The way the Sydney Roosters manage their salary cap has left the other 15 clubs and their fans often scratching their heads wondering how the Bondi club can fit so much talent in their squad playing by the same rules as everyone else.

With Cooper Cronk and James Tedesco on board for 2018 and young gun Angus Crichton signing on for a reportedly big money deal in 2019, the questions keep getting asked.

Well,Β Roosters chairman Nick Politis has explained how the club manages to do it and it’s quite simple really.

They are just better at it.

“We plan five years ahead with our recruitment,” Politis said in an interview with Fairfax Media.

“We run our salary cap better than most clubs. We don’t back-end contracts, we don’t put in ratchet clauses that stymie some clubs. We don’t have many third-party agreements. We make some hard calls. We don’t always get it right but we correct them quickly.

“The bottom line is there are 10 to 12 players we let go in the last 12 months, and one very expensive one was Pearcey, who covers Cronk. We also had $600,000 left from 2016.”

When that figure is added to the substantial bump in the salary cap for 2018, Politis wonders why other clubs aren’t flush with cash to spend.

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“The salary cap went up by $2 million β€” you don’t have to be Einstein to work it out,” he said.

“Every club should have spare cash. It was a fair increase. I don’t understand how some clubs don’t have enough left.”


  1. As much as we all say the Roosters cheat the cap they dont, what they do is take advantage of the ridiculous currrent set up of the TPA system. The current TPA system is aimed to strengthen the rich and weaken the poor. Its basically the more connections you have and more acess to money the more money you will have. Roosters, Storm, Broncos would all be way over the cap if it wasnt for the TPA system. Want a good example of how ridiculous this system is couple of years ago Broncos sold out a solid centre for a superstar centre in James Roberts and instead of having to pay up they had saved almost 300k on the cap due to a TPA. This system is a plague on our game and so is Greenburg. As much as I hate saying this word Greenburg is a c***!, his stupidity is beyond beleif. This year two things he has said really worry me where the game is headed. Firstly he will keep the TPA system which if you want a fair comp instead of 3 teams with the whole australia, QLD and NSW sides is not the way to go, he sees nothing wrong with it while all the fans can, the people that he should care for if he wants more money. He also has commited to ruining suburban rugby league with the new bigger stadiums no one wanted especially the fans who dont even show up for the current stadium sizes. Hes actually stupid if he thinks bigger stadiums are the key to getting fans through the gates, He needs to go or rugby league will die because his attitude toward the game is all about the money $$$$!πŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ

    Its good to be back😎😁

    • wb holmesy but I note its a new moniker πŸ˜‰
      one thing politis said which I don’t think you picked up on or just missed , was that “We don’t have many third-party agreements”.
      now that statement counters everything that is the general consensus in NRL land .
      So if they don’t have many TPA’s how do they get it done?
      It opens up far too many questions with that statement?
      Maybe they are not 3rd party deals, maybe a rooster dollar is worth 2 dollars everywhere – maybe they are trading in bitcoin or there salary cap is GBP9.4m not AUD9.4m – how else could they do it?

      • Bitcoin, good one billy. They should change their jersey sponsor to bitcoin and the clubs emblem from the Roosters to the capuchins (monkeys) because of all the “monkey business” that goes on over at Bondi Junction. πŸ˜‚

        About holmsey, do you think it is really him? Didn’t he say someone had hijacked his account? Is that REALLY you holmsey? πŸ˜‰

      • aren’t the 3 wise monkeys over there?
        is it holmesy? I will wait for a seagles story and then make judgment πŸ˜‰

  2. Straight away you don’t have to be Einstein to know he is a lier. It’s publicly known Angus Crichton has been signed to a 3 year $2.7 million contract starting in 2019. If my maths are correct that should be 900k per year. But it has also been reported that on the final year on his contract he will earn $1 million meaning they do back-end contracts which Mr Nick Politis said they don’t. That’s just simple FACT

  3. ahhhhh please mr city ford ahhhh they arnt called the roosters they are called the roters if the B…..t i just red isnt im a monkeys uncle they should be orited now mr greenberg period , they are cheating the cap if manly are salary cp cheats my lighting struck nick polites my doing it some how UNDER HIS TABLE HE IS GOOD @ DOING BUT I HOPE THE ROOSTERS GET CAUGHT CRONK 2MIL A SEASON, CRITDENON GOD KNOW WHAT HE SIGNED FOR

      • Enough said. The guy is a d!ckhe@d, never allows any comments criticising roosters or cronulla, but love to dish it out. Just for the fun of it I’ve called him out and told what a biased jerk he was, he would have at least had to read my message before he could not publish it.

