BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 16: Richie Kennar of the Rabbitohs scores a try during the round 23 NRL match between the Brisbane Broncos and the South Sydney Rabbitohs at Suncorp Stadium on August 16, 2018 in Brisbane, Australia. (Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images)

Former Souths winger Richie Kennar is set to abandon his Mormon mission to re-up with Anthony Seibold at the Brisbane Broncos, according to a report by Nine.

The 24-year old departed the Rabbioths at the end of last season to follow his faith overseas, but has reportedly changed his mind and is keen to play at Red Hill.

Kennar developed a close bond with Seibold during their time at South Sydney in a season where the utility scored seven tries from eight matches.

It is understood that the Samoan will begin the season for Brisane’s Queensland Cup affiliate Wynnum Manly Seagull and provide the Broncos’ squad with solid depth.

Kennar began his NRL career at the Melbourne Storm before crossing to the Rabbitohs last season and has played a total of 17 first-grade games.


  1. Good solid player, Seibold not stupid , he can see the potential, Souths obviously thought he was committed to his mormon mission, but still he would have struggled to get into our team i believe, hope he goes well.

    • 💪👴👉😆😂😁🤣👴😆😂there leaving Soufffths in droves, wasn’t much of a player couldn’t crack first grade with Canterbury in 2017 and played 8 games for Souffths last season. A team that has poor wingers when it comes to defence. I think he has two chances of making Brisbane Ponies brilliant backline next season Buckley’s and None2️⃣

      • That is RUBBISH!

        The facts are Kennar was too-ing and throwing whether to stay or go.

        In May he decided to go on the mission…
        In August the Mission was rep[orted to be cancelled so Kennar asked Richo if he could stay!
        His contract was officially de-registered.

        At the Red and Green Bal,l it was reported he was staying but he didn’t have a contract.

        In November he did start pre-season with the Rabbitohs
        Kennar was suffering from hamstring issues all throughout 2017 at the Dogs and also in 2018 at the Rabbitohs playing in only 8 games.

        I was there to see the younger boys start preseason training and players at the bottom of the 30.
        Kennar was one of them, he was struggling big time so the Rabbitohs officially cut him.

        Kennar wanted to stay!
        I have no knowledge about his Mission being back on or this rumour going to the Broncos from the Mole who has a 5% success rate with his mail.

        • So Seibold personally oversaw how bad he was training and still signed him for his new club he is at…. OK….

        • Seibold was in Scotland mate,
          I am sure he received reports but that was 10 weeks ago, plenty has happened in that time.
          Kennar was deregistered for 2019 before the season even ended.
          In the last Home game for the Rabbitohs Kennar was in the list of players leaving.

          Kennar had a contract for 2018 and 2019 also.
          Kennar was only on about $150k, I am sure all of that went towards Cooks upgrade for his 2019 component.

    • He started the season promisingly but got the hook after a woeful last appearance for Souths. Bunnies got smashed and he personally was at fault in 3 tries . Likeable bloke but far from solid.

  2. Seibold before God?………… the impending conflict continues, this forthcoming season will be unprosperous for a man in whom a perambulation walk, took him away from his commitment, therefore rebirthing in a Jonah like fashion. Expect other to follow, perhaps the Twins to be reunited with Seibold on the imminent future.

        • As a South Sydney fanatical zealot and a enthusiast devotee extremist I feel Richie Kennar lacks resourcefulness and capability to excel in the NRL. South Sydney’s “Achilles heel” last season was in fact, the wingmen. Our powerlessness vulnerability and deficiency in defending out wide against the elite teams, such as the Premiership winning Sydney Roosters, who exposed us in the preliminary final with three tires on our flanks. Melbourne Storm and to a degree Saints did capitalise those same tactics also during the semis finals with that very same strategy.

          Once more as a Souths Sydney supporter, It is essentially imperative, that we follow our arch rivals example, that subsistence being, the extremely impressive Sydney Roosters in releasing players of substandard ability, therefore replenishing those individuals with quality, Hence two wingers recruited by Sydney in Hall and Morris.

          We at South Sydney need to follow the luminary eminent pacesetting leaders like Easts and release Graham, Johnston and Jennings replacing then in the same fashion as the Roosters, with two international grand final winning wingmen players with brilliant attributes.. Something this so called “good solid player” Kennar as some on here exclaim, is not. Nor is Jennings and young rookie Graham.

  3. And so…further proof the decline of the Broncos has commenced. Play that pop music at training boys.

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