SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - MAY 11: Kieran Foran of the Bulldogs runs the ball during the round 10 NRL match between the Canterbury Bulldogs and the Parramatta Eels at ANZ Stadium on May 11, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

Kieran Foran will honour his contract at the Canterbury Bulldogs despite interest from former club Manly.

An injury-free and newly married Foran has returned to preseason training on Monday and has impressed Bulldogs staff with his effort and attitude.

Foran is keen to revive his career and fight for his starting place ahead of new recruit Jack Cogger.

Reports emerged returning Sea Eagles coach Des Hassler expressed interest in reuniting with his former protΓ©gΓ©.

Foran played a pivotal role in the Sea Eagles 2011 premiership triumph.

Despite the lure to return to the club he played 148 games for, Foran is keen to remain at the Bulldogs.

The 28-year-old played 12 games and scored one try for the Bulldogs in 2018.



  1. Manly has something in the works, maybe not Foran but I think we will be making a back signing as Kelly was just released and he was on good money and is a good young back. Rumours have been circling for weeks that we are going for Will Hopoate. I doubt Manly would let go a promising young centre for no one. Right now our backline just needs a centre partner for Walkz.

    1 T Trbojevic
    2 Taufua
    3 Walker
    4 ?
    5 A Hopoate

    • I think Suli will fill that centre position although he has to switch from the right to the left side. He can’t be any worse a defender than Kelly was and with his first full preseason we may see his true attacking ability too.

      • Dodged a bullet there, Forum past it, especially the money he’s on, MANLY need to be patient and see out 2019 and build on that.

        • They won’t sign foran in 2019 but 2020 is a real possibility once our cap limit increases back up and hasler has a chance to see how cherry and Elgey combine.

    • I obviously don’t know, but I wouldn’t have thought Kelly was on much, given he was a young centre who signed his current contract before he debuted in FG.
      I can see the logical arguememt for Foran, but I think the timings all wrong now, given your current halves players.
      I honestly think you’ll release Taupau, and you’ll spread that money across a few new signings. Hoppa’s would make sense, along with another experienced “mid cap” player or 2.

  2. Taupau isn’t going anywhere. We don’t need to let him go. Kelly had been upgraded through the year, he was off contract in 2017 but got an upgrade I think.

    • I think 2017 was his first year at Manly, and his debut (at FG) year.
      As for Taupau, in all honesty I hope you keep him. Don’t get me wrong, I rate him, he’s a great prop etc. but looking at your side, you’ve got a pretty strong (extended) spine (except for the 5/8), Taupau and Walker, and I’ll through in AFB, and then a lot of very average.
      You’re a Manly supporter, so you’re in the best position to make the call, but Taupau’s on big money, and had a great 2018, but would that money be better spent, and in particualr, would that money be better spent elsewhere, excluding Taupau’s 2018 season?

      • Taupau had a good season this year because he is trying to impress the player market. His previous seasons have been average at best. Too inconsistent in my books and money could be better spent IMO in this current tight salary cap constraint.

    • You also said Barrett and Hastings weren’t going anywhere πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
      Lane and Kelly ?? 2 of your stand out value for money players.
      Manlys recruitment πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
      Who’s next ?

      • Forwards win games and Taupau is one of the best. 2017 and 2018 he has been one of our best and since moving to the front row has become a beast. I don’t see the point in selling Taupau to buy some average players and I’m sure Des sees that aswell. If we move on Taupau then we will just be spending the same money later in the year on another star forward. Taupau will be staying till the end of his contract unless something major happens. The only real improvements we could make to this side is the wings, other than that without the major TPAs we can’t build a star side like Melbourne and Roosters who also have at least 3 players on around a mil same as manly except the TPAs allow them to keep spending. We have some young stars who will play a lot of first grade this year like Hopoate, Suli, Fainu, Paseka etc and I wouldn’t call these boys average. And have a lot of faith in Elgey, if he stays injury free he will have a breakout year.

        1 T Trbojevic (International)
        2 Taufua (Underrated)
        3 Walker (Star)
        4 Suli (Young gun)
        5 A Hopaote (Young gun)
        6 Elgey (High potential/young gun)
        7 Cherry-Evans (International)
        8 Fonua-Blake (International)
        9 Koroisau (International)
        10 Taupau (International)
        11 Thompson (Star)
        12 Sironen (Star WHEN NOT INJURED πŸ˜‚)
        13 J Trbojevic (International)

        14 Fainu (Young gun)
        15 Tanginoa (Solid)
        16 Waddel (Young gun)
        17 Paseka (Young gun)

        That is a very good side if all fit and firing. While I do agree that it is a lot of potential in the young boys and are untested to say the rest of the side outside 5 are average is plain wrong. That side is good enough easy for a top 8 finish.

        • the same team that came 15th and only narrowly avoided the spoon, conceded the most points of any team?
          yep, sounds about right to me πŸ™‚
          If you believe what the press write, then either AFB or Kapow will be leaving as the club cannot afford to keep both AND improve the quality of the squad.

