Manly officials have been forced to address the club’s stance on the issue as the situation at Brookvale threatens to get out of control.

The club is in the headlines after their decision to don a jersey with rainbow features under the banner of diversity and inclusion resulted in seven players boycotting this week’s upcoming clash with the Roosters at 4 Pines Park.

Various reasons have been given for the boycott, from religious and cultural stances to the simple fact players weren’t consulted, but the players have found support from many corners of the NRL world, including Peter V’Landys.

Sea Eagles club owner Scott Penn has since broken his silence, stating adamantly that the club will not be walking away from their decision to wear the rainbow-themed jersey.

But Penn also went to lengths to state that he doesn’t want the seven players in question to be made into outcasts.

“It was totally an inclusivity and diversity jersey,” Penn told the Sydney Morning Herald.

“It was never just about pride. It was about saying we want everyone in the game, making them feel like they can get involved.

“We’re not going to force them to play, but we’re committed to the jersey and inclusion. We’re not walking away from our position and we respect their beliefs. spect their beliefs.

“It’s just disappointing we’re here. We don’t want these players to be outcasts, but as a club we celebrate and support everyone. We have only done this from a good-hearted point of view.”

Manly coach Des Hasler and captain Daly Cherry-Evans are expected to address the media on the issue and further developments later today.


  1. Some people have short memories. Don’t they remember Israel Folau being ready to sacrifice his career to follow his religious beliefs?

    Do sports administrators think that no-one cares any more, or is it simply that the administrators don’t care for what anyone else thinks ?

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