SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 18: Jake Friend poses during a Sydney Roosters NRL training and media session at Allianz Stadium on September 18, 2017 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Zak Kaczmarek/Getty Images)

The Sydney Roosters have announced that captain Jake Friend has signed a two-year extension to remain with the Tricolours until at least the end of the 2020 season.

“The Sydney Roosters have played a huge role in my life, and I’m very proud to represent the Club,” said Friend.

“There’s a special group of people at the Roosters both on and off the field, and its exciting to know that I’ll continue to play my role here for a further two years,” he added.

Roosters recruitment manager Adam Hartigan was also pleased to have Friend locked into the Club’s long-term plans.

“Jake has worked his way through the Roosters pathway program, and has been with the Club almost half his life. Over that time, he has developed into a leader here, so it’s terrific to have him at the Club for a further two years,” said Hartigan.

Roosters head coach Trent Robinson added: “Jake is tireless in his efforts. He sets the tone at training and is constantly pushing both himself and those around him to improve.

“Jake has the respect of everyone at the Club and I’m really pleased that his experience will continue to benefit the team around him in the coming years,” said Robinson.

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Sydney Roosters 2019 Player Movements

2019 Gains
Egan Butcher (2019), Angus Crichton (South Sydney Rabbitohs, 2021), Ryan Hall (Leeds Rhinos, 2020), Brock Lamb (Newcastle Knights, 2019), Brett Morris (Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs, 2020)
2019 Losses
Kurt Baptiste (North Queensland Cowboys), Mitch Cornish (retired), Blake Ferguson (Parramatta Eels), Grant Garvey (released), Dean Matterson (released), Ryan Matterson (Wests Tigers), Paul Momirovski (Wests Tigers), Dylan Napa (Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs), Frank-Paul Nu'uausala (retired), Sean O'Sullivan (Brisbane Broncos), Chris Smith (Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs), Eloni Vunakece (retired)
Nat Butcher (2020), Boyd Cordner (2023), Jake Friend (2020), Luke Keary (2021), Isaac Liu (2021), Joseph Manu (2020), Latrell Mitchell (2020), Victor Radley (2023), Zane Tetevano (2019)
Off Contract 2019
Mitchell Aubusson, Cooper Cronk, Joshua Curran, Brock Lamb, Zane Tetevano, Sitili Tupouniua


  1. I really respect Jake Friend as a player in the game, as a leader on the field and as a reformed footballer who has turned his life around following numerous off-field dramas earlier in his career and who is now a role model for players who have gone off the rails. That said, Friend has just proven he is more goose than rooster, or perhaps he was too chicken to give the Roosters what they deserved after shopping him around to make room under the cap for Cooper Cronk. That is until the Chooks eased Mitchell Pearce out the door (despite years of faithful service) and set Nikorima up to take the fall. What an exercise in creative accounting!

    I really thought there was a chance that either Jake Friend or Boyd Cordner would go to the Knights. Hopefully Cordner will still follow his 4 mates to Newcastle or the Bunnies might just pinch Cordner from under Politis’ nose IF Cordner is secretly unhappy about the treatment of Pearce and wants out. If not I fear for the career of the fringe tier 1 player who is just about to find out that they have a drug problem in order to fit Cordner in under the cap.

    • Luckily not all people in society are as hard done by as you and your rabbits and have a suitable amount of resilience.

    • Luckily not all people in society are as hard done by as you and your rabbits community. Friend seems to have a certain element of resilience, very rarely associated with petulance and immaturity.

      As for your last sentence, I have no idea how you can look in the mirror and take yourself seriously. For your husbands sake I hope he is never home 10 minutes late. Roll out the Spanish Inquisition.

      • Had to rethink that one did we? Thought you found a better finish to your barb did you? Well, it still needs polish. As for “petulance and immaturity”, mate I just complimented Friend deluxe and you are still carrying on like a goose. What is the nicest thing you have had to say about South Sydney or any Rabbitohs player on this site? Waiting for you to repost that gem.

        • That will teach me to stop reading your dribbling comments half way through…

          I stand corrected; “for your husbands sake…” now THAT is a classic example of “petulance and immaturity”. It is clear that Madrooster and easts75 are still at school and have just started school holidays. Heaven help us all.

