Under-fire Broncos coach Anthony Seibold has been urged to sign sacked Warriors coach Stephen Kearney and even Broncos legend Kevin Walters to his support staff, according to The Daily Telegraph. 

Powerbrokers at the Broncos have urged Seibold to "lighten up and have more fun" as they feel the young squad is struggling with the pressures of playing for a powerful one-town one-team NRL franchise.

Despite this, chairman Karl Morris has insisted Seibold is staying and he has full support of the board.

“It’s important we don’t panic,” Morris said.

“The number one thing the board can do is support him but he’s got to realise that what he’s doing right now isn’t working. Five in a row is terrible.”

Seibold has had talks with Morris about signing Kearney to his support staff, after he was sacked by the Warriors 10 days ago.

“I know Stephen is back in town (Brisbane),” Seibold said.

“He has worked for the club previously and he’s got a lot of experience. He did a tremendous job when he was here last time.

“He’s be a person I’d reach out for if there is a position available.”

Walters has also entered conversations about joining the Broncos support staff but his commitments to Fox Sports and because he can't enter the COVID-19 bubble while working on TV might squash those plans.

“We can give him (Seibold) some advice and try to surround him with good people,” Morris said.

“Anthony needs to reach out to some people he trusts.

“I’ve told him he’s missing something and he needs to fill a spot that’s not being filled at the moment.”

Seibold spoke to News Corp about the atmosphere after the shock 30-12 loss to the last-placed Titans on Saturday, with chairman Morris previously stating the atmosphere around the club was an error of concern.

“Obviously when you’re losing it’s not much fun around the place,” Seibold said.

“That’s human nature when things aren’t going great.

“Should we go out and have a beer together? It’s been difficult with the COVID restrictions.

“We’ve got a young group and footy has always been fun for them.

“We’re going through a dry spot but we’ll hopefully work our way out of it and enjoy some better times.”

Despite the push to add to his staff, Seibold backed his current staff under the difficult circumstances.

"Peter Gentle and Kurt Richards are really good assistant coaches,” he said, “Peter Ryan does our defence.

“Corey (Parker) was doing a great job with our middle before he became unavailable and couldn’t come into our bubble because of his Fox Sports commitments.”