week in week out competition of the NRL. So it is a separate thing altogether.

          As for conspiracy theories (beyond the fact that the benefits to the NRL and the games expansion can’t be disputed, so we have motive) it is the only way I can establish a dialogue with the “North Koreans” as bluster and rhetoric is their language of diplomacy and tommy is my connection to “Kim Jong-Un” (aka Pappa Smurf).

          Stop interfering with my diplomatic mission eels47). The fate and the survival of all Sydney based clubs are in the balance!

          Don’t start me eels47! Don’t start me!

        • Convince me there arnt conspiracies, 2013 GF , pathetic, the role of the bunker (its perimeters in this years final series) , when Tooves went off he was 100% correct , before a ball is kicked in 2013 GF Gus declares on CH9 faves Roosters to take out title for the record in2012 they came 13th , every game is the same however adjudicated differently , sides are given home ground advantage during final series however dosnt apply when MANLYS in question, The game is a farce , you just need to look at some decisions Lebanon copped during WC , before you make light of conspiracies PROVE THERE ARNT ANY !

        • Um , question how has SOO benefited the game ? Is it reflective in the pathetic crowds that go watch the game ? Or the fact TV viewers have switched off! SOO benifits ARL not NRL ! Ask yourself why the ratings are massive during SOO games yet those same players can’t attract a crowd at international level , as it stands there needs a massive of Sydney clubs , Arko’s vision for the late 80’s and 90’s is what is still required for the game to go forward, as it stands NRL is dying slowly

        • Sorry MW47, but if you think there are conspiracies then it is your job to prove it, not mine to prove there aren’t. And I am not talking about your belief that a team was robbed, or that rules are not used consistently. Provide actual FACTS that there are conspiracies in the game.

        • E47 explain some of the bunkers decisions during wk1 of finals , start with Parra v Melb , I eagerly await your explanation

        • Cows v West’s GF a farce,
          Titans v Bris semi a farce
          Manly v Pen , try awarded on field bunker with NO CAPACITY TO OVERULE WITH LEGITIMACY RULES OFFSIDE , a farce
          Push in scrums one week , penalty the next
          Spare me E47 there are so many greys in this game

        • @ tommyknocker

          I’m still waiting for your response to the following comment:

          November 24, 2017 at 9:06 am
          tommy, which is the greater…

          That is IF you are up to the challenge? 😉

        • I am no fan of the Dragons but IMO opinion and to be fair most other neutral observers, the Dragons 11 straight is by far the greatest achievement in Rugby League. Souths periods of excellence, as admirable as they are have been matched by other clubs. Balmain did something similar. When looking at a dynasty, I think you have to be looking at straight premierships. St George has more than double ANY other team in relation to straight premierships. The quality of their team is irrelevant. Do you think the legendary Souths teams were not packed with internationals.

          Also I understand your point about Origin, however it should be noted that before 2006 the closeness of overall games won, series won and even points scored was astounding. You cannot compare it to a premiership, but within its own category it can rightly be called a dynasty.

    • Yes and I have read the story. It is meant to have happened in the 80’s and the allegations are for a 16 year old girl. Not good but IF TRUE WHY NOW? The man is suffering from dementia how can he possibly defend himself. IF this was true why did it not come out a long time ago? You can read the story on FOX sports (this link is below).

      • First off let me say that I obviously have no idea on the truth of this claim and it is all alleged at the moment.

        “If this was true why did it not come out a long time ago?” Really? This happens quite a lot, often at the time the victim, for whatever reason, be it fear, shame etc, does not come forward for many years, often until they are old enough or mature enough to deal with what comes from it. I would think this would be especially the case when it involves someone who is “famous”, as we are seeing in the Harvey Weinstein case in the States.

        I do agree though that Langlands cannot defend himself due to his dementia, so I doubt he will even be charged.

      • Firstly, I have no sympathy for anyone guilty of this but to cone out over 30 years later when it is well publucised that the accused is suffering from dementia is suspicious.

        The “Weinstein” argument is a red herring because he was still in a position of power and still able to influence the careers and lives of his victims.

        It is too hard to prove either way this late but if true something should have been done a long time ago and full sympathy to the victim.

        As you say, no one really knows the facts at this stage.

        • I will counter your argument that coming out now is suspicious to ask what has the victim got to gain from coming out now? As we agree, he is not even likely to be charged, let alone go to trial and found guilty. The alleged victim is unlikely to get any closure other than getting the information off her chest, if they were likely to get something from it (settlement payment for example) then maybe it would be suspicious.

