CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA - MAY 25: Jack Wighton of the Raiders in action during the round 12 NRL match between the Canberra Raiders and the Manly Sea Eagles at GIO Stadium on May 25, 2018 in Canberra, Australia. (Photo by Mark Nolan/Getty Images)

Canberra’s Board of Directors have met regarding the immediate future of star fullback Jack Wighton, and have handed the 25-year-old a six-match suspension.

Wighton is set to front the Galambany Court on November 14, after last month pleading guilty to five charges of assault and one count of public urination.

Given Wighton has already missed two matches, he will miss another four before being available once more for selection in round 22.

Raiders Chairman Dr Allan Hawke told the club’s website the Raiders would continue to support the fullback, to best help him rehabilitate from the incident.

“We will continue to work with Jack to help him address the issues he’s facing, his welfare, his wellbeing and his rehabilitation,” Hawke told

“Jack has already taken some positive steps in this process and we will continue to ensure he’s doing everything he can to continue in this direction.


  1. Whether the NRL will see this as sufficient, we will find out soon enough. I dont think the NRL will deregister him so i dont see him getting sacked, but wouldnt surprise me if the NRL tell him to sit the year out. I do hope he has to do some community service, as well as get help for his alcohol problem. As a Raiders fan im disappointed this has happened but i will support him as long as he sticks buy the club and NRL imposed terms.

  2. Six weeks for five assault charges and one charge of public urination. What joke. Something this severe deserves a lot longer. The NRL need to step in and put him out for the rest of the season or even better if should be kicked out of the nrl. Carney was kicked out for less.

    • Context mate. I am not saying he doesn’t deserve more, he most definitely does, and I think you will see the NRL ban him for the rest of the year. But everyone keeps saying Carney was kicked out for less as a comparison to every ban handed out. Carney was a repeat offender. He wan’t kicked out for the bubbler incident, that was just the final straw in a career of incidents, from drink driving, to setting a mate on fire.

    • Assault, whether its a punch to the face or a kick to the shin, its still assault so without seeing the footage no one has any idea about what has happened except the NRL, the Raiders and the courts/police, you’re just making assumptions about what has happened. Trial by media, Australians love to do it regardless of what sport it is.

    • c’mon Kev – kicking him out for one indiscretion is a bit over the top but I do agree the penalty is not enough if the rumours about the extent of the behaviour is to accurate. Also, as eels47 said, Carney’s punishment was the last in a long line of indiscretions ranging from dui, assault, evade police, drunken behaviour and just being an absolute DH regularly – so you cant draw a comparison.
      Considering punishment handed out to other offences in recent times, he appears to have got off lightly and should be eternally thankful.
      Its also been reported that the NRL pushed for him to plead guilty so that the vision of the incident was not able to be released and therefore further damage the nrl’s brand.

  3. Pretty disgusting state of affairs at Raiders in regards to Jack Wighton.
    Why is this criminal still on the Raiders books. Found guilty in the courts and gets 6 weeks from the Raiders.
    Cant see the NRL letting play for the rest of the year if there is any justice, his antics have certainly shamed not only the Raiders but the NRL in general
    Look at Dugan, Carney and Ferguson who had far lessor crimes but still got punted.
    Raiders board are a joke.

    • So is Curtis Scott a criminal for punching/assaulting Dylan Walker? Should he be sacked from Melbourne storm? Russell Packer publicly urinated on the field, copped a fine, he’s still playing. Carney was a serial offender who on numerous occasions got caught drink driving and driving without a licence to the point he was banned from his home town in Goulburn, the bubbler was the last straw.
      It was an 8 weeks suspension as he has already served 2. Put some things into context first.

      • That comparison is on point. Whats the difference between bashing a dude on the field and on the street? Had Curtiss Scott done that to someone outside a night club caught on video his Career is in tatters, do it on a field you get 6 weeks… Same crime, same intent. What’s the dif?

  4. A big problem with the NRL is that when a club acts responsibly and sacks someone for this kind of behaviour the NRL will turn around and allow other clubs to pick him up which means the only people getting punished is the team that did the right thing in the first place.

    They constantly go on about the players “welfare” like it’s some kind of shield that protects them from criticism, it’s not. This guy assaulted 5 people, 1 punch can kill and no adult ever has the right to blame alcohol for their actions. People can redeem themselves sure, but playing professional sport is a privilege and the behaviour of the players reflects on the code as a whole. They have handed out life bans to kids who brawled on the field, 6 weeks for a professional adult player who has been charged with criminal assault is laughable.

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