Incoming Brisbane Broncos coach Kevin Walters is set on rebuilding their roster.

Walters isn't holding back, telling The Daily Telegraph there would be some "big changes" to a team that finished 3-17 this season to receive the wooden spoon.

The Daily Telegraph’s Paul Kent said that Walter is making these changes to benefit his coaching style - this includes moving on big names and players, with prop Matt Lodge reportedly in the danger zone.

Lodge, who is contracted until 2022, spent only 37 minutes on the ground in round 13, to which x-rays later found a hairline fracture in his tibia, ending his 2020 season.

Walters said he plans on ridding the club of their egotistical culture which he believes brought the whole playing team down this past year.

“There will be some changes next year” he told The Daily Telegraph.

“There will be some big changes too, not just small changes.

“It won’t be player 25 or 26 or 27 being moved on, it will be the other end as well.”

However, there are speed bumps along the way for Walters if he were to make changes,  as many players have contracts beyond the 2020 season.

The Daily Telegraph’s Phil Rothfield begged the question as to how Walters is going to get around this hurdle.

“How does he do that? They’re all under contract,” he said.

“You just go and do it,” Kent responded.

“You do what the Warriors did. They went out and they wanted a tough, hard-nosed front-rower. They picked Addin Fonua-Blake but he had two years to go on his contract... did not matter.

“It’s negotiation, contracts don’t mean anything these days. They don’t mean anything if you can do the negotiating. You’ve got to be clever at that and that’s what the Broncos have got to do.”