BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - FEBRUARY 23: Ethan Lowe of the Cowboys passes the ball during the NRL trial match and Jonathan Thurston/Cameron Smith Testimonial match between the Melbourne Storm and the North Queensland Cowboys at Suncorp Stadium on February 23, 2018 in Brisbane, Australia. (Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images)

Cowboys forward Ethan Lowe is set to sign with the South Sydney Rabbitohs, according to a report by the Daily Telegraph.

It is understood that the 27-year old is about to be released by North Queensland where he will then immediately sign with South Sydney.

A member of the Cowboys' 2015 premiership side, Lowe struggled through form woes last season to play 15 first-grade games.

The backrower made his NRL debut for North Queensland in 201 and has totalled 108 games. Lowe would become Wayne Bennett's first recruit since taking over the top job at South Sydney.

Lowe's departure will help free up the necessary salary for the Cowboys to sign Bronco Jordan Kahu as Ben Barba's replacement.

North Queensland half Jake Clifford said Kahu would fit the club's needs.

“I haven’t heard too much about it but he’s a very good player and if he does come to the club, he’s going to be a another good addition and he’ll be pushing for that fullback spot if he does come,” he told the Daily Telegraph. 

“If we do go on the market and buy someone, they’re going to buy someone that fits into our structure of play.”


  1. Wow, this must be true, the Daily Telegraph said so. I will believe it when he signs a contract. I wonder if its for South’s ISP team.

  2. So Bennett, who currently only has depth issues at wing, has decided to sign an out of form second rower who’ll likely hold Cameron Murray back instead of re-signing Robert Jennings.

  3. This is old News despite NOT being in the public domain until now.
    Souths Insiders know more than the average punter does!

    This was a possible signing in January, 5 weeks ago but George is now staying which scuttled this possible signing.
    If George decided to go, which he is now staying as everyone knows.

    The thinking was that George would free up cash to re-sign Jennings and also Lowe.

    The deal fell through.

    Souths have since moved on and signed up and comer youngster Tom Amone.

    Unless someone else like Turner moves on then don’t expect this to eventuate!

  4. How funny is this. Talk of signing more players to go with mostly duds that they have already blown money on and then this fellow is going to sign on while Jennings, who must have to much bone around his melon and only a small orange size brain, still does not get the hint that he is not wanted but he hangs around like a bad smell with the impossible dream that Bennett will sign

    I say shadow how is your ancient 16 unlimited tackle premierships before 1956 going. Souffths have only won one competition with the 6 tackle rule🤣😆😂😁, I see your juniors which all you soufffves Sydney boys love to spruik about are not much chop. Trying to buy another 2014 premiership. With a bunch of usless imports like Lowe💪🤣👍

  5. Will be on the bench for sure – but not a bad signing IMO. I can’t see Sutton playing 80 minutes. Plus he is a goal kicker if Reynolds is out.

  6. Why do you even care woodduck? got nothing to do with Easts.

    All teams buy players to go with their jnuiors, Easts buy players.

    Souths suffered greatly in the 70’s 80’s 90’s through lack of finance and lost heaps of players , where clubs like Easts and Manly, mainly Easts , profited from this, but their success was limited to a degree that Easts are still some 7 premierships behind Souths and they had well over 40 years to bridge the gap, not good.

    But lets look at how Souths and Easts are perceived by history.

    Souths are referred to has the pride of the league, also, when Souths are going good, so is rugby league, I don’t see Easts EVER mentioned in that respect, infact Easts being the second foundation club currently playing , you would think they would have more respect from the league world.

    Me, i reckon clubs like Parra, Canterbury, Penrith, St George Balmain wests Newtown Norths and yes Manly leave Easts for dead with supporters respect, that must be comforting hey woodduck, how do you feel that no club supporters have your team has their second side?

    For the record , i believe that Souths didn’t need to sign Lowe, why they did this is beyond me, but they know more than i do, so hopefully he works out well for us.

  7. Your an idiot b2b, Souths were illegially kicked out, Souths did not fold you fool, clutching at straws, at least we are still known by our original name, Easts have changed their name three times to attract supporters or what ever reason, how’s that going? not real good i’d imagine, the only reason the NRL have a draft on Easts being the first sydney club to be relocated is cause it would do little damage to the game in regards to supporters leaving the game, this is a fact.

    Can’t wait for the response from your mate woodduck with more facts and figures and whatever else he comes up with.

  8. CALLING SHADOW……..Souffths have won 9 spoons 😂😆🤣😁🤣😆😂😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮
    Souffs won 20 of their 21 ANCIENT premierships under a game that does not even resemble Rugby League today, 16 comps UP TO 1966 were won under the ridiculous unlimited tackle rule THEN and the other four were won under the 4 tackle rule INCLUDING the 1971 comp. They won 16 of them before 1955 that’s 64 years ago and they have won only won in the Modern era under the 6 tackle rule which was introduced at the beginning of the 1972 season.

