SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 15: Captain Darius Boyd of the Broncos and team mates look dejected after an Eels try during the NRL Elimination Final match between the Parramatta Eels and the Brisbane Broncos at Bankwest Stadium on September 15, 2019 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)

A number of Broncos are facing uncertain futures following the club's disappointing end to 2019.

Six players were reportedly spotted inside a Sydney pub's gaming area the night before Sunday's disastrous 58-0 elimination final loss to Parramatta, leading to speculation that coach Anthony Seibold has "lost" some of the players and Darius Boyd will hand over the captaincy.

The news gets worse for the Broncos skipper, with Boyd is set to be told at Wednesday's end-of-season reviews he is not in the team's plans for the opening round of the 2020 campaign, according to Fox Sports. 

Additionally, star duo Jack Bird and Andrew McCullough could be on their way out, with the club considering letting Bird leave a year early.

The Broncos have also reportedly entered the Valentine Holmes sweepstakes.

Channel Seven's Chris Garry said the club have made it clear Boyd will not reach the 15-games threshold in 2020, which he needs to unlock an extra season in his deal.

“The bigger issue for Brisbane is what on Earth are they going to do next year,” Garry said.
“They don’t want Darius Boyd there. They don’t want Andrew McCullough there. But how are they going to clear that space in their cap? Who’s going to buy them? That’s the problem they face.

“He’s not going to play 15 games next year. That’s the conversation they’ll have and then they’ll figure out a way for him to exit gracefully.

“He’s won a premiership at the club, he’s a great figure at the club, he won’t get turfed out, but he’ll also be told that he’s not in the team for round one.”

The Daily Telegraph’s Dean Ritchie is reporting that the Broncos will not stand in Bird's way if he finds a new home.

“He’s got another season up there, he’s become the forgotten man of rugby league up there,” Ritchie told Sky Sports Radio.

“He played State of Origin only a few years ago. At the moment Brisbane are saying they want to keep him. From November 1, he can begin to field offers officially.

“They’re saying they want to keep him, but there is a bit of scuttlebutt around the Bronco world that if another offer does come along, he could consider it.

“So if there’s a bit of interest from one of the Sydney clubs, which I’m told there may well be… they’d consider letting him go.

“If he can get another offer and if he can get the right money, than I think you’ll find the Broncos would let him out of that final year.”


  1. South Sydney the silly rabbits will undoubtedly be looking very closely at what Bronco’s are shafted so they can be reunited with the old bloke Bennett. More Duds on the way to the green and cadinal.

  2. This smacks of a media beat up. For a start, less than a week after the season ends, who decides who is in and out of the team for round 1? There is a whole off season to go before those decisions are made. Then there is the ship out a load of players to bring in another load of players. Complete rubbish.

  3. Of course it is a media beat up. There’s not much to talk about when you have only a few games and rest of the NRL isn’t quite yet at the point where they start getting into trouble.

    But, being a Broncos fan, I personally think they deserve it. They have been cruising for several years for this bruising, so I have no sympathy for them. This isn’t something that has just happened – this has been coming for several years. Wayne presided over a terrible defensive team for years. Players have been dropping in quality of performance for years. It’s just hit critical mass, now that you have Boyd, Mccullough, Gilett (bad this year) all in poor form.

  4. I don’t think it’s a media beat up, I think it’s the Broncos “leaking” the info they want out in the open, without making an official statement given they are conducting a thorough review at the club, given its day 2 or 3.
    I honestly think Boyd will go to the Bunnies next year, but with the Broncos paying around half his salary. Where else will he go?
    I would have guessed McCullough to the Dogs if they hadn’t just picked up the Panthers hooker (Katoa?), and still a maybe, with a Broncos subsidy no doubt.
    Bird? I.don’t know, but they’re probably better off keeping him, and hoping he plays hard next year for his next contract, elsewhere.
    With Milford on $1mil. the money the Broncos have spent on the forward pack (even though each contract in isolation was probably worth it), collectively, and the very likely subsidising of players contracts I think the Broncos will need to look to their juniors and it may well be a tough year or two.

  5. When the club has 600 players on scholarships & can bring good players into their backline any time they like from the Queensland Cup. I don’t think they’ll struggle. No club ha been able to replace centres, wingers , hookers with quality players as easily as the Broncos do & have. .
    Why it’s been so long that they’ve been without the halves they really need is another question? I guess the couple that they tried in 2019 are still pretty young & need time to develop more .
    However, let’s not forget that a poor season by their standards still had them making the 8. So just an improvement in the halves & replacing a couple of players they no longer want , could have them top 4 again next year. Especially with all the obviously good forwards that they do have .

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