    • Totally agree 2004. Now prepare yourself, there will soon be a dozen or more posts from angry Roosters fans (the sum totally of their club membership) posting angry demands for you to PROVE your assertions with links (urls) to back up your claims (just as they NEVER do). Any minute now… just wait… should be soon now… anytime…

      So it IS just me then. That level of attention and preoccupation (bordering on obsession) is really quite flattering (in a “Silence of the Lambs” kind of way). Thanks guys!

    • Just wait 2004, Boyd Cordner is the next re-signing to be announced. Don’t be concerned though, Uncle Nick has a brown paper bag factory and will never run out and as their is no ceiling to the Roosters cap don’t be surprised if SBW and Izzy Folau are soon to follow.

    • Cheers. See what I mean though 2004? Did you get burned for your comment? You just said the same thing that many others have said here already. It just goes to show the rampant hypocrisy on this site of tr0lls who are so desperate to be my “groupies” that that they are just so focused on me that they don’t notice or care about anyone else. It’s flattering yet creepy at the same time. Hey MW47, I think I have more followers now than Barack Obama or Oprah Winfrey!

      • Look up the use of juxtaposition and hyperbole as comedic devices to create irony.

        I have already posted a reply to your overly literal “groupie” definition but it has clearly gone over your head. Sorry I didn’t realise you were only 3 feet tall and one of 🎩🎩🎩 fellow mascots. So are you Reefy or MC Hammerhead?

        Now at least I finally understand why you can’t reach the high standards set by others here and why like our recently departed 🎩🎩🎩 you are always angry and resentful. It also makes perfect sense why you are always on your soapbox. Is you handle Samoan for Ewok? 😂😂😂

  2. sstid little light reading for you
    BRONCOS 34,475 31,930 -2545
    STORM 16,308 17,004 +696
    COWBOYS 17,260 16,512 -748
    EELS 13,929 16,419 +2490
    ROOSTERS 10,235 15,758 +5523
    KNIGHTS 14,561 15,619 +1058
    RAIDERS 13,806 14,100 +294
    BULLDOGS 15,057 14,040 -1017
    TITANS 13,806 13,688 -118
    TIGERS 15,397 13,551 -1846
    DRAGONS 13,632 13,334 -298
    SHARKS 14,577 13,196 -1381
    PANTHERS 13,548 12,922 -626
    SEA EAGLES 12,250 11,943 -307
    WARRIORS 14,302 11,754 -2548
    RABBITOHS 14,331 10,903 -3428

    South’s clearly have the least fans in the league can’t even keep up with trio of strugglers knight tigers and titans.

    • Souths supporters love bagging the roosters 🐔 supporters on how large in numbers they are yes you have more members BUT the Roosters 🐔 have real supporters who attend games I have not missed a season since 1972 through the good and the bad times

      • Most of the members they have are also pet memberships so there numbers are false just like there teeth. Probably do there cars and potplants as lifetime members

      • @ MW47

        Classic! These clowns actually think that they can create a new profile and post as if they are “someone else” and think that I won’t notice. They think I am some dumb cat that will chase a laser light all over the floor. Keep making up false stats you “Fake News” boys. Why don’t you post the link for that “Tutti Fruity”?

      • We can count to 21 but the Sydney Roosters can only count to 1 (their sole trophy in 2002). That is the only time the name “Sydney Roosters” appears on the premiership list, apart from 2013 when the Roosters were over the cap and that will be wiped in due course. Good luck getting to number 2.

        • No Tutti Fruity, same entity, same name, same registration, same club, same history along with ALL 21 titles. Aren’t you late for a fruit salad or something? Pineapples, you must be popular over Christmas with all the ham floating about so dress one don’t BE one.

  3. As for the link anyone. Can ggogle it unless your to old to use it and your still typing URL, in which case I understand we can’t all move forward at the same pace

    Some people move forward others live in the past where there premierships came from a tiny comp.

    As for over the cap lol. Have you ever negotiated a salary before the general managers know exactly how much there willing to pay a person, and if they don’t like it there welcome to find opportunities elsewhere, not the roosters fault that most of the clubs are poorly managed..

    And fake profiles don’t make me laugh I’m my own entity I only appear when someone is being a douche. Mostly because I forget my password and don’t want to go through the hastle of resetting. So sstd you should ashamed that I’ve been awokened

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