          Again, there may be a number of valid reasons why this has not come out sooner (assuming true of course), you cannot simply state that if it were true something would have been done a long time ago. Without knowing the facts or how the alleged victim was affected, you cannot just assume that the time between alleged incident and going public is a determinant of fact.

        • Oh, you just like to argue mate. You will never be a diplomat if you keep that up and I could use help establishing a dialogue with the “North Koreans”. 🕵️‍♂️🇰🇵 😉

        • Remember there were false charges against “snake” (Brett Stewart) and Ben Teo that were subsequently dropped. It DOES cut both ways. There should be no pressumption of guilt to either party unless the facts are fully known and the accusation has been fully investigated.

          In the meantime there should be no trial by media or by forum.

          Is that too much to ask? Surely not?

        • I agree 100% mate. I am just stating that the time delay doesn’t mean it is not true. I, like most, have no idea what actually happened and am not going to speculate or throw accusations.

      • SSTID, while you have referenced the article, you then misquoted it: the age of the alleged victim (“under 16”) is entirely relevant to the charge. The QLD DPP wouldn’t pursue it otherwise.

        • I was busy watching the WC semi-final between Australia vs Fiji. I bet you didn’t see it, in fact I doubt you watch much football at all. I would normally not bother responding to you as you have proven time and time again you are only interested in causing trouble and contributing NOTHING positive or relevant to this forum. However I could not let this go unanswered as you are pushing a sensitive subject attacking a former great of the game now suffering from dementia who is unable to defend himself for political advantage and I won’t have it.

          Firstly, I did not make mention of this earlier, but it was disappointing that this was raised initially on this forum. I do not think that it was appropriate or respectful and I doubt that if Wally Lewis had been the person named the question would have been raised in the first place. Not that I believe there was any inter-state malice involved but I am sure there would have been more respect for a QLD icon. I certainly would not have posted anything if the situation was reversed. Not because past greats of the game are beyond reproach or justice (certainly not) but rather given the nature and age of these allegations and the vulnerable state of the accused I think it is extremely poor form for this to continued to be dragged out. I tried to deflect the question with the basic points as I had remembered from reading the story earlier in the day and posted a link for others to read for themselves but nothing more. I did not think it would be jumped on as a relevant topic of discussion. I now regret that I had posted anything other than a reminder that this was not relevant or appropriate and was at the very least premature given nothing concrete is known at this stage.

          It is also disappointing as this particular forum is dedicated to reflecting on dynasties within the game and the main figures remembered in the longest running dynasty for St George has been impugned and the reference to this great RL dynasty tarnished by the association. To continue discussions on this is cheap and beneath the dignity of this forum IMO. As a false allegation against me has been raised it must be corrected.

          As to your claim I misquoted the story… Misquoted? Where did I QUOTE the article? I posted a link and the basic facts that I could remember as I had read the story earlier in the day. There was no direct quote given. Instead I summed up what I could remember and posted the link to the story but I did not re-read it.

          “…charged with six counts of indecent dealing with a girl under 16.”

          Is the quote. So I stand corrected, though the oversight was unintentional.

          “It is alleged the offences occurred on the Gold Coast in the early 1980s.”

          ALLEGED is also an important distinction. Everyone is entitled to the presumption of innocence until guilt is proven. Langlands faces a very confusing and painful ordeal given that he has dementia and he will suffer more so if in fact he actually is innocent as this will tarnish his well earned reputation for good unless his name can be cleared.

          It was not that long ago that both Brett Stewart and Ben Te’o faced accusations which later proved to be false. Stewart for indecent assault and Ben Te’o for assault and battery. In BOTH cases these claims proved to be scurrilous fabrications. A similar incident occurred in the AFL which was again a total fabrication. Even though they were cleared the damage to these players reputations was great and in the case of Stewart he was forced to spend time away from the game for a lie. Te’o was forced to abandon his RL career in Australia because, even after his name was cleared, he continued to be vilified.

          In each of these cases there was trial by media and a presumption of guilt on the accused. That is grossly unfair. I do not say that the victim in such allegations should not be respected during this process or be demonized in any way. All I am saying is that judgement should be reserved on both sides.

          In my professional capacity I have personally spoken at length to Langlands’ daughter and she loves and worships her father and is a wonderful person. I feel for her as well as for her father during this ordeal. I can only hope that justice is served but if the veracity of these claims are proven in a court of law (and I feel for Langland’s inability to defend himself properly due to his dementia) then I feel for the family and my thoughts are with them.