      • Yes mate I am aware that all stories are lifted off other sources but I was talking about the timing of releasing this story considering the emotion charged forums about the Roosters rorting the cap and the battery chickens all lined up clucking their disapproval. Thanks though billy shining a light on Andrew Webster’s true allegiances. I will keep that in mind for the future.

  4. Those condescending statements should be enough for them to be audited, so we know ‘how much better’ they manage their sombrero.

  5. Rumours going around that Crichton could be in the Roosters colours a year early, Rabbits just trying to find a handy replacement to let him go. Also I heard the Bronx are in talks with McGillvary, as him and Bennett are very close. I’m sure signing him would have something to do with Oates wanting to move into the forward pack next year.

      • Yes, 1 premiership title in 17 years. SO much to be jealous of. Do you even remember the Broncos premiership title back in 2006? Were you in school then?

        Let’s look at the first 30 years of both the Rabbitohs and the Broncos:

        after 30 years – 11 premiership, 8 x Runners-Up, 9 x Minor Premiers

        after 30 years – 5 premierships, 1 x Runners-Up, 3 x Minor Premiers

        Who’s jealous now?

      • In case you were curious chooks fans, 30 years in from the start of RL in Australia and the Roosters were already in South Sydney’s shadow!

        after 30 years – 11 premiership, 8 x Runners-Up, 9 x Minor Premiers

        after 30 years – 7 premierships in 30 years, 6 x Runners-Up, 8 x Minor Premiers

  6. What a load of nonsense.
    Here’s a reality check. Every club has to let 12 players go a year. Every club has to give their juniors bigger contracts than the last. You can say “yeah we signed $3.5 million worth of players, but let $2 million go and we can do that cause we’re awesome at managing the cap” but they’ve completely left out the consideration for nuances that players contracts go up with their experience.
    The media’s reporting of the sums and balances all attempt to justify this massive imbalance but ignore these key points.
    It leads me to conclude the media reporting on this issue is massively naive, or willfully evading the facts. In my eyes the media is losing credibility fast by not jumping all over this.

  7. …and if the Roosters don’t do ratchet clauses, then I guess every one of their players is officially underpaid each time the salary cap goes up.

  8. Here’ a solution, although it doesn’t fix the sombrero cap situation, let Angus go now in a swap for Latrell Mitchell. Souths have enough young developing forwards to do the job.

      • Hi pedro. I just don’t want a player in my club who doesn’t want to be there. If he wanted to be there he would have signed with Souths. Crichton has more chance of playing SOO than Mitchell (thus could miss approx. three club games and any injuries) so he would not be available for the full year. Injuries could happen to anyone not just those involved in SOO. I would let him go now, and I’m not being vindictive.

        Good luck to the Dragons in 2018.

    • Latrell Mitchell AND Boyd Cordner chalky and Friend to sign with the Knights. That should help to make the Roosters salary cap compliant. Well it’s a start. πŸ˜‰

      • Why do you avoid responding to comments that prove your one sided BS wrong?

        It makes your already questionable opinions lose what ever credibility they had left.

        If you have trouble remembering, go back to your comments in the Roosters season review.

