SANTA CLARA, CA - OCTOBER 18: Running back Jarryd Hayne #38 of the San Francisco 49ers looks on from the sidelines during their NFL game against the Baltimore Ravens at Levi's Stadium on October 18, 2015 in Santa Clara, California. (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)

Jarryd Hayne has been accused of rape during his time in the US playing for the San Francisco 49ers.

Civil lawsuit papers filed in the Santa Clara County court allege Hayne engaged in non-consensual sexual intercourse with a Santa Clara woman in December 2015.

It’s understood the woman didn’t report the alleged rape to police until May 2016.

The District Attorney’s Office reviewed the case and rejected it for insufficient evidence on Oct. 25, 2016.

The district attorney, according to the suit, said that there was not enough evidence to prove the crime of rape beyond a reasonable doubt.

Hayne played one season and eight games with the 49ers in 2015.

The full lawsuit is below:


      • From what I have read from your posts you fall heavily into the same category. Best you look to your own side of the fence and tidy up your own backyard before judging others. Time to lift your game BSTB since you are now setting the bar. We will ALL be watching.

  1. Hayne is just the gift that keeps giving to the newspapers.Guess this will keep Kent and Co busy till the season starts.This does sound very fishy and I hope she does realise our players dont get near the money NFL top liners get

    • He did well to keep it out of the news papers for that long anyway.
      It was only yesterday i was thinking we haven’t had the usual stories of some guy (M Lodge) harassing some poor girl to the point of emotional distress.. and boom!, there it is… just like clockwork.

      The doc above is what is termed a plaintiff fact sheet and by its definition is wrong as generally its full of BS. In a submittal form like this they dont have to use the words alleged or deemed they can just rant it out…
      Nobody will know the exact truth but i hate how this can get published as it always favours the plaintiff regardless of the outcome.

  2. Apparently Hayne was dating singer Dinah Jane at that time who was 18, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was her trying to get some extra cash.

  3. Hayne did leave the US in a hurry, the new coach said at the time that he was in the squad , i must admit that when Hayne left i thought it was quite unusual that he left when he didn’t need to, now we know why.

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    Your right he did leave in a hurry
    Hopefully his new baptism has washed him of his sins
    Gotta love parra

    • Is that you kefe? Similar styles, 2 keys get punished and nothing but BS at the end of the day. I just have to believe that while most chooks fans ARE that arrogant they aren’t THAT stupid! Dude you seem to be suffering from some sort of disorder. BPD and substance abuse is a sick cycle buddy, you need to put the latte down and seek help because there is something more than just coffee in your cup!

  5. Are you all there Latte Lover? that Ha Ha stuff must have been painstaking to do, not sure what message you were trying to get across here

    • Too much caffeine leads to hyperactivity not hyper-stupidity! On day this guy will be feeding pigeons in the park and there won’t be any birds in sight. Sad really, but so is following a team like the Roosters so it may be some form of avian hysteria. Best to keep your distance mate.

    • A similar thing happened to Ben Te’o over a false allegation of assault. In the case of Hayne they obviously haven’t done their homework on the guy. I find it very hard to believe there is any possibility this could be true. Just like with all such allegations there should never be a presumption of guilt on the accused. This will be sorted out after due process has had it’s chance and Hayne has had his day in court.

    • No judgement either, but should be suspended in same way snake was, since nrl still has never apologised they must feel they handled that correctly. What is it guilty until proven they are scam artists

      • I feel your pain there crowy. What the NRL did to Manly and Stewart was wrong. I don’t think I was posting on ZT at that time but I would have been calling for the same suspension and I would have been WRONG! It is too easy to presume guilt were there is none based entirely on sympathising with the gender that makes an accusation. Yes such claims need to be investigated and prosecuted and where proven beyond a reasonable doubt the player (person) guilty of the crime should not only face the full extent of the law but also be wiped from the game but there also needs to be a presumption of innocence until guilt is proven for the accused.

        A line has to be drawn somewhere even if the inconsistency stinks. In my view (as much as it would pain Manly supporters) I think Hayne should be allowed to play until there is a guilty verdict reached. Imagine if we set a precedent of automatic bans from the game for every accusation and on the eve of a GF in which Melbourne Storm are playing there is a vexatious and frivolous claim made against Cam Smith so he misses the GF and the Storm invariably lose without him playing only to have the charges dropped or disproved subsequent to this. The potential for misuse and abuse of this process could destroy the game and call into question a very process that is meant to protect genuine victims. I would hate to see that because of a flood of false accusations that the ensuing generation of true victims of violent crime have a presumption of guilt before the case is ever heard.

  6. I sincerely hope this isn’t true. I’m no Hayne fan, just a fan of the game. We don’t need more reasons to turn parents and kids away.

    • For mine suechi Hayne does not fit the profile. He has no history of this sort of behaviour, unlike James Roberts and Matt Lodge, and has never had a scandal off the field. There are times I might doubt Hayne’s commitment to the game on the field but not his commitment to his faith off it. He seems to be genuine in regards to his beliefs and his conduct has always been in keeping with these core beliefs. I agree though, players like Lodge and Roberts need to stop being given refuge by RL clubs who only seek to gain an advantage on the field without any thought to the damage being done to the game beyond this.

  7. From a legal standpoint nothing here to mulch or get engrossed over. The fact of the matter is the DA hasn’t pressed charges due to “lack of evidence”, this allegation will get thrown out of Court quicker it makes its way in.

    Seriously ladies, this is just pathetic! 1 – allowing yourself to get groomed to become unequivocally the object of sexual gratification 2 – cannot handle your liquor and 3 – Too drunk to remember whether consensual or not…. I smell a groupie looking for a pay check. Which is the norm in America per recent culture! So much for Beyonce and independent women aye! Go and work like the rest of us generic men to make a buck thanks!

    What this has done has exposed Hayne to some “please explain” for the wife! Afterall, didn’t he turn his back on the Titans to be closer to his wife and daughter at Parramatta? Jeepers! Great role model for the daughter isn’t he just 😂😂😂

    • “Great role model for the daughter isn’t he just”

      IF it is true and not just a load of concocted BS. Has Hayne at any point confirmed having physical relations with this woman or is it just a claim being made by her? I’m not one to presume guilt on the part of the victim but after what happened to Brett Stewart, Ben Te’o and yes, Jonathan Thurston I think it is clear there are always 2 sides to every story. The only likely outcome, given the fact that this case has already been dismissed in a US court due to lack of evidence, is that this will be thrown out of court and it is probably just an effort to get some hush money before the case is heard. As for the rest, well summed up and I agree. The only change I would make is to your final sentence; “Go and work like the rest of the men and women who work hard to make a buck”. Spot on as usual though mate. Cheers.

    • Considering the alleged incident happened in 2015, and he met his girlfriend early 2016, with his daughter being born in December of that year, i would say he doesn’t owe them any explanation.

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