during game one of the State of Origin series between the New South Wales Blues and the Queensland Maroons at ANZ Stadium on May 27, 2015 in Sydney, Australia.

The NRL supports the Government’s revised stadia strategy approved by Cabinet on Thursday morning.

CEO Todd Greenberg said the new strategy – which will see new stadia built at Parramatta and Moore Park and a refurbishment of the Sydney Olympic Park stadia – is still a great outcome for Rugby League fans.

“Naturally I would have preferred to see a new stadium built at Sydney Olympic Park in line with our Memorandum of Understanding,” he said.

“But this remains the biggest infrastructure program the game has ever seen, one that gives our fans a new level of stadia facilities.

“We will have three top-class rectangular stadia in Sydney which will bring our fans closer to the action than ever before.

“When you combine the new transport infrastructure to Moore Park and Sydney Olympic Park we believe this package will deliver a great outcome for all sports fans.”
Mr Greenberg said the NRL will honour the commitments it made in the original MoU.

“We committed to playing the Grand Final in Sydney for the next 25 years and that commitment will be met,” he said.

“Whichever way you look at it, this is a huge investment in stadia for our game and we always said that if the Government invests in facilities we will play our biggest games there.”

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Mr Greenberg urged all parties to support the new program.

“The Government has listened to the people, they have come up with a compromise plan and we should all get behind it,” he said.


  1. The NRL are a joke, and they should pay the $1.6 billion themselves since they pay no tax. Free and easy with our taxes, we have much much much higher priorities than sucking up to the SCG trust and all it’s sycophants.

  2. Weird outcome. Homebush is an absolute piece of S^#$ to watch the game at and nobody is complaining about Moore Park. Talk about getting it wrong.

    • ANZ Stadium makes sense because of what you said. It’s horrible to watch games at and it is getting sorted and is going to be better in general. I do agree with Allianz Stadium though, it doesn’t need to be touched

  3. Where will the Roosters home games be played while the construction takes place? Are they going to build one stadium at a time? If the knock down ANZ & Alliance together at similar times where will all the other teams play like Souths, Canterbury, Parra? Total waste of money. The Olympic Stadium when finished in 2000, could accomadate 120.000 people. Then the nitwits knock the ends of it out to make it 80,000 capacity, then they introduce rotating fences to accommodate AFL and Cricket. Now the idiots want to knock it down and fit an extra 5000 people in on top of the 84 or 85 thousand they squeeze in now. What the hell is going on with the people in charge? Are they all numbnuts?

  4. The decision by the NSW government is totally based on the up coming elections.

    They were influenced by that complete idiot Peter FitzSimons who was totally against this from the beginning, he like other people don’t get the overall advantage of what was recommended.

    KPMG the world wide accounting firm recommended that the re-build of both Allianze and ANZ would benefit the NSW economy and it would pay back that investment two fold , plus some, but now they have made the decision to knock down Allianze and re model ANZ.

    People just don’t understand the overall advantage of bringing in new Stadia especially in the biggest city of Australia, they say that it is a waste to knock down and re build, i get that , but it is necessary to be competitive to attract the best events, hopefully they can still build a roof over ANZ with these alterations otherwise waste of time.

    The bottom line here is that ANZ will be transformed to a rectangular stadium to accommodate League , union and soccer and hopefully it will be better to watch events.

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