Former NRL star Chris Sandow has put his hand up for a shock return to league football.

The 32-year-old told The Daily Telegraph's Dean Ritchie that he would jump at the chance to return to the NRL for a bargain $150,000 a season.

Despite not playing in the NRL since 2015, Sandow believes he still has the talent to compete at the highest level.

“I’ve still got something to offer and I’ve still got something to prove to myself. I just want that opportunity. A chance, that’s all I want. No club would regret it, no chance,” Sandow told The Daily Telegraph.

“There are things you just don’t lose – skill and knowledge. I could offer those to a lot of young guys who are a bit lost.

Sandow played 159 games in eight seasons for South Sydney and Parramatta, before a two-year stint at Warrington in the Super League.

He believes if he was to be given a chance to resurrect his career, his flair would draw fans to the game.

“I want to play unstructured footy because it’s too structured now. Once I do a full pre-season then it’s game over, I can let my footy do the talking.

“I found a lot of people don’t really watch the NRL these days because I’ve not played for many years.

“Once I’m happy – and you’ve seen me play — I play the best footy out there, I guess."

Sandow currently lives in Moranbah and works in coal production.


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