Could the acquisition of Latrell Mitchell be the biggest in Rabbitohs history?

Souths co-owner Russell Crowe believes so. The Holywood star hyped up the club’s marquee signing in an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald.

The fullback penned a one-year deal with the Souths on Monday reportedly worth $600,000 with the potential of it to increase to $800,000 if the second-year option is taken.

Mitchell met with Crowe last week at his North Coast farm to organise the new contract.

“A lot of Souths members and fans will agree: the signing of Latrell Mitchell may well turn out to be one of the most significant signings in the club’s history,” Crowe declared/

“He’s an enigmatic force on the field and a magnet for younger fans.

“Latrell Mitchell is an organic fit for our squad and our way of doing things. Where other people may choose to read negativity in his words, we read a joy, an honest confidence and a natural air of leadership.

“He comes to a stable club with the clearly defined leadership roles of CEO Blake Solly, GM of football Shane Richardson and head coach Wayne Bennett.

“I know that the stability and straightforward manner of how we do things at South Sydney has been a factor in his choice. To be able to bring him, at such a young age and have him build his career and play his most potent years at South Sydney is great for the club and our members.

“And it’s great for the game.”

So….Good call, bad call?


  1. Well, the first pictures of training are in and right now, Souths resoundingly win the “fattest fullback” competition.

  2. I reckon Mitchell has a propensity to weight gain which will accelerate as he gets older. With age and weight comes a big slowing down which will impact him badly.

  3. Latrell said yesterday he wants to find the love for the game again at Souths…pretty sad that at only 22yo he lost the love playing for the best club in the comp, having won grand finals etc… why did he lose the love for the game when he had everything going for him….and will he find it again @ Souths….I doubt it

  4. 2041 sure Easts are the best club in the comp atm, but that will change, Souths have always been respected as a club by the people , which obviously would be disputed by some on this site, hey brennan, but Souths have always had the most membership whether they are coming last or first this is why Latrell signed up, it’s the passion of the club and the fans that encourged him to sign, he said has much at the press conference, I believe he will go to another level.

    No paper bags here and what’s with that dope brennan going on about black bunny white bunny that is just how our away and home jersey’s are designed not like other clubs who change, at least we stay the same, always looking to put the boot in hey crower I mean brennan.

    How’s about we make this the last comments on Latrell and just see how it all pans out, i guess we all can’t wait for the comp to start, man January goes slow

  5. Mitchell was the best centre in the NRL in 2019 but i highly doubt he will be for much longer and that’s got nothing to do with Souths. So glad he knocked back the Tigers.

  6. Mitchell will be a flop. 100% guaranteed.

    He will continue to fade in and out of games and go MIA every 2nd week. He will feel as though he only needs to put in 50% effort cause he is only getting paid 50% of his self believed worth. No way will he play rep footy in 2020.

  7. OK Roosters supporters, lets get real. If you had the opportunity to take Mitchell back at whatever the bunnies are paying ($480k?? in 2020 or something like that) I am pretty sure everyone of you would say yes please, he’s great, wow what a bargain, he really understands our clubs values, blah blah blah. Instead you’re just bagging him like a scorned ex-partner. He’s never been skinny and has been a very good player for the Roosters for quite a while. I’m pretty sure he’s one of the quicker players going around, so like Inglis, his weight is probably not really going to be an issue. At 22 he’s a very good chance of taking Teddy’s crown as the best player in the comp over the next few years. In fact its Teddy you’ve got to worry about slowing down now as he’s 27. I reckon you will regret Mitchell leaving at some point.

  8. Butters, I get what you say about Teddy but with modern training methods, injury treatments and recovery protocols the modern 28-29 is like the old 24-25. Just think of Gasnier, he left Saints at 27 in the absolute peak of his career (and in my opinion was never quite the same again). It’s a bit scary to think the best may still be in front of Teddy.
    On Mitchell, he might be a bit like Inglis who carried a bit of weight at times but with a decent off season, well…….
    Anyway, good luck to the Bunnies, I’m very happy for them.

  9. Well said butters, nice summation of the whole deal.

    I don’t believe that Souths actually ever chased Mitchell, he just somehow fell into our lap which is great and i’ll take him, has i said , hope this is the end of this Mitchell thing, but, cannot see an end to our Easts Souths debate, for better words, on this site.

  10. Just looking at the roosters roster and lower grades to see if any up and coming indigenous talent coming through that no doubt will be dreaming of joining Souths one day.

  11. Hey Penso. The comments so far are genuine, humorous and tongue in cheek, except for that idiot BrennanLane. There is hope yet.

  12. During the press conference Dodgy Bennet said that when he was talking with Souths to become their coach (2018) , Richardson mentioned that Latrell would be coming over????