    Easts 5 Modern 5 modern 6 tackle rule premierships🐓🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
    Souffffths 1 modern 6 tackle rule premiership 🐇🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄

    FACTS prove souffths are in the Roosters Shadow.

    Shadow if there is any mo re ancient history you would like me to assist you with then simply ask. For example After 2700 BC, the ancient Egyptians began building pyramids, until around 1700 BC. Other bits of ancient History is that Newtown is the oldest Rugby League club in Australia being formed on the 8th of January 1908 1 day before Glebe was registered.😮😮😮😮 Oh amazing facts ah.

  9. Hey Wooden Duck. You forgot to mention one other amazing fact. The 5 spoons the Rorters have won including 1 modern one. Lol. 😂😂😂🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🤧

  10. Souths successfuy sued the nrl, nswrl and news ltd. and every team in the competition and souths won the court case for being wrongfully expelled our history and the loss of moneys and the loss of two years thru the court case was over turned and therfore souths were reinstated to its rightful position.souths are now playing in its 111th season check wikipedia for details and souths are the only foundation club left without a name change FACT!!!

  11. Your going to be crying after round 1 old man penso, rabbits will start 2019 how they finished 2018, by getting dominated by the better team/club.

  12. They’ll go after Holmes when he returns this season.
    Holmes will not be picked up by an NFL side. Maybe the new AAF or the XLeague the year after.
    So he maybe not play NFL but he may play the other American Football Leagues BUT at a much much lower value. So I believe Holmes will return in 2019.

  13. And how’s that working out Crower re Woodduck, still got no fans, Easts are embrassed by their name that’s why they have changed it twice from Eastern suburbs, say what you want the fact is Easts only have a small part of Sydney and that part wants nothing to do with league and especially Easts, so go and crawl under what ever rock you came from, no one here respects anything you and woodduck say so give this site some creditablity and leave , give the roar a go, they deserve you guy’s even if you are both in one body.

  14. No way does Ethan Lowe(if he is picked up by Souths) starts in front of Cam Murray, Lowe is not fit to lick Murray’s boot laces. Cam Murray is a future captain of South’s and will play for his state and country at senior level sooner rather than later.

  15. Woodchook…………You are a GOOSE. Saint’s won their 11 straight premierships under the unlimited tackle rule (1956 to 1966). You can’t compare different eras, just like you can’t compare players from different eras. Saint’s were a champion team during that run of premierships, and you want to run your mouth off and belittle that feat……………..which will never be equalled.

  16. No we were rightfully handed back our loss of two years whilst in exile plus compensation from all of the nrl clubs/nswrl/news ltd and as stated in the court case souths was wrongfully done by and all illegal wrong doings were rewarded back to souths with a multi million dollar pay out to souths.souths are in their 111th year in 2019 and are the only foundation club without a name change unlike the sydney rorters whom are 7 premierships behind souths till this day winners are grinners even the defunct stgeorge dragons are still one premiership in front of the rorters so the rorters are forever in souths and saints shadow.

  17. Well if you want to include your side saint George in the Ancient History category then so be it. But Rugby League was a boring dull game with unlimited tackles and if a team has 40 tackles in a row mainly running out of dummy half until they end up barging their way over for a try then congratulations in winning 11 boring premierships way back over 60 years plus ago.

    Rugby League has evolved into a big business and a spender to the eye today and for TV ordinances all because in 1972 they turned the ancient old boring game into a spectacular 6 tackle game of which it is today. 1972 was the birth of Modern League and the best teams that adapted from that point onwards is Manly with 8 Premierships, Canterbury with 6 Roosters with 5 Brisbane with 5 and 6 if you would like to count the bodgy break away super league grand final. Melbourne with 3 or 5 if you happen to be a Melbourne fan

    The ancient history clubs who dominated in a game that resembles nothing like Rugby League today like Saints 2 and Souffves 1 are not so dominate in MODERN Rugby League.

    So before you shoot your big mouth off understand a few basic facts. Old rugby League played before 1972 is a completely different sport than Rugby League played in 1972 onwards. Sure they have the same name put that is all.🎱

  18. Shadow you dimwit all rugby League clubs were not sued by souffs. What do you think they all chipped in to compensate your useless club. Grow a brain mate.🧠 Souffths did not play for two season which means they have only played for 109 seasons. Here is the math for dummies like you.

    111 seasons – 2 seasons did not participate = 109 seasons in Rugby League. Shadow you stooge, They have been alive in Rugby League for 109 seasons. or the 111 season that have existed. Only one team has played every season. Easts💪🐔👍.

