CommBank Stadium
CROWD: 16,342

Match Summary



Bryce Cartwright 14'
B. Cartwright 14'
Brendan Hands 56'
B. Hands 56'
Dylan Edwards 33'
D. Edwards 33'
Zac Hosking 71'
Z. Hosking 71'
Mitchell Moses 15'
M. Moses 15'
Mitchell Moses 58'
M. Moses 58'
Nathan Cleary 35'
N. Cleary 35'
Nathan Cleary 72'
N. Cleary 72'
Mitchell Moses 26'
M. Moses 26'
Mitchell Moses 64'
M. Moses 64'
Nathan Cleary 39'
N. Cleary 39'
Mitchell Moses 81'
M. Moses 81'
Nathan Cleary 79'
N. Cleary 79'

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Forty Twenty Kicks
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Live Commentary

FULLTIME: Eels 17 - Panthers 16
1-POINT FIELD GOAL! Mitchell Moses
That will be that. Mitchell Moses slots the field goal from 15 metres out from the Eels, and the blue and gold have their first win of the season!

82': Eels 16 - Panthers 16
Back underway, and Mitch Kenny will now finish the game in the sin bin. Solid first set from the Panthers, but then in the kick chase, Mitch Kenny commits a high shot. 12 on 12.

REGULATION FULLTIME: Eels 16 - Panthers 16
Cleary! Steps up from 45 out and nails it!

Extra time.

80' Eels 16 - Panthers 14
Penalty! Hosking is hit high over the top by Paulo. Gutherson challenges, and as a result, Paulo finds himself in the sin bin. 17 seconds to go. Penrith will be up against 12.

79": Eels 16 - Panthers 14
A pretty meek surrender from the Eels there at the end of the set with Dylan Brown taking the last tackle, but they turn it over in the corner. Penrith have to go 100 metres in a minute.

78': Eels 16 - Panthers 14
The Eels are through their 39th set out of 41, and the Panthers drop the ball coming out of trouble. Edwards looked to pass for Tago, but he drops it cold. Under 2 minutes to go.

77': Eels 16 - Panthers 14
The Eels might have got away with one there, a possible high shot on Isaah Yeo in the middle. No whistle though, and the Eels will have to bring it away from their own line again after a kick is handled.

76': Eels 16 - Panthers 14
The Panthers applying plenty of pressure here, but unable to crack the Eels just for the moment. Gutherson with a great take of a high ball under the pump, and the Eels will bring it out from their own end with four minutes to play.

73': Eels 16 - Panthers 14
CONVERSION! Nathan Cleary
Cleary slots the conversion from right in front.

72': Eels 16 - Panthers 12
TRY! Zac Hosking
The Panthers on the attack, and this time they will score! Zac Hosking runs onto an absolutely beautiful ball from Nathan Cleary to run through a yawning gap in the line and score.

71': Eels 16 - Panthers 8
The Panthers now with a penalty as they come out of their own end. They'll need to find some points here.

68': Eels 16 - Panthers 8
James Fisher-Harris has almost produced something of a miracle there. Scramble on the last from Penrith, and the big prop ultimately put a grubber through, got it back, but then was pulled up by desperate defence as Parramatta defend this eight-point lead.

65': Eels 16 - Panthers 8
PENALTY GOAL! Mitchell Moses
Moses slots the penalty goal, and the Eels are 15 minutes away from their first win of the season with an eight-point advantage.

64': Eels 14 - Panthers 8
Very, very lazy from Leota. Could have pulled out of a tackle on Mitchell Moses after he kicked the ball, only jogging, and gives away the penalty. Treated him very, very softly, but it was late, so the penalty is awarded.

Moses will take a shot at penalty goal to put the Eels up eight.

61': Eels 14 - Panthers 8
Back into the arm wrestle then. Set for set, and the Eels look to be just on top, but not by much as this game continues at a ferocious pace.

58': Eels 14 - Panthers 8
CONVERSION! Mitchell Moses
Moses slots the conversion, and the Eels are up by 6.

57': Eels 12 - Panthers 8
TRY! Brendan Hands
Hands! On debut! He is over with the Eels on a long-range effort. In support after a break through the line, and Parramatta are back in front of the game.

55': Eels 8 - Panthers 8
Soni Luke is done for the night. Category 1 HIA. He will also miss next week's fixture.

55': Eels 8 - Panthers 8
The Panthers looked to have forced a drop out with the ball heading dead out of a challenge in the air from a Cleary kick. Gutherson not impressed with referee Klein and immediately challenges. Turuva has knocked on though, so it will be a 20-metre restart and seven-tackle set for Parramatta.

