SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - MAY 08: Corey Norman laughs as he warms-ups during a Parramatta Eels NRL training session at the Old Saleyards Reserve on May 8, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

Corey Norman is set to join the Dragons on a three-year deal after agreeing to a contract settlement with the Eels.

A dispute over his release terms was delaying the move, but Norman and the Eels have since come to an agreement.

Norman will accept a $250,000 payout from the Eels and will have the Dragons pay $500,000 of his salary next year.

Norman will be unveiled shortly by the Dragons, while the move is set to allow Parramatta to enter the market where they are linked with Robert Jennings.


  1. Still need a winger dragons, and you’ve basically told Dufty to nick off a few weeks after you said he was safe. Everybody knows Widdop to fb and Hunt and Norman are the halves. Dufty is way too small to be a winger, just be a turnstile in defense and outjumped at every bomb.

    • Agreed, we’re a bit short in the outside backs. I’d play Lomax and Lafai and the centres and Aitken plus Dufty/Pereira on the wings if Widdop is to be FB. That said, I thought Lafai was pretty ordinary this year.

  2. Condolences to the Drags on getting Norman.
    Woohoo to us getting rid of dozy.
    A hunt/Norman halves pairing is a scary thought and not in a good way. Lol

    • In the highs they will put 50+ on, but in the lows they will struggle to score.
      Hunt and Norman should click pretty quick, and Widdop adds more attack at FB

    • Yeah and at the same time Kev, we’ll be playing finals footy and short of a god inspired miracle the eels won’t.

  3. Dragons are done for, all 3 playmakers are confidence players, poor effort if they all go into lull together like hunt and Widdop in 2018.

    • Think your being a little harsh on Widdop going into a lull this year, after all he was out injured for a number of weeks which really affected the Dragons chances. Not too sure about a Hunt/Norman combo though as I don’t believe either of them are organisers. I see they may be a bit like my Broncs with Milf and Nico, both ball runners and not organisers which is a bit of a problem. Anyway good luck to the Dragons with Norman, hope he has settled a bit after some of the issues he had at the Eels.

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