    So how is it that it was a last minute decision, bargain buy??
    Souths sombreros got their man at half his going rate Bahahahaha

    what a joke when Crowe can line someones pockets from his Swiss bank accounts and the NRL cant see through it

  13. Taking a leaf out of uncle Nick’s pocket, cricky Easts and Nick have been doing this since the early 70’s, try and deny it, you know you can’t, finally Souths got one back at Easts and you cretins can’t handle it, oh it’s ok when it goes Easts way, now we have an imposter as a fan who is to embrassed to admit he’s an Easts supporter, what a disgrace you are brennan, if your recent R Crower guy is consistant, your time should just about be up and start looking for another name to post under to go with the others you already have.

  14. Oh Really so where do i live then bennan? and whats that got to do with anything? bet you haven’t attented a Souths game either unless against Easts

  15. Does anyone out there still believe in Santa Claus, reincarnation or the salary cap?

    Please NRL, let’s just go back to the days of a totally free market and the survival of the fittest and forget this farce.

  16. Skipping through some sombrero wombat posts on here the common theme is the hope Latrell fails at Souths.
    Dear wombats, you might be right (not) but thats a few months away and right now how about dealing with the embarrassment and humiliation Latrell has dished out to you and your sleazy boss at the stain Eaffs rednecks.
    Many things were confirmed with Latrells homecoming and where does one end with this.
    His desire to to fulfil his lifelong dream to play with his beloved Souths?
    Wanting to enjoy playing footy again?
    His desire to play under Wayne Bennett?
    His passion to represent his indigenous culture at a club that prides itself on this above all others?
    His desire to play in front of more than 200 home fans in the crowd?
    His desire to detach himself from a toxic redneck culture?
    To link up with his idol Greg Inglis?
    Does anyone think the above might see Latrell Mitchell go to a level not seen yet and make him one of the all time greats.
    Well my tip is it will not to mention many more reasons that can easily be listed.

  17. TheMole52 January 15, 2020 at 7:31 am
    “During the press conference Dodgy Bennet said that when he was talking with Souths to become their coach (2018) , Richardson mentioned that Latrell would be coming over????
    So how is it that it was a last minute decision, bargain buy??”

    You still haven’t caught on yet have you?
    Lots of fun leading you and your wombat mates astray through fake media news.
    Its ok , you are a novice on here and you’ll pick up quickly if you follow the right posters.
    Here’s a hint;
    “Latrell Mitchell will be coming to Souths 100%” (TwentyOne posted 18th Dec 2019)

  18. I agree with those who see Latrell as serving up clusters of indifferent performances

    The thing is – you can afford one of your centres to go dormant in a game. Not so much with your fullback.

    I see Wayne denying him the fullback if he does that, though.

    I also disagree with the idea that the comments on here are particularly inaccurate or “what is wrong” with this site. Latrell is overweight, particularly for fullback. He is a player who loses focus and goes missing. He is a player who lost interest in being in the best team in the comp as well as being a state of origin player. These are not inaccurate statements. It is up to Latrell to prove the doubters wrong.

  19. Wayne, the difference now is he will be playing with heart.
    Achieving all he has just on pure talent is one thing and throw in a new fealt desire this kid has the potential to be another Inglis.
    Time will tell.

  20. Seriously 21, does that video LOOK like LM wasn’t playing with ❤️ at the back2back premiers???

  21. Some “home-grown” Rabbitohs…..

    Brandon Burns- Coonamble
    Campbell Graham-Easts Jnr
    Damien Cook- St George Jnr
    Thomas Burgess-England
    George Burgess-England
    Sam Burgess-England
    Liam Knight-Manly Jnr
    James Roberts-Kempsey
    Latrell Mitchell- Taree
    Dane Gagai-Mackay
    Adam Doueihi-Tigers Jnr
    Corey Allan- Logan QLD
    Bryson Goodwin-Sharks Jnr
    Mark Nicholls-Wagga Wagga
    Ethan Lowe-Goondiwindi QLD
    Tevita Tatola- Ex Tigers
    CJ Mundine- St George Jnr
    Jayden SuA-Logan QLD
    Bayley Sironen-Tigers Jnr
    Jack Johns- Knights Jnr

    …..That’s like most of soufs 1st grade squad isn’t it??? OUCH!

  22. The Great Northern Rooster
    January 15, 2020 at 7:22 pm
    “Some “home-grown” Rabbitohs”
    Correction. James Roberts Souths
    Campbell Graham
    Cameron Murray
    Alex Johnston
    Adam Reynolds
    All Souths grass roots juniors.

    No rep Radley. 1. OUCH!

  23. The Great White Northern Redneck
    A novice to ZT.
    Hang around you’ll end up like your other clueless wombats.

  24. Good to see Ponga has sacked rooster agent Rushton after he saw how he tried to scam Latrell into resigning with the sleazy roosters.

