Josh Mansour and Matt Moylan during the New South Wales State of Origin captain's run at ANZ Stadium on May 31, 2016 in Sydney, Australia.

Many of us are aware professional athletes have strict diets and take care of their body to stay in peak physical condition to allow for optimal performance, but what exactly do they consume?

Benita Lalor, who is the performance dietitian for the Penrith Panthers, has revealed exactly what star players Josh Mansour and Matt Moylan eat on a regular day to help ensure they are prepared for the match each and every weekend.

Both players detailed what they would eat on a normal training day during the week, with some clear differences between the two stars.

Given Mansour plays in a position that prides itself on explosive strength and agility, the winger has protein powder in at least three meals a day, compared to Moylan who doesn’t have any.

Moylan also eats less, and has just two small snacks outside of his usual breakfast, lunch and dinner, while Mansour has at least four.

“The player’s nutrition plan underpins every aspect of their training and performance. It’s an important component of our recovery strategies here at the Penrith Panthers,” Lalor said.

“Protein is critical to recovery because it provides muscles with the building blocks to recover and repair. The stress that players’ bodies go through in NRL is extreme. Delivering quality protein can help to repair their muscles and maintain their lean mass.”

“After a game, recovering for the next week is always my biggest focus. What we do to our bodies after a game or big training session is key – we swim, ice, sleep and, most importantly, make sure we consume enough protein and carbs to refuel,” Moylan added.

Panthers captain Matt Moylan training day food diary

Breakfast: Porridge with Greek yoghurt, honey and berries

Post-training (field session): 2 x poached eggs with smashed avocado on sourdough toast and a small plate of fruit

Post-training (strength session): Chocolate OAK Plus

Lunch: Grilled chicken breast tortilla wrap with cheese, lettuce and avocado

Dinner: Barbequed steak with roast vegetables and broccoli

Before bed: Pre-bed smoothie

Panthers winger Josh Mansour training day food diary

6am: 2 glasses of water and a cup of green tea

6.30am: Smoothie with coconut water, ice, protein powder and a banana

10am: One serve of protein powder mixed with yoghurt and berries, rockmelon, green apple, banana and something citrus

1pm: Chicken breast/white fish with either sweet potato or brown rice and a large garden salad

3pm: Tuna with lettuce and mixed nuts

5pm: Smoothie with one cup of water, ice, protein powder, banana, peanut butter, chia seeds and cacao

8pm: Salmon fillet with large serving of green vegetables