53': Eels 8 - Panthers 8
The Eels can't make anything after the penalty, then Penrith go onto the attack and a Nathan Cleary grubber fails to generate anything for Penrith.

J'maine Hopgood is in backplay at the moment and he will be headed off for a head injury assessment.

Soni Luke will be heading the same way. He had only just come onto the park.

51': Eels 8 - Panthers 8
More set for set here, but then Stephen Crichton gives away a penalty for high contact. Not sure about that one, but the Eels will point to the penalty Maika Sivo gave away on the stroke of halftime and suggest the game is even now.

48': Eels 8 - Panthers 8
The pace of this game is electric. It just continues to go back and forth, and you feel like there will be plenty of points in it down the stretch here with tiring defences. Set for set just at the moment.

45': Eels 8 - Panthers 8
Good news for Jarome Luai - his shoulder injury has been classed as a 'stinger' and he is back out there in the second half here for the Panthers.

Parramatta push out of their own end after that Penrith error, and a Moses bomb is held brilliantly by Turuva.

43': Eels 8 - Panthers 8
The Panthers pushing back out of their own end after an even start to the second half, but a penalty will bring them right onto the attack. They can't do much with it though - that was disgusting attack with the Panthers making a mistake.

HALFTIME: Eels 8 - Panthers 8
The Eels have no right to be only tied up here, but that's how they will go to the sheds after a late try and penalty goal for the Panthers to square things up.

It felt at various times like the Panthers were on the front foot, but unable to capitalise, with the Eels able to put on the opening try of the game through Bryce Cartwright. Mitchell Moses' kicking game was pinpoint accurate, and the Parramatta starting forwards made plenty of headway early.

The Penrith bench - as it did in last year's grand final - have dominated though, with Spencer Leniu and Scott Sorensen both playing excellently.

The second half is about 10 minutes away, and we will be back with that live.

40': Eels 8 - Panthers 8
So, Penrith will take the shot at penalty goal to round out the half, and Nathan Cleary locks the game up from out wide.

That's halftime.

39': Eels 8 - Panthers 6
The Panthers receive a penalty out of their own end and will work right onto the attack here. Inside 20 with three plays to go in fact. Six again called then as well, and the Panthers will swing it right, but Zac Hosking is smashed by Maika Sivo. It's ruled high for the contact on the ground after the tackle, which was fair in the first instance.

38': Eels 8 - Panthers 6
The Panthers starting to take over this game, pushing all the way onto the attack before a Nathan Cleary mid height kick will leave the Eels bringing it off their own line again. The Eels have to kick from their own side of halfway.

Problems for Penrith though - Jarome Luai has reeled out of a tackle in that set and is nursing a shoulder. Assume he will try to make it through to halfway in a couple of minutes.

36': Eels 8 - Panthers 6
CONVERSION! Nathan Cleary
Cleary slots this over from right in front. The Eels have dominated, but find themselves just two points ahead five minutes out from the halftime break.

34': Eels 8 - Panthers 4
TRY! Dylan Edwards
The Eels have to kick from deep in their own half this set through Moses, and the Panthers now starting to get back onto the front foot territory wise as they roll to halfway on the third play of the set from Salmon who is out there now. And that will be enough - the Panthers are over through Dylan Edwards!

They crack the Eels through the middle with Isaah Yeo opening things up running a great line, offloading to Sorensen, who links with Edwards and he runs away to score.

32': Eels 8 - Panthers 0
Spencer Leniu has come into the game and makes an immediate difference for the Panthers as they roll onto the attack. A Nathan Cleary chip kick on the last tackle is wrapped up nicely by Waqa Blake though, so the Eels survive with their eight-point lead in tact.

This half is being played at an incredible pace.

31': Eels 8 - Panthers 0
Dylan Edwards just continues to wrap thins up at the back here for the Panthers. Comes across the park to wrap this kick up from Moses, and will earn Penrith a 20-metre restart and seven-tackle set on the back of it. Reagan Campbell-Gillard is over the 100-metre mark for the night.

30': Eels 8 - Panthers 0
Another penalty for the Eels, this time against Stephen Crichton as Parramatta work their way out of their own end. The penalty count is 4-1 in favour of the blue and gold.

29': Eels 8 - Panthers 0
The Eels receive a set restart in this set and use that to work their way right onto the attack. Moses comes up with another good grubber, but a tackle early, and this time Dylan Edwards makes it out of the in goal, so the Panthers get their hands back onto the football, although will have to work it out of trouble.