        • Prove that I AM wrong? Post a link that details the salary cap for the Roosters 2013 – 2015 and for 2018 – 2019. Matt Johns and a senior administrative official from an unidentified club went over the Roosters roster and found they were conservatively $4.5 mill over. IF there was definitive proof then the Roosters would already have been busted but Nick Politis and members of the Roosters board have extensive influence within the NRL organisation. They have had this for years. That fact is well known and undisputed. If you can’t join the dots go back to kindergarten and try to look passed the Roosters propaganda.

          eelsalmighty has already tried to prove your case for you but it still comes up short given that neither Friend or Cordner have re-signed and the Roosters are still 9 (tier 1) first grade players short of their 30 man squad. Funny though that I am the only one you are chasing when almost ALL supporters of other clubs on ZT are calling the Roosters cheats as well. My list of “groupies” is growing MW47. It may soon rival yours! πŸ˜‰

        • Firstly, I’ll state that I’m not saying the Roosters are under the salary cap, just that with some “back of the envelope” calcs that could be, assuming they use a number of juniors to make up the 30.

          So back to those calcs. SSTID you should probably re read that post because it wasn’t 9 FG players short, they were accounted for, albeit at min. salary, and that left somewhere up to a $1 mil for the upgrades, after filling those 9 spots.

          But better yet, the NRL approve every player contract so they see the actual numbers, and none of us have/can, and they know the total of the registered players comes in at/under the salary cap.

          If people want to argue the Roosters, or any other club for that matter, are paying under fair value for players, because of TPA’s, or because of paper bags on the side, or that the TPA’s aren’t actually TPA’s etc, that’s a whole different issue/s.

  9. I’m no fan of the fosters but some of you hater sound like school children constantly bickering over other teams salary caps, grow up.

      • Andrew Gee it that you, were are you hiding. Well the kings of the TPA rort would of course side with the rorters. Too bad parra weren’t as good at cheating as the broncs, total amateurs, but did nothing different to the top tier shonky clubs.

        TPA’s are a blight and the NRL are a total joke.

        • They can’t run their salary cap better than everyone else – because they haven’t got one.
          And as for not having many TPAs – “MAN, YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS!” (with apologies to Johnny Mac).

        • Totally agree daffy/38er. By the way boys have any chickens been pecking around asking you to post PROOF of your accusations? I was wondering if you had any spare “links” I could borrow. All the pests that keep bothering me are each “the weakest link” and the chain I am trying to make to lock their chookpen keeps breaking. Bahahahahahahahahahahaha

        • it’s ok daffy, i’d be upset too if i supported a pathetic club like st merge, you poor bugger.

    • Coming from a broncos supporter who also has an unlimited cap. As fans we just want a fair playing field, Roosters, Broncos and Storm are examples of how unfair the playing field currently is and the NRL front office does nothing to fix these major flaws in the game.

      • Mate, look at the Broncos roster. Apart from about 8 players, the rest would be on small contracts. 50k to 250k.
        Meanwhile on TPAs… I’m all for players earning as much as they can while they can, but what do they get paid for. I live in country QLD so I don’t get Metro ads but apart from Cronk, Slater and Smith I don’t think I’ve seen anyone else advertising a product. How do they work in that regards?

  10. Wow. I thought roosters were maxing out their TPAs.
    For Politis to claim they don’t have many TPAs makes it a lot more incredible that they fit that roster under the cap.
    Welcome back Holmsey.

  11. The Roosters can buy all the player they want to try and win a premiership .. but my cards say they will not win one within 4 years let’s see if I am right and I Usually am.. Roosters theme song ( Money for nothing )…

    • penso, the 2013 premiership doesn’t count in any case as the Roosters were clearly over the cap but Politis made a substantial withdrawal from his “600 million enough said” account so that the NRL would look the other way. Just like the Storm premierships that were stripped this one will too in time.

  12. Hmmmm, perhaps Mr Bouris helps them run they’re salary cap better…
    Last year at his YBR company AGM, Mr B was apparently “facing questions over related third-party payments to entities linked to the Bouris family”

    I wonder if any of those third party payments to entities linked to the Bouris family were certain NRL players that just happen to be contracted to the Roosters, on whose board Mr B serves?

    Over to you NRL…

  13. I wonder if someone from Zero Tackle is keeping a record of all the new profiles that are signing up all of a sudden, posting tr0lling comments and then disappearing. Is there are membership sale going on? And are there any privileges?

