GOSFORD, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 21: Jack Wighton of the Raiders in action during the round seven NRL match between the South Sydney Rabbitohs and the Canberra Raiders at Central Coast Stadium on April 21, 2018 in Gosford, Australia. (Photo by Ashley Feder/Getty Images)

Jack Wighton will not receive any more sanctions from the NRL for his drunken assault of five people earlier this year.

The Raiders fullback coped a 10-game ban and a $30,000 fine by the league after he pleaded guilty to five counts of assault and one of public urination.

On Wednesday, Wighton was fined $3,500 and received a two-month suspended jail sentence and wasย placed on a one-year good-behaviour bond by theย Galambany Circle Sentencing Court.

The Raiders initially proposed a six-game ban for the Wighton, which was considered insufficient by the league.

NRL chief executive Todd Greenberg labelled the footage of the assault as “disgraceful”, but did not warrant further sanctions.

“It was disgraceful [the vision], there’s no other word for it,” Greenberg told The Sydney Morning Herald.

“I saw that vision four or five months ago, which is why I made the decision that I did at the time.

“It’s very rare that we come in over the top of the club on a disciplinary matter, but we did on this occasion and I’m satisfied we made the right decision then.

“No further sanctions. If you look at the sanction, he received a fine from the game which was effectively 10 times what he got in the court of law and he didn’t play again in the entire 2018 season so I think his punishment is served.”

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Wighton is free to play in Canberra’s opening game of the season against the Gold Coast Titans on the Gold Coast on March 17.


    • Did he tell this kid “Tonight is the night you die!”? And was there a mother and child present who were literally in fear of their lives? No? Then NOT the same thing. Not even close. The guy that Lodge bashed ended up in hospital btw.

      • Hospital? No he didn’t, Lodge barely touched him, that’s why he was only charged with a misdemeanor reckless assault charge. Wighton on the other hand was charged with reckless or intentionally inflicting actual bodily harm. If Lodges assault victim was injured in the slightest then Lodge would have been charged with bodily harm as well, watch the footage again.

    • Agreed, I’m ashamed as a Raiders fan. I would not care to see the back of Wighton if we did let him go. He’s a good player…an inconsistent player but still a good player when he’s on. But the Raiders don’t deserve a that kind ego from any player. But if he chooses to try and redeem himself, I’m happy to let it play out. Lodge has redeemed himself, packer has redeemed himself…Wighton deserves a chance to. At least now, Wighton knows that if he stuffs up again he’s going to jail.

      • Idiots and thugs can come from any club greenblooded. Raiders fans don’t wear this shame, a grown man capable of making his own decisions does.

        I disagree with your assessment of Wighton as a player though. IMO he has been overrated and his tyres have been pumped up beyond their safety limits by Ricky Stuart who has been turning a blind eye to the serial thuggish behaviour and ill-discipline on-field of Joey Leilua for a while now. The end result of all the hot air “Sticky” has been blowing into Wighton is an overinflated ego. Wighton is not a FB IMO and he is unreliable and a liability in the position. In my view he is a centre and that’s it. He doesn’t really have the skill and ability to play at 5/8 with any consistency under pressure.

        About Wighton deserving a chance, well perhaps but even Lodge and Packer spent at least a year out of the game as penance first. I feel for the Raiders though, like Souths they have a record of consistently showing unruly, ill-disciplined players the door (like Carney, Dugan, Ferguson et al) only to see them snapped up by other opportunistic clubs (*cough* Roosters *cough*) and the NRL rubber stamp their registration after making a huge outcry in the media leading to these players originally being shown the door. Souths have done the same with James Roberts, Dylan Walker and others.

        Whighton deserves a significant suspension for this and time away from the game to reflect on what is required from him if he wants to continue his career. Just think of the time spent away from the game for Carney and Pearce for much less and the time Brett Stewart spent off the field for Manly because of a baseless accusation which was later revealed to be a fabrication. Sorry, but no way Wighton gets off with just a slap on the wrist for this.

  1. Wighton has served his time for sure. He was rubbed out for pretty much the entire back half of last year, no use beating a dead horse. Can’t really compare this to the Brett Stewart case, but the values are still the same- the NRL won’t paint itself in any negative light by suspending a star player for any longer than necessary ever again.

    • The fact that the NRL handed out a much heavier punishment than our judicial system is the biggest joke of all in this case. NRL fine of $30,000 plus 10 weeks suspension which the raiders would have deducted off his contract payments is a huge enough punishment. Probably a bit harsh IMO in this case Compared to the piddly $3500 hand out by the court and a please dont do it again warning.

      • Welcome to Australia mate. We are an absolute joke. I feel like we are the Weimar Republic, just plodding our way along, waiting for a Hitleresque figure to come around. Luckily for us, neither Scott Morrison nor Bill Shorten have enough brain cells to try to play that role!!!

  2. The footage actually didn’t look that bad to me. Just saying.

    Still one of the most overrated players in the comp

    • He assaulted the guy initially inside a club and then followed him, crossed a street and assaulted him again. Perhaps the first one where no clear punch was thrown might merit that assessment but not the second confrontation. I agree with your second comment though.

    • The NRL have punished him, 30k fine and 10 game suspension, nobody was injured the punches were pigeon taps and the judge said himself that he is lucky nobody got hurt or he would be in serious trouble.

      Nobody can fight in a blackout state of mind, he was lucky to still be standing up let alone throwing punches. Case closed for the NRL and for me also.

      He got fined 3.5k. Now that’s not to serious, I remember when you could by a brand new car way back when Souths won the comp in 1971 for less than that.๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    • I wonder if Wightons mate also got charged. He certainly threw a few punches too. Or does he get off cause he is not a high profile footy player?

  3. The NRL has missed the boat again.
    Lets make black and white rules.

    Illegal transactions that require a criminal court appearance = 1 year suspension
    e.g.: Wighton
    Bringing the game into disrepute = 3 months
    e.g.: Iglis
    It doesn’t matter who or what club they play for.

  4. As a Raider, Wighton should be sacked or put in Centre! Overrated player to say the least! I prefer seeing “safe hands” Cotric at Full Back. Simple!

  5. When is the nrl going to draw a line in the sand and say enough….. you mess up your gone …… these guys are paid triple what avarege joe earns …. it is a privilege to play for a club in the best comp in the world …. I personally am over reading about players behaviours ….. positive headlines are just not around any more …..come on nrl protect your image

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