          I still question the timing of all of this given that it is now well known that Langlands is suffering from dementia and I would imagine justice would have been better served if this allegation had come out a long time ago when Langlands could defend himself.

          As the old maxim goes, “justice delayed is justice denied”.

          “Justice delayed is justice denied” is a legal maxim meaning that if legal redress is available for a party that has suffered some injury, but is not forthcoming in a timely fashion, it is effectively the same as having no redress at all. This is normally applied to victims that are denied justice but I think in this case it applies equally to the accused.

          PLEASE ZT, let this subject rest now, at least until Langlands has had a chance to defend these allegations.

    • Your the one that said keep personal lives out when you had a sook after Bennett’s new girl was mentioned, you go and blest this garbage, your disgusting because had it been a Qlder you’d have shut your mouth not said a thing ,

  4. @ tommy

    “too mentally incompetent”

    If you want proof of a QLD conspiracy tommy there it is. Had MW47 or myself posted that it would be modetated and removed. We can joke around but we shouldn’t cross the line. I know MW47 got personal following this barb but there was provocation.

    Let’s try and keep things fun, have healthy debates and exchange of opinions and be prepared to agree to disagree.

    I am also not so blinded by state loyalty (unlike many north of the border) to acknowledge that for a long time, in many facets of the game, QLD has been superior at origin level due largely to a generation of players that in many cases have been greats within the game. It does not help things though that Inglis and Folau were “misappropriated” or that on occasion there have been inexplicable decisions in favour of QLD that have proven the difference in that series.

    It also does not help things when (Cam Smith’s losing speech in 2014 aside) QLDers have not respected NSW’s brief periods of success when QLD supporters and even the QLD players and coaches make excuses for the blaming it more on their mistakes and poor form than on NSW’s superiority. It cuts BOTH ways mate.


    “albeit some of them in a much smaller competition”

    tommy, there is NO smaller competition in the history of sport than the SOO. It is only contested each year by the same 2 teams and only played over 3 games! Yet you are happy to claim this when it suits your argument.

    Come back to the table tommy and continue the dialogue on behalf of the north. I enjoy our “discussion” both real and in jest.

    • tommy? Talk to me tommy. Come back to the table and continue the dialogue, PEACE depends on it tommy. North Koreans can be so sensitive! 😉

      • I know MW47 is your sidekick but I honestly don’t care. ZT have never needed to sanction me and I have been here longer than anyone because a vast majority of my comments contribute positively to the debate. His comments, in this and his many other forced incarnations , are mostly annoying gibberish.

        What I find astounding is that someone like yourself, who appears to have some brains, leaps to his defence so readily. Maybe this is the true conspiracy…..

      • You need to chill , I didn’t call you anything , so I’ve had to change my handle il wear that but it wasn’t out of sitting on the fence , your intoxicated by Qld and you can’t reason outside of this fact , giving it to Bennett seems to really grind you ! Why ? Anyway you sit on your commode and if ya lucky I won’t shove you as I walk past , so long as you stay north of the boarder

      • Calm down tommy. I am only stating that in this instance you got personal not MW47. I, along with many others here, are not blind to your contributions to this site and you have also had occasion to lead an “intervention” or two against me to tell me a few home truths and I did not carry on about it but instead I copped it on the chin and moved on.

        Though MW47 is a friend (as are a number of others on this site) he has his own opinions that often differ from mine and there are many times I will argue against him (and visa versa), or rebuff him or make jokes at his expense (case in point, calling him the “angry eagle” or referring to his beloved Sea Eagles as seagulls which is why he calls my team Souffs at times because he knows I also do not like it).

        I am not oblivious to MW47’s contrasting style and penchant for pressing peoples buttons. As I have told screamingeagle, I cannot control him nor do I try to, he is his own person.

        If truth be told, there are many times he makes good arguments and shows a keen insight into the game, often when we discuss things in depth, but NO ONE tries to engage with this aspect of his nature. Indeed, he recently mentioned a vote at Manly AGM that was of great importance but no one even wanted to know the details. A vote on a life membership for one of Manly’s favourite sons.

        I do not always defend MW47 and I try to use humour as often as possible to lighten the mood and deflect issues becoming serious. This is what I do. You on the other hand sit back in the majority of cases and wait to correct or judge people. I do not. I allow them to make mistakes and I move on. You should also.

