TOWNSVILLE, AUSTRALIA - JULY 27: Eels coach Brad Arthur looks on at the post match media conference at the end of during the round 20 NRL match between the North Queensland Cowboys and the the Parramatta Eels at 1300SMILES Stadium on July 27, 2015 in Townsville, Australia. (Photo by Ian Hitchcock/Getty Images)

Parramatta have announced that coach Brad Arthur’s contract has been extended for a further two seasons, tying him the club until the end 2021.

Eels CEO Bernie Gurr was pleased that the club could finally lock away Arthur.

“When we undertook our Football review last year it was clear that a long term strategy for our football department was needed to ensure our players and coaches have the best possible opportunity for success,” he told

“It is the view of the Board and CEO that Brad is the best choice to lead our Club’s Football Program into the future.

“We are focused on continuing to be a Development Club and we strongly believe in what Brad is building and his ability to lead our NRL team in the right direction.”

Arthur was excited to continue his journey at the club as he aspires to lead them to success.

“I feel very fortunate to be able to continue coaching at this great Club. We have a proud and passionate supporter base and I want us to give them the results they deserve,” he told the club website.

“Everyone involved in our Football Program realises the responsibility we have in bringing sustained success to our Members and fans and that remains our priority.”



  1. This has to be Arthur’s last head coaching contract unless he gets the eels a top 4 finish this year and a premiership following that. One finals appearance in 5 years plus a spoon is not good enough no matter how many raps he gets from other people about his so called coaching talent.

  2. God you know your ordinary when Mary has a better win loss %. Both were very lucky to be resigned for 2 years each. Bottom of the barrel stuff for both…..

  3. The Eels management must to been inspired to re-sign Arthur after the game against the Storm, Wow what a decision well done Parra management

  4. Cry me a river 💩💩💩 breath. All you do is talk . Wa wa wa 👶🍼 Arthur will be ten times better than St Illawarra’s Mary ya nutter..🥜🥜🥜 redv13 go a brain🧠🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 . . .. . …. .. ….. .💪🐔👍

  5. How about factoring in/judging B.A on his 2016 and 2017 performance (and not just stats, actual performance).
    2018 was a serious disappointment, disaster even, especially after 2017, but get over it.
    We’re blooding rookies, as part of the rebuild, and for the most part I’m really liking what I see (overall, I think they’re batting above average there). Everyone points to the rookie that does well somewhere else as “look what we let go/we don’t bring players through etc”, but “sack the coach” if they’re not effective immediately.
    A third (or so) of our current starting 17 have around a dozen FG games each (and I’m not blaming the very weak performance across the board on the weekend on that).
    Nah, I give up, I’m not going to go any further, because I’ll end up writing a novel that won’t make any difference to most, but for the record, “I’m glad we signed BA for another 2 years”. That’s long enough to give him a fair crack (from here), and if it doesn’t work, I’ll admit I was wrong (I don’t think that will be too hard, but in fairness I’ve never had to do it before – kidding, of course), but I’d rather that than the “new coach every year merry go around”.

  6. 2017 was an absolute FLUKE by Arthur, I feel sorry for all other Parramtta fans that demand better than mediocrity, Eels fans prepare yourselves for another 2 more years without even getting close to the premiership, who knows maybe another wooden spoon, eelsalmighty do you remember when Arthur took over Parramatta he promised no more wooden spoon??? yeah right LOL

  7. mighty, I am encourage by the fact that the board and management acknowledged that there was an major issue last year and have taken steps to correct them – the appointment of GM of Football, additional assist coaches and allowing the coach to concentrate on coaching the team rather than every other matter involved in a football club has seen some improvement in results, we are by no means there but for once astute recruitment has helped – lane, Paulo and fergo have been the standouts in most matches and have added something different to the squad. Not resigning Matagi, Vave, Hayne et al allowed that recruitment to happen.
    In all, I think the most significant comment in the statement of the resigning was “We are focused on continuing to be a Development Club and we strongly believe in what Brad is building and his ability to lead our NRL team in the right direction.”
    That is most likely why BA got the nod for another two years – the development processes he put into place 5 years ago is starting to work – sustained excellence at the lower levels appears to be finding its way to the top grade in terms of the calibre of player coming in.
    Pathways to the top grade are clearer – under the old pre-BA system, we would have likely seen only one of Niukore, Kaufusi, Mahoney, Salmon, Brown, Stone etc make their debut and most likely it would have been one-offs, never to be seen again.
    While I don’t expect success this year, top 8 would be a good outcome, the next two years of juniors reaching the top grade (we still have yet to see Uitokamano, Stone, Schneider, Dunster and the like make the top grade) will hopefully see a period of sustained quality.
    If it doesn’t, BA can go in to a development role and guide the pathways.

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