GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 28: Josh Dugan of the Sharks leaves the field injured during the round eight NRL match between the Gold Coast Titans and Cronulla Sharks at Cbus Super Stadium on April 28, 2018 in Gold Coast, Australia. (Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images)

Sharks star Josh Dugan will not play in Friday night’s Elimination Final clash after failing to overcome a shoulder injury.

It is a big loss for Cronulla who are already without key forward Wade Graham for the rest of the season due to a ruptured ACL.

Dugan was reduced to tears at a media session on Tuesday after stating the public had misconstrued bad boy perception of him, opening up on the mental health demons he had faced.

“[I] wasn’t expecting it. [It’s] pretty delicate. We’ve sort of been working with Josh but we didn’t expect that,” Flanagan said.

“We’re dealing with him. It’s a delicate situation and we need to deal with it in the right manner. Not through the media. Maybe [Tuesday] was a good thing for Josh to get it off his chest… he’s been ok.

“The whole club has [rallied around him]. With all our players we’ve got to make sure they’re ok. Sometimes we think they’re big and strong but sometimes we need to look a little bit deeper.”

Flanagan urged fans to be be respectful of Dugan.

“Josh, we’ve all said, has made his mistakes,” he said.

“He’s got to stand up to those. He’s a young man that is trying to do his best and is working hard behind the scenes and we’ll continue to work hard with him.”


  1. ZT whats the go with having to answer 2 questions?
    who do you think will win the GF ? Melbourne…..
    are you over 18 ? ummm , let me guess ,if i say yes i’l get spam mail from ladbrokes ? ahh no not over 18 thanks

  2. He is going to find it hard to gain sympathy from the public when he calls a journalist a f..kwit in the media one day, and starts crying saying he is misunderstood, not a “bad boy”, the next day.
    Don’t blame mental demons.
    Blame your bad choices.

  3. But hes right about the journalists… Nothing wrong with being honest there. Cheer up Duges, get your shoulder right for the Storm game following week mate.

  4. Oh its pathetic, again this wanna be man acts about a head knock from Latrell Mitchell, runs around the rest of the game with no signs of injury. Gets backlash from all media outlets about milking penalties by staying down every game. Now like a woman bungs on the crying game to receive sympathy, on its non arrival, he then proceeds to fake a shoulder injury to camouflage his embarrassment of being exposed for an actor. Totally full on Acadamy Award trophy needs to be presented to this kid, who in the mean time has robbed the finals of an extraordinary talent in Mitchel with his antics. This boy is a drama queen.

    • Spot on Rusty, how does this bloke live with himself knowing he has lied about the so called tackle that suspended Mitchell. Any wonder he is depressed and making up more fibs about a sore shoulder keeping him out for the weekend. karma will is already visiting this clown🤡

    • I laugh how Flanagan says people should treat Dugan with respect when that poor excuse of a man can’t do the same. Surely one of his tats says “born to lose”

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