        There have been many times you have given me sound and sage advice so I will try to do the same and say you should ignore posts that you feel are not worthy of a response. Or do as I now do with known tr0lls or new accounts that fit the profile… I don’t read them. I found it works wonders and I even can smile at the thought of people wasting their time typing away something provocative for no result.

        Can we go back to the table for peace talks or are you going to break off all diplomatic contact and return to the Cold War era? Come on tommy, “all we are saying is give peace a chance” sing it with me… 😉

  5. It’s an easy argument when the glove fits , now let’s see , NSW achieve a decade of dominance were would Qld be ? Mmmm having a sook and RL would die in the backside , oh but wait , donkeys haven’t won for ten years and the sky hasn’t fallen , AAA HUM , no need for bias on the field anymore, they still turn up even when there backing a dead horse 😂😂😂😂😂 oh but wait SOO makes up for it , better pray Cam smith sticks around another 10 years QLD , I see a state in disarray just like it’s club side ,
    Ohhh the humanity , and it’s all because Clint thinks he is something he’s clearly not , someone needs to take the VCR off Clint and give him a DVD player 😂😂😂😂😂

  6. @ SSTID:

    1. Did u not see the time of my post? I watched the game. Didnt enjoy it, but I watched it.
    2. You very much misquoted the article u referenced as u said the alleged victim was 16 at the time. That is entirely wrong.
    3. No need to lecture me on the meaning of the term “alleged.” I used the term myself, u didn’t.
    4. Also no need to lecture me on matters of law. I’m quite comfortable with my education on matters of law.
    5. U would like ZT to ‘put this matter to bed,’ when u yourself referenced the article for all & sundry to read (?). YOU published the link. Not me. Tell that to his daughter.
    6. U would like ZT to put this to bed after u posted the link then a multiple responses + an additional response longer than the article itself, drawing EVEN MORE attention to the matter. My single post was considerably more concise than any of yours.
    7. I don’t know what Wally Lewis has to do with any of this.
    8. The mental or physical health of the accused is irrelevant to prosecution.
    9. You routinely accuse me of wanting to “cause trouble,” yet YOU are the most vexatious contributor on this site, cloaked in stupid utterly inane emojis to deflect your intense need to manipulate this site to suit yourself & your fool of a “groupie.”
    10. I NEVER alluded to ANTHING about Langland’s guitlt or innocence. You did that. I simply pointed out that you did in fact misquote the article by saying that the ALLEGED victim was 16. That is WRONG!!!!

    • 💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤….

      I think FOX Sports is a “little” more widely read than Zero Tackle so, no I did not let the cat out of the bag I am sure this was exceedingly easy for all here to discover for themselves as you well know.

      As with all things you post to me I find both your obsession, your passion and your focus on me inappropriate and quite disturbing. Believe me when I say it is NOT reciprocated.

      Again, I will repost my previous comnent as you again are intentionally trying to misquote me…

      “I posted a link and the basic facts that I could remember as I had read the story earlier in the day. There was no direct quote given. Instead I summed up what I could remember and posted the link to the story but I did not re-read it.”

      Do not expect any further reply. I have given you toi much attention as it is and I do not want to lead you on and feed your obsession aby longer. Don’t make me take out a “cyber restraining order”.

      • My “passion” for you ??? I couldn’t imagine a more misguided interpretation of anything I’ve ever had to say to your posts but, if that works for u, I couldn’t be happier for you.

        • No, passion of your responses but thanks for the quote what a gift!

          danielle November 25, 2017 at 12:01 am
          My “passion” for you


    • And after all the sh!t you’ve put on 3hats in the last 12 months at least, u go & reference Wikipedia.

      Your sheer & utter hyspocisy is just unbelievable. Time & time again.

      Incidebtally, I couldnt bring myself to read beyond the first sentence of your very many paragraphs. So, my apologies in advance if I missed anything meaningful u had to say. Just like your original post, I should have typed “if” in upper case.

      • No, you read it. You are obsessed with me. Please stop. It’s becoming embarrassing. People will start to talk. Bahahahahahahaha

        • Oh, and 3hats did not reference his source but passed it off as his own. I referenced the source I was using to highlight a point and be consistent. Can you tell the difference? Probably not. Bahahahahahahaha

        • 😂😂😂😂 I think someone fancies you 😂😂😂😂😂 no seriously there obsessed, it not healthy , why do they bother , there must be more to it

  7. “ there” obsessed.

    What can I say? ZT’s own genius just nailed it, yet again: ..Gotta love the credibility of your back-up, SSTID.


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