AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - APRIL 02: Kieran Foran of the Warriors reacts during the round five NRL match between the New Zealand Warriors and the Gold Coast Titans at Mt Smart Stadium on April 2, 2017 in Auckland, New Zealand. (Photo by Anthony Au-Yeung/Getty Images)

Warriors managing director Jim Doyle has denied that star five-eighth Kieran Foran has signed a deal with the Bulldogs for 2018.

In a wide-ranging interview on the Warriors website, Doyle discussed the ongoing speculation around player contracts, as well as the club’s recruitment.

The obvious main talking point though was the future of Kieran Foran. Doyle made it abundantly clear that as far as he and the club were concerned though, Foran had yet to make any decisions on where he will play next season.

“Kieran has not made a decision yet. He has not signed with the Bulldogs,” Doyle said.

“I got a text message from the Bulldog CEO after midnight last night saying despite what was on the back page of the newspaper we’ve got no agreement with Kieran, we’ve got no as no contract with Kieran Foran.”


“So he may go back to Sydney and he may still stay here.”


  1. Dogs signing Foran would be a masterstroke. Mbye to Hooker or fullback. Frawley to utility on bench or centre. Liccha gone. Hopoate gone.

    • 1) Abbey (gk)
      6) Reynolds/Mbye
      7) Foran
      9) Mbye/Reynolds
      17) Frawley

      This is a killer spine and Frawley can come off the bench to get some experience and provide some spark.

  2. holmsey – Doggeis have a good fullback when fully fit – Brett Morris came across to the Dogs from Dragons on big money, justified by the fact he was playing as fullback and not as a Winger. I agree with peter18 that the writing in on the wall for Liccha and Hopoate – especially as they have been playing Mbye as Hooker to good effect recently (and I only found out today in the paper that he has had plenty of experience playing in the 9 jersey early in his career).

      • It depends on the game plan as to whether a team needs an extra playmaker at fullback. With the Bulldogs forwards playing how they do, they do not need a ball playing fullback.

    • Good luck in getting the spine you mention and I know no money has been mentioned but how does releasing Lichaa 330k and Hoppa 180k get you Foran and Woods? Numbers don’t add up

  3. Would you believe anything that Foran says, seriously?
    “My future is at Manly”
    “I’m committed to Parra and helping them to a premiership”
    “I see my future with the Warriors”
    “I want be with my kids in Sydney. Melbourne storm is in Sydney isn’t it?”

  4. They can’t sign Woods & Foran and only let Hopoate & Lichaa go. They will need to shed a few others, to fit them in.

    • Yes they can it’s the nrl. Where the stronger teams are priority and get stronger and where the weak team become weaker. How do you think the nrl make money off the good clubs. Roosters get better players due to the fact they have a large supporter base. Broncos get better players due to a large supporter base. Bulldogs get better player due to large supporter base. Eels and Panthers get better players due to wanting to grow the game out west, just how the nrl works.

      • Hahahaha… good one holmsey….. What “better” players have Eels, or Panthers for that matter signed as a result of the NRL wanting to grow the game out west? Please educate us all.

        Broncos, Bulldogs and Roosters get good players due to the TPA system, that system is unfair, and makes a mockery of the salry cap, but it has nothing to do with the NRL allowing them to sign players due to their supporter base or any other covert reason. And other than Kieran Foran the Eels have not had a true marquee signing in recent history, the Panthers have had no true marquee signings in recent history.

        • It’s not a jab at eels or Panthers mate love watching them ply to be honest a lot better than watching boring in bronx and roosters. But both these continue to buy players, continue. The panthers and eels nsw cup sides are stacked just look at them. No other clubs have that kind of depth. Not even the TPA sides. The nrl wants both these team to do well it blatantly obvious.

        • Have you seen where the Eels NSW cup side is sitting on the ladder? Hardly dripping with talent. As for the Panthers, as much as I hate defending them, they have a stack of local juniors in first grade and reserve grade. Every team buys players mate, there is no conspiracy here.

      • The roosters have a large supporter base? really? You wouldn’t know it by attendances at games. Maybe you mean they have the richest supporter base. The NRL don’t actually make money off the clubs, they distribute the earnings of the game as a whole to all clubs equally in the form of annual grants. They also prop up some of the financially struggling clubs in the way of loans. The one factor, as eels47 says, is the blight of tpa’s which provide the opportunity for the richer clubs to attract more/better players. There’s always a cycle of clubs buying players, as much as I dislike them, the bulldogs haven’t really been in the market for a few years in a big way, nor the rorters. This year the player market is more pronounced due to a lot player agents negotiating contracts to expire this year to cash in on new TV deal. There’s a lot more to come on the merry go round this season, this is just the start

  5. Dogs should move on Hopoate, lichaa , mybe maybe even Eastwood then maybe go after Gordon from roosters he will b cheap then Frawley and Foran in halves and Reynolds at hooker

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