        • Billy it’s also close to the same team from 2017 which placed top 4 for the majority of the season and fins8hed 6th. 2018 we finished 15th due to injuries and off field drama as did your side who also had a great 2017. No team can cope with lots of injuries and off field drama. Taupau confirmed just days a go that he will be staying and I doubt des will let him go same for Fonua-Blake. Quality of the squad is great just need to gel, have some young guns rise and some luck with injuries. Plus if Fonua-Blake left itd be a little awkward seeing as he just got an eagle tatoo. If you believe the press your an idiot, no other way around it. The media is only correct when it’s official from clubs or officials. I think your hate for Manly is blinding your judgement but that’s ok I get that you can’t bare to see us succeed.

        • all I did was state the obvious and you, as usual, become all slanderous and childish.
          read my comment again – “If you believe what the press write”, I don’t see where I said I believe it. I have no idea whether it is right or not, merely making a statement about what has been in the press.
          Not saying its right or wrong, but players making statements that they are staying can be notoriously unreliable.
          How many players have you seen that say they are staying with a club and the next day come out and say “I have just signed with the club that I have always supported and wanted to play for”. Wasn’t it the “great” DCE who did that?
          If you have a look at what occurred during 2018, you will see that a number of clubs failed to adapt to the changes in the rule interpretations early in the season, by the time they got a grasp on it the season had long past them. The teams most impacted were Manly, Eels, and Cowboys. Each one of them can say that injuries and other drama’s impacted on their seasons, however I feel the most telling factor was the early season change in interpretations of the ruck rules – that can be evidenced by the fact that the Dragons and Tigers, for instance, had good starts to the season, won early games and set them up for reasonable finishes. Once other teams got up to speed and made the changes to their structures, they came back to the pack.
          Optimism is good, but extreme optimism is bad for ones mental health when the reality is far from the expectation.

        • My comment around the press wasn’t amimed at you it was just in general, I stand by the fact I am not getting personal with anyone just staying the press is very unreliable. I wouldn’t call what I am saying is extreme optimism, it’s realism based on facts. Very similar side for 2017 which finished 6th, we now have a better coach, better depth and a better future direction and our players have grown. We should go better this year if we have no injuries and less drama. Simple stuff really. I’m not expecting a premiership but top 8 is very likely but its not the end of the world if we miss it. Your mental health comment well let’s just not talk about that πŸ˜‚ as it was a little different and weird but whatever floats your boat. The rule change excuse is a little thin aswell seeing as they pulled those rules back halfway through the season meaning they had very little impact in the end. Those teams didn’t miss the 8 die to rules they missed it due to drama and lots of injuries, blatantly obvious. As I have stated to a number of people this is my opinion and I want my side to do well as do all fans of all sides, and on the flip side fans of other clubs want certain clubs to do poorly. It’s just nature and it can blind true reason. Not many are different, although some like myself don’t care much where others finish while some will make it their objective to shut down any fans with expectations because they have nothing better to do.

        • Come on holmesy, name calling again? Not necessary mate. Stick to the footy mate, we all have different opinions and are allowed to share them.

        • Eels47 again it wasn’t amimed at him as he himself stated he doenst believe the press and I was just saying in general anyone who believes the press is an idiot. I’ll look over what he said to me which was out of line but he had obviously read my comment out of context.

        • 15 clubs can offer up the excuse of injuries and off field dramas as an excuse for not winning every year but its how they mitigate it.
          Also, I wasn’t meaning that the changes to interpretations were the cause of eels, cows and seagles finishing where they did, moreso it was a mitigating factor.
          If you remember rightly, the storm were off the pace for the first part of the season, but they were good enough to make the necessary adjustments to their structure and style of play – the 3 last placed teams weren’t able to.
          All those factors – injuries, off field dramas, changes in interpretation all had an impact on their results and quite frankly, I don’t see any of those 3 teams having a realistic chance of changing their fortunes around for 2019.
          I seriously think that it could just be a case of re-arranging the deckchairs at the foot of the table. I can only really see the likes of Canberra, Dogs and maybe Tigers as being challengers for the spoon favourites.
          All other clubs have recruited better and smarter than the 6 teams I mention, so it may be just a case of musical chairs for the bottom 8.
          I hope not, but I think its reasonable to express that view.

        • Billy fair enough, I don’t agree but I do understand your view. I see those 3 teams back around the 8 if all goes to plan.

  3. Who would you believe :
    A professional reporter with 20-30-40 years experience paid to make phone calls, stay intouch with players, player managers, club officials, etc etc.
    Or a 15 year old schoolboy known for lying and getting personal because he thinks people can’t identify him.

    • ZT ALERT – Logic has entered the conversation.

      Careful, there might another David Warner moment – “removing himself from the situation”

    • Identify me then? Come find me, what do you plan on doing tough guy? I’m not even close to 15πŸ˜‚ I don’t lie, but I will get personal when confronted rudely. My opinions might not come true but it doesn’t mean they are lies. You keep making threats I will report you, and eventually you will be removed. What you do is harassment, every time I’m on you take a swipe at me. I don’t talk to you at all yet you keep coming like it’s a personal mission of yours. I’m just here for footy talk and have maintained that but you stepped out of line.

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