GOSFORD, AUSTRALIA - MAY 02: Reece Walsh of the Warriors during the round eight NRL match between the New Zealand Warriors and the North Queensland Cowboys at Central Coast Stadium, on May 02, 2021, in Gosford, Australia. (Photo by Ashley Feder/Getty Images)

New Zealand Warriors star fullback Reece Walsh is reportedly set to be mentored by "The Raging Bull" Gordon Tallis.

According to The Australian's Brent Read, the Warriors have sought out the former Queensland legend to work with Walsh.

It comes after Walsh was last week arrested for failing to abide by a police move on order, before a further search found he was allegedly in possession of drugs. He has since been charged by Queensland police for possession of cocaine.

While Walsh will face court and is yet to be penalised in any form by the NRL, the Warriors have taken a step forward in engaging Tallis, who is known for his strong hatred of any form of drugs.

“The Warriors have reached out to Gorden Tallis to become a mentor to Reece Walsh,” Read told Triple M Radio.

“To sit down with him and talk with him and help him through this difficult period in his life.

“I spoke to Gordy and he has taken up the offer. So he will sit down with Reece Walsh at some point in the coming weeks just to speak to him about what he has been through and why he has made the wrong decision and how he can surround himself with the right people moving forward.”

Walsh was remorseful for his actions when facing the media following the incident.

The youngster was a mid-season pick up for the Warriors after being part of the Brisbane Broncos development squad.

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