      • I’m a member and I am still waiting for the ZT AGM so I can voice my opinions. So do I get a vote or not? I haven’t received an invite as yet, how about you eels47? One might have come in the mail while you were off stargazing with the other two wise men.

  14. Love Nick!!!Bout Roosters being rorts???been following the game regularly since 2010…never seen any reports of being over their cap… But mostly dumb players doing stupid s***…& getting the flick…helped a few too…But since 2014…PEARCE just wasn’t good enough for us… #FINALS even w/ Maloney…#2015 #2016 and so on…he had to go…even @ his best… CRONK moved to Sydney…he is one of the BEST in the game… State or country… & I’m true BLUE… but if he can get us another chance @ going to the GF while he’s signed…Cheers Nick!!!

    • WHAT are YOUR facts then? Set us all straight genius. If there were greater transparency and the public had access to the breakdown of each clubs salary cap and player TPA’s there would be no need to second guess the system. So WHY all the secrecy unless someone is benefiting from the smoke and mirrors?

  15. At the risk of being too simplistic, because it’s a post, and because I have zero influence on NRL decisions, but what if we thought outside of the square, for example:

    We, the NRL, creates a player contract window, being a specific couple of months every year, where clubs can bid for players off contract (for the next season). The bids from the clubs have to be honoured if accepted by the player/s, and through these bids a “fair value” or “mean value” etc is established. From there we can add some other variables, such as a discount to that valuation based on where the player is now, where he played juniors, his preferred location etc, but using that data ,and filtering it, we establish a “fair value range”, with a min salary that differs somewhat between clubs (allowing for / compensating clubs for their input into that players development etc). With these stats we (the NRL) can determine a fair min value for that player, and at differing clubs, and use that number as the min, re registering that players contract. In other words if that player agrees to a 200k p.a deal, but their min price is $400k, they can take the $200k deal if they want, but that contract would be registered at $400k against the cap.

    This is incredibly simplistic, so not designed to be the solution as such, but merely a thought process to consider.

      • I’m not sure, but I thought is was an actual “draft” system back then.

        Anyway, where I was coming from is a combination of:

        A. We can’t do away with TPA’s altogether. The players won’t buy it, and some of them are fair and legitimate ways for players to earn dollars. I don’t have a problem with that, and let’s face it, the NRL has to be competitive with other sports.

        B. Some TPA’s aren’t TPA’s. Personally I’d guess most aren’t genuine TPA’s, but that’s just a guess. Anyway, I can’t see how you could cap them, because if they are genuine TPA’s no club should have ten right to veto them. For example, if you tried to cap them, and a club is at / near the max and a player is offered an opportunity, how would that work? And I know the NRL has no chance of genuinely policing TPA’s, so,it’s highly ineffective as is.

        C. I hate this “I can sign in 2017 for the 2019 season” nonsense. It’s just ridiculous.

        D. We need a “fair way” of determining a “fair market value”, and allowing clubs to make offers to the players in an open market, before a player signs, could go a very long way to addressing this.

        E. We need to encourage / reward clubs better for bringing players through to FG, and for player loyalty.

        F. If the system / process can be defined, and agreed to by all parties, it can be enforced, and as long as it was legal in the first place, avoid potential legal action by players / clubs, which is in part why the NRL gets spooked when it comes to taking a strong stance.

        Bottomline, I don’t have all the answers, and maybe I don’t have any, but I know the NRL needs to address these issues ASAP.

        • Some good points there mighty. I am especially in agreement with points C, D and E. I am also in full agreement with the final clause of your last sentence. Now if we could just draft an additional clause to prevent trades occuring during the Christmas period we can call it the “Santa Clause”. πŸŽ… πŸ˜‚

  16. MISSING: one Christmas piΓ±ata. Brittle outer cover and soft like a marshmallow on the inside. Can repeat conversations verbatim but has no original ideas of their own. Answers to the name of Hardy Har Har. If found please return to ZT. No reward is offered but it will be a LONG “silly season” without a stress ball to relieve the tension!

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