AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - AUGUST 27: Shaun Johnson of the Warriors looks on during the round 25 NRL match between the New Zealand Warriors and the Manly Sea Eagles at Mt Smart Stadium on August 27, 2017 in Auckland, New Zealand. (Photo by Anthony Au-Yeung/Getty Images)

New Zealand Warriors halfback Shaun Johnson currently doesn’t have a contract in front of him for beyond the 2019 season, which could mean his next season in NZ could be his last.

Johnson addressed recent speculation on his official Facebook page on Monday, and suggested he’s currently looking around and surveying the open market for a deal that begins in 2020.

The 28-year-old released the following statement on his Facebook page:

Afternoon team!

After reading through a few of your comments on my last post I thought its best I clear a couple things up regarding my situation at this stage with the Warriors.

Prefer it come from my mouth so nothing can be twisted and portrayed differently.

Firstly there is no contract for me to sign past 2019.

Secondly if you saw the article that came out a few weeks back..In a round about way they said they are in no rush to re sign me. Since then they have told me again at this stage they wont be offering me anything.

That means I get to spread my wings and see what’s out there so right now that’s what I’m doing!

All of you know how much the warriors mean to me and how grateful I am for the opportunity they have given me to live my dreams and play the sport I love!

Hope that clears up any confusion..tell ya friends so i stop getting asked the same questionsย ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ˜‚

No hate, all love as alwaysย โœŒ

Will keep you posted with what happens next..


  1. Although SJ can be a devastating player in attack I believe he is too inconsistent and IMO Green and Lino make a much better halves combination. SJ might have killed it at FB with RTS tipped to go to union. Now we’ll never know.

    • Lino is gone to the Knights already. So not sure what options they have, maybe Te Maire might go home if Cowboys play Clifford and Morgo in the halves, however, that’s just speculation.

      • “Lino is gone to the Knights already”

        Cheers. Thanks for the heads up. That could have been embarrassing. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

        Clearly I missed that one. Big mistake from the Warriors letting the kid go and big pickup for the Knights if they are prepared to give him a go as their half and play Pearce at 5/8 with Ponga staying at FB.

        I rate the kid and think he will improve if given the opportunity and support.

        Well the Warriors look stuffed then. No Lino and no SJ after 2019. I hope they have a plan. Green and Lino looked a solid combination to me. Too bad.

    • He needs to move to a better club, no one in the Warriors is consistent, they are the most frustrating team in the comp, too lazy to realise their potential. Imagine what Bellamy could do with him. I’d love him at the dragons.

    • Just the other day you said Pearce would be coming home to the Roosters. Now it’s buy Johnson. How many halfbacks do you think they’re going to buy?
      It makes sense though buying Johnson. It goes with the Roosters development plan I mentioned . See a good player from another club & buy them.

  2. Warriors are making a mistake imo. Getting rid of your best player in his prime is not a clever move at all.

    • I think SJ would have had a bigger impact at FB without the pressure of leading the team and organising the attack. Then he attack out wide on either side of the field againstvan isolated defender. He would clean up.

      • To quote Corey Norman “Yeah, Nah” on SJ to fullback. Sure, in attack, with room to move, he would potentially be great. But the one on one defending of the tryline would be a concern for me. Not all creative players can naturally move around the “spine”.

        • As I said earlier eels47…

          Reg Reagan November 27, 2018 at 8:43 am
          SJ would definitely be better value as a running 5/8 than organising half playing a second receiver role on both sides of the ruck. I also think he could have a big impact at FB but not defensively…

          My first choice was for SJ to play as a running 5/8 and I identified that he would be a liability in defence at FB. So whether the boost to the attack would be worth the cost as a liability as the last line of defence is something each side would have to weigh up. Just like Barba at the Bulldogs, Milford at the Raiders and Bowen at the Cowboys it is a cost-benefit analysis, right “Ned”?

          So it seems we still have a consensus on this โ€œMother Superiorโ€ ๐Ÿ‘ฐ

        • Saw that after I posted and chose to ignore it as I didn’t want to accept another agreement.

          Enough with the Mother Superior stuff mate.

  3. A complete opinion based comment
    But do you think the warriors could be checking his market value? I canโ€™t believe that theyโ€™d let him go, I donโ€™t believe there is any half in the comp that wants to play for the warriors than SJ.

    • That’s a dangerous gamble if true. If the Warriors have let SJ truly believe that he isn’t wanted in the hope that he will only receive low-ball offers and then they will trump that at the 11th hour and still come out in front. It could back fire big time if they truly intend to keep him.

      I’m surprised they let Mason Lino go as well while all this was playing out. I think the kid is the goods.

  4. As a Warriors supporter I can understand why they finally took this stance and I do kinda like it. Shaun is hot and cold and not worth $1 mil1 for 10 great games, 10 rubbish games and a lot of average in between.
    What I donโ€™t like is that they have throw away all our young promising halves away because we committed to Shaun. Players such as Tui Lolohea, Ata Hingaro and now Mason Lino. Yes granted we do have Chanel Harris-Tevita but I donโ€™t rate him as much as some. I loved how loyal Mason was to the club and how interchangeable he was from first grade to reserve grade last year. I couldโ€™ve seen him easily becoming someone like a Peter Wallace or Jamie Soward in his prime. Now we are left with Blake Green who is getting old but performs week in week out as a quite organiser, Shaun who is being treated like heโ€™s no longer wanted and a rookie who isnโ€™t up to reserve grade let alone first grade.

    Iโ€™d like to see them continue bringing in young but good players and maybe a veteran or two..

    – Danny Levi swap for Karl Lawton (to eventually replace Issac Luke)
    – Joseph Manu (release Beale, Ayshford and another)
    – Shaun Fensom (release Sao)

    • SJ would definitely be better value as a running 5/8: than organising half playing a second receiver role on both sides of the ruck. I also think he could have a big impact at FB but not defensively a nnd Mbye is doing a good job and improving in the custodian role.

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