    Now if you would like to discus this personally then lets have a cuppa down at the Easts Leagues Club next week some time. I’m sorry you won’t be there, Is it because you cant read the name of the club when you walk down Spring St at Bondi Junction. Its called the EASTS LEAGUES CLUB. McFly hello McFly anybody home. you dimwit. 😂🤣😆😁😆🤣😂

  19. Fact is woodduck re Russ is that Souths juniors did assist Souths financially for many years, and still do, and don’t need or want anyone’s sympathy for the years we struggled, fact is Souths use Souths juniors quite often and were there when they won the 2014 premiership, that’s why i asked the question, why hasn’t Easts won more comps after 40 years of using our players and others when we were not competitive? makes Easts look terrible really, plus Souths need players for their ISP team that is called Souths, your team are now with the losers Norths, that will rub off on you woody, why not field your own team, Easts to stingey.

    Doesn’t matter how much spin you put on it Woody re Russ you’ll never win this argument

  20. Roosters won their premierships by having Uncle Nick and his bottomless pocket buy players from other teams. Imagine if Penrith held on to Brad Fittler. What Uncle
    nick wants… Uncle Nick gets !!! Can’t wait for the day when the chickens get found out for all the salary cap rorting and have their silverware sent to scrap metal 🤣

  21. I have to agree 100% with you on that point woody. If only for the reason that you put manly on top as the most successful club of the modern era! Now Iets drink to that Wood.🍾🥂🦅😉

  22. Zid Booza you need to lay off the turps mate. Penrith jumped ship to that rubbish super league and Fittler decided to stay loyal to the Original Organisation who had already expanded our game by adding new teams.

    Fittler walked from the traitors that back stabbed Rugby League. He followed his premiership winning coach over to the Roosters and together they layed the foundation of our club and turned us into a super power of the 21st century. 💪🐔👍

  23. Well I will drink to that but Ive been celebrating all day that souffs have only won one comp.💪🐔👍🍺 Nurse Ratchet will have to wheel me back to my room.

  24. Eelsalmighty will be upset leaving his team out of your list having won 4 premierships. That deserves a special mention even though it has been over 32 years between 🥂.

  25. Woodchook. You’ve confirmed my belief that you are a Goose. Take a look at my monocle… Satts13 should have given away the fact that I follow South’s NOT Saints. And for the record, your mob(I don’t even know what to call them………Eastern Suburbs, Sydney City Roosters or Sydney Roosters) won 9 of your 14 premierships under the UNLIMITED TACKLE RULE!!! Ever heard of the pot calling the kettle black? So to use your words, you can add your mob to the teams you refer to as “the ancient history clubs”. I will hand you the bill now………because you’ve just been served.

  26. Woodchook calls his mob a “superpower of the 21st century”………… What a joke. I’ll give you the punchline Woodchook. PAY ATTENTION; South’s junior teams 14 Rorters 4. South’s memberships 2019 = 27,721 Rorters membership 2019 = 12,488. And whilst I don’t have the figures for Jersey sponsorship vale, I can GUARANTEE you our brand is worth more than your mob’s What’s that about a “superpower”?

  27. satts 13 your another dunce souffths man are you. Of coarse we won 9 comps in the dark ages of inlimited tackle footy. But I have left that old ancient history long ago. There is nothing to brag about in bringing up Ancient History. Do you think the Greeks go around these days telling every person they meet, we ruled the world a few thousand years ago with Alexander the Great. Clown🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

    My we are slow satts13. did they hit your jaw to hard in that grand final back in the old days of 4 tackle rules mate. I am talking about modern footy that we play today under the 6 tackle rule. that’s all that really matters for todays generation. Modern Footy not ancient history.

    Seen as though your into ancient history the video link below will show you how footy was played in 1935. The players can’t even play the ball.🤣😂😆😁😂🤣😆 and clowns like you want to brag about winning 20 comps under those conditions. Mate your a clown🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡😆🤣😂😁

  28. 2000 onwards 21st Century stats

    Sydney Roosters 3 Premierships, 3 World Club Challenge Cups, 5 Minor Premierships, Grand Finals 7, Runners Up 4

    souffths rabbit 1 Premierships, 1 World Club Challenge Cup, Grand Final 1

    😂😆😂🤣🤣😁🤣🤣😆 roosters are a super power winning 11 trophies to souffths 2.

    I REST MY CASE …..💪🐔👍

  29. WoodChook February 19, 2019 at 10:46 pm
    2000 onwards 21st Century stats
    Sydney Roosters 3 Premierships, 3 World Club Challenge Cups, 5 Minor Premierships, Grand Finals 7, Runners Up 4
    souffths rabbit 1 Premierships, 1 World Club Challenge Cup, Grand Final 1
    roosters are a super power winning 11 trophies to souffths 2.

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