27': Eels 8 - Panthers 0
PENALTY GOAL! Mitchell Moses
Mitchell Moses slots this from right in front and the Eels take their lead beyond a converted try.

26': Eels 6 - Panthers 0
Nathan Cleary takes a stab at a short drop out, but it doesn't make the ten-metre zone with Parramatta to take a shot at penalty goal from right in front.

25': Eels 6 - Panthers 0
Sunia Turuva with a last-ditch save here. It'll be another drop out, but he saves a certain try after another excellent grubber from Mitchell Moses. Ryan Matterson, just quietly, has been very busy on his return here.

24': Eels 6 - Panthers 0
The Panthers still look for the most part as if they are winning the arm wrestle in the middle here, but a good set from the Eels backed up by a clever grubber kick from Mitchell Moses will force the Panthers into a drop out.

19': Eels 6 - Panthers 0
Sets each way after the restart, then a penalty brings Parramatta onto the attack. They are inside the 30 again early in the set, but Waqa Blake spills it in the play the ball.

16': Eels 6 - Panthers 0
CONVERSION! Mitchell Moses
Moses has no trouble slotting this over from next about halfway between the uprights and the sideline.

15': Eels 4 - Panthers 0
TRY! Bryce Cartwright
The Eels attack looks very shaky here. Flat-footed and off time, with the ball hitting the ground during that set before some slow plays follow. They are set up centre field in the attacking zone though, and a grubber through the line from Dylan Brown will see Bryce Cartwright slide onto the ball and score the opening try.

12': Eels 0 - Panthers 0
The Panthers all over the Eels here, and they will force a drop out off an excellent Nathan Cleary attack. That all comes to nothing though with Maika Sivo flying through the air from the short drop out to get the ball back for the blue and gold.

11': Eels 0 - Panthers 0
The Panthers now win a penalty to come out of their own end and will go onto the attack right here.

10': Eels 0 - Panthers 0
The Panthers right back onto the attack. Yeo with a half break through the middle, then Cleary finds Luke Garner on the last and he was halfway through, but ultimately is tackled with a handover to follow. Penrith certainly winning the early arm wrestle here and this is starting to look eerily similar to the 2022 grand final.

8': Eels 0 - Panthers 0
Penrith now firing up in a big way in defence. The Eels will only make it back to about 35 out from their own line before Moses kicks long and Edwards brings it back, linking with Stephen Crichton on a long ball, but he can't break or bend the line.

7': Eels 0 - Panthers 0
The Panthers have their first attacking raid of the night without success, then Parramatta are able to work it back down the other end. They pin Penrith in their own end, but Cleary kicks early out of his own 30-metre zone, which will force the Eels to bring it back off their own line.

5': Eels 0 - Panthers 0
The Eels certainly winning the early possession battle here, and now the first penalty as well on halfway. Mitchell Moses takes the quick tap, and then Ryan Matterson has Parramatta inside of the 20-metre zone halfway through the set. A very sloppy finish to the set however and it'll result in a handover.

3': Eels 0 - Panthers 0
The Panthers get through their first set strongly as well, and this one is underway solidly. J'maine Hopgood goes up the middle with a strong run to bring the Eels onto the attack in the next set, with a bomb to the corner on the last, but Dylan Edwards makes a great catch above the pack.

1': Eels 0 - Panthers 0
Away we go at Parramatta with light rain falling. Eels with first use of the ball, and it'll be a solid first set to halfway before the high kick goes down to the corner and Sunia Turuva brings it back.

The two teams are on their way out at CommBank Stadium.

The Panthers come into tonight's game with the upper hand, there is little doubt about that. They might have lost their season-opener to the Broncos, but took the win against the Rabbitohs in Round 2 before having a week off last week which allowed a handful of injuries to recover.

The Eels, on the other hand, continue their difficult start to the season with another game against a team coming off the bye. Ryan Matterson is back for the blue and gold, but they are still searching for their first win with the pressure building on last year's grand finalists.

The weather has been somewhat miserable today in Sydney, with intermittent rain and showers littering the outlook. Expecting more rain to fall during the game as the Panthers and Eels clash for the first time since last year's grand final.

We are about 15 minutes out from kick-off.

The finals teams have been confirmed for this one, with the Panthers forced into a late change as Liam Martin pulls out through injury. Zac Hosking has slotted straight into the starting side in his absence.

Zero Tackle will be live blogging this enormous Round 4 clash between the Eels and Panthers on Thursday evening. Check back at kick-off for all the action LIVE!

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