SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 08: Jack Bird of the Broncos watches on before the round one NRL match between the St George Illawarra Dragons and the Brisbane Broncos at UOW Jubilee Oval on March 8, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

Injury-prone Broncos star Jack Bird is receiving no interest from rival NRL clubs, according to Fox Sports.

It emerged last week that Brisbane and Bird agreed on a release, with St George Illawarra, Canterbury and Penrith touted as potential landing spots.

Bird has endured a tough couple of seasons due to injuries since signing with the Broncos from the 2018 campaign, playing 17 of a possible 50 NRL matches.

The 24-year old is signed on a four-year deal which is estimated to be worth $900,000-a-season for the next two years.

The Broncos claim it was Bird's new management that approached the club about exploring opportunities elsewhere.

Brisbane would need to pay a significant amount of Bird's salary for the next two years if they move him on.



  1. I would think with no interest in the overpriced Dud Bird.
    Then this will indeed confirm….indeed Souths who are masters of the Dud buy will get him some time soon.
    Brisbane will probably still have to pay around half his 800k salary to Souths fir the Dud switch to happen.

  2. Is Don is gone. Hopefully Zero Credibility drops the ban hammer again much quicker. How dumb are they letting you back in over and over and over to spout your inane drivel.

  3. Whats up Dafty Duck?????? Do you honestly think Bird is a good purchase?

    Not sure what you mean about letting me back on here. I’ve been living on Alpha Centauri, just flew back to Earth in the Jupiter 2 a week ago.

    Get with the programe Dafty. You Goose.

  4. Most times I put up comments, mine are usually posted after moderation, yet DonWest, can post his argumentative, and none constructive, drivel, easily? Go figure?

  5. Do you use lots of swear words panthers girl? Otherwise cant think why you would be constantly moderated. Since Don is from another planet I guess ZT is showing non bias in that regard towards multiculturism & that sort of stuff these days.
    As for Birdy, well hes been going downhill ever since he left the Sharks. Same with Ramien, but luckily Jesse has seen the light & coming back to where it all started great for him.

  6. No I haven’t, cookeem, in fact I have used no cursory words, no have I got into any heated discussions recently.

  7. Look Panther18, there is alot of common sense at play here. Answer these Quick Questions with 100% answers and you will see my logic.

    1.How many games has Bird played for Brisbane? Answer 17 = Dud
    2. Who poached him from Cronulla? Answer Bennett while coaching Broncos. = Dud
    3. What happened to Bennett at Brisbane. Answer. Fired = Dud
    4. What Positions are Souths in need of a genuine quality replacement? Answer Centre and 5/8 Walker & Burns = Duds
    5. With Bennett now coaching Souths this player Bird Who Bennett adores is wanting to come back to Sydney, what player can play both positions? Answer Bird = 17 game Brisbane Dud.
    6. Name 5 duds Souths imported that won’t play this weekends semi? Answer Amone, Su’a, Allan, Hiroti, Britt, Burns Answer these 6 players purchased recently = Duds

    So my point is Bird will in my opinion will link up with the coach that rates him highly and persuaded him to take the money and leave a premiership winning combination at Cronulla. I reckon Bennett needs him at Souths.

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    Your above post required me to explain the non argumentative nature and relevance of my comment.

    “yet DonWest, can post his argumentative, and none constructive, drivel, easily? Go figure?”

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    Anyway, anyone who creates more than one login on Zero Tackle has way too much time on their hands…. literally nobody cares who you are…. remember this is a site for NRL rumours and stories, it should stay like that not become a forum for people creating rumours and stories about who is who.

    At least that’s my opinion.

  16. Don WestSouthNorthEast for your information I am a Foundation Member at Souths and go to most of the games in Sydney. What is your Easts membership Number?

  17. Chalky you are telling porky pies. A foundation member…..ahahaha, tell me another one. So you joined up in 1908 youmust be at least 120yrs old if you joined as a boy……did we, and your what? Or are you a foundation member from the beginning when the new Souths was born as a new entity in the readmitance year of 2002. Did you pay for a ticket membership or a stay at home loungeroom membership. Whats your number?
    I am a ticketed Roosters member and unlike Souths fans, I attend home games.

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    I think his latest is AdamDumbToad is something starting with Adam!
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    Here’s another Flag for your teams favourite Country. 🇫🇷 Cluck it Up, Clucker…

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