  25. Yes 21, the truth hurts doesn’t it?
    Souths are no different to any of the other 15 teams…Crowe and Holmes a Court made sure of that when they BOUGHT the club out…….SOULESS, BOUGHT-NOT BRED.
    On a brighter note – news from Rooster Nation, I have it on VERY good authority (from someone high up in officialdom), that following the retirement of BMoz and Ryan Hall at season’s end, there WILL be a Fox in the Chookhouse come 2021 😁

  26. 21- James roberts from kempsey….wouldn’t want to walk from Kempsey to deadfern!
    Campbell Graham’s jnr club – Coogee wombats ….yeah one of the few Easts jnr clubs soufs didn’t steal.
    So you’re wrong Jana, wrong
    What was that??? – 20 of last year’s top 25 were NOT soufs juniors – OUCH town, population you bro

  27. It won’t take teams long to work ‘Fat Lats’ over at fullback, as he only puts in 20mins at best.
    Easts covered him in defence on many occasion constantly making poor reads.
    He is not a fullback in a team that’s soft up the middle with turnstile defensive forwards.
    Souffs are cheering but remember, Easts didn’t fight for him…. does anyone wonder why?

  28. Chookstir, I am still wondering WHY Latrell teared up when Easts pulled their offer last November. Obviously, it was Easts that did the dumping, not Latrell….and yes, WHY is the pertinent question!
    Anyhow, it is what it is….it’s a new year and i can’t wait for us to play soufs in round 3 and smash em. 😁😁😁

  29. The Great White Trash Northern Redneck January 16, 2020 at 9:31 am
    “Chookstain, I am still wondering WHY Latrell teared up when Easts pulled their offer last November.”
    Were actually tears of joy knowing was the last time he had to walk into the pokie gambling dump.
    If your not sure why, take another look at Lattrell’s press conference on his homecoming .
    BTW TGWTN Redneck, Coogee Wombats are a Souths Juniors club.
    James Roberts was a La Perouse junior.
    The cap sombreros no longer have nor care about grass roots junior development programs.

  30. Souths memberships are tipped to hit 35000+ before R1 with the “homecoming of Latrell” (quoted by Latrell’s father).
    I have it on good authority the sombreros phone lines are clogged with fans wanting to cancel their memberships and demanding their $40 refunds after the underhanded treatment of Latrell during the transfer process.

  31. The Great White Trash Northern Redneck January 16, 2020 at 9:31 am
    “Chookstain, Obviously, it was Easts that did the dumping, not Latrell…”
    Yes, thats why Politis sent Mr Potato Head and Bad Fibber to Taree 2 weeks ago in a last ditch suck up to get Latrell to stay with the rednecks but all they came back with was their tales between their legs and pizza stains all over them.

  32. “The Great White Trash Northern Redneck “
    That’s not very nice, or intelligent 21. Are you the stereotypical commentor on this site? If so…that’s majorley racist is it not?
    Wanna know why I’m an Easts supporter?…because on attending the 1975 gf I saw the greatest Rooster (and brother), ever to play the game – Artie Beetson, carve up a star studded saints side 38 zip. You shouldn’t assume someone’s background buddy if you don’t know who they are.
    Go Easts in 2020 😁

  33. The Great White Trash Northern Redneck , nothing racist about that but suit yourself if it gives you comfort.
    Its more an observation of the culture your club as viewed as by many.
    Don’t really care why you are one of the few Eaffs supporters, given the lack of credibility your club has, thats your problem.
    Regarding Fox, wont go near your mob after the treatment of Latrell, bank on that one.

  34. TwentyOne January 16, 2020 at 10:26 am
    “Souffs memberships are tipped to hit 35000+ before R1 “

    Not surprised, offering half price memberships, for pets and toddlers that will get the numbers up, for $26. For that you get a stupid hat and a plastic cup (to put your teeth to bed at night, I guess)..
    SHADOW err 21, same person, Easts had sacked him… he cried, said sorry, wanted back, Chooks wisely said NO… he became a NRL orphan (Souffs have plenty of those wandering around).. Souffs, who have bought a third of their roster, so far, will suffer with FatLatts, (member the silent choir) sure, he won’t always be fat but, laziness is incurable.

  35. Chookstir, by my reckoning soufs have BOUGHT 2/3 of their 1st grade squad….Souf Sideney….BOUGHT not BRED…..but still chokers 😁

  36. I appreciate the sombreros respecting my request in an email to remove the poster photo of Latrell near the entrance to their pokie club in Spring St.
    Never belonged there in the first place.

  37. . South Sydney Rabbitohs stopped taking money from the pokies in Souths Leagues, instead taking it from those in Jamie Packer’s Star City casino.
    Money to attempt to BUY a premiership…
    ….and yet they STILL choke, year after year.
    Soft forwards will get smashed by every other team this year….even if they get special treatment from the NRL and get Arrow a year early.

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