Out-of-favour Gold Coast playmaker Ryley Jacks is a growing chance to return to Melbourne after not receiving an extension from the Titans, according to The Courier-Mail.

Jacks has gained interest league-wide since being shown the door by the Titans, with the Raiders the most attracted to his signature, but the Storm have now joined the race for 27-year-old.

Melbourne have close to $80,000 to splash following Billy Walters' move to the Wests Tigers, with Jacks confident he can fill the void with a second stint in purple.

Melbourne will be keen to hold onto Brodie Croft as the Broncos begin to hunt for the Storm playmaker, but if Brisbane is to get their man then Jacks could be Storm's newest No.7.


  1. A big chase for two fairly ordinary halves.
    Brisbane would be better off trying to steal Lam from the Chickens. His path will now be blocked by Keary & Flanagan there.

  2. Penrith are his best bet for a first grade spot with Maloney off to England. Lui like Cleary are overrated and he could easily find himself in A grade taking either one of those players position.

    His other best chance is probably at Souths with Walker not a team player whatsoever. A place beckons him there also.

  3. Dave99, we shall see. Both players are great. Now with Maloney gone, finally, Nathan will play much better. Nathan’s best games has been when Maloney wasn’t playing.

  4. As Dave is again most likely WoodHead. Not really worth commenting on.
    However, I’d prefer Cleary, Luai & Burton to either of the above Jacks & Croft.
    Hopefully, Penrith can fit all three in. With Luai in the centres , or fill in hooker.
    Melboune would as well. If they could buy them.

  5. EastsAreDivine I’m plesed you admit what I said. By you suggesting Luai could play in the centres has alarm bells ringing that he is first to be moved out of the halves department.
    Like I said both Cleary and Luai are overrated.

  6. Jarome Hughes is an excellent player, and will get much better next year. Storm should not go for a 2nd grade player like Jacks. Jacks will be more of a back-up player if anything.

  7. Still baffled why Bellamy switched his spine about 2 weeks after wrapping up the Minor Premiership.
    What coach in his right mind drops his halfback, after Croft guided the club to a huge 6 point Minor Premiership and plays his semi final campaign with a fullback rookie as a halfback?
    I reckon Melbourne need a new coach or else give Bellamy a thorough medical examination.

  8. Dave99

    On the contrary, I think it was a good move. Primarily the move was to get Pappenhousen into the team. Pappy plays best at full back and was offering big stats and a degree of unpredictability to the Storm’s attack. Up until that point, Pappy had only played off the bench. So Paps to full back but Jahrome was going too well to be dropped so he went to 7 and Croft was dropped.

    Croft is a bit of a liability defensively plus he had clashed with a couple of senior players. His attitude wasn’t right for Bellamy and hence he was dropped.

    As a storm fan, I am glad Bellamy made these changes and I think he will stick with them next year.

  9. I believe it disrupted the entire Melbourne squad which cost them a grand final place and possibly a premiership.
    Was Smith one of the players he clashed with? If so it was for nothing if he ends up retiring like the media a speculating.

  10. I didn’t actually read most of what you wrote DaveWood.
    The idea came from Luai playing well for Samoa at hooker & well at centre against Newcastle. So nothing to do with you.
    I think all three are good players & it would be nice to see the three of them in first grade.
    Just glad none of them are at the Cluckers. To add to their collection.

  11. Dave99

    Yes Smith was one of the players he clashed with.

    It was certain officials in the Storm v Canberra game that cost them a place. I know those officials were stood down but that is what cost them.

  12. I see Rucky, however on the playing field to take away the teams halfback who calls all the shots all year is a massive blow to any team.

    I remember a few years ago Canberra were running red hot favourites to take another premiership but Stuart broke his ankle and Canberra got knocked out before the grand final. Same thing happened to Newcastle in 2002 when Johns was ruled out on the eve of the semis with his neck injury. Missed the Grand final.

    Last season the Roosters showed how important a half is by allowing Cronk to play with one arm. If Bennett when he had two Australian rep sides to win all those comps with the Broncos dropped Langer before the semis then he would have less premierships for dropping Langer.

    Smith at Melbourne might think he runs the show but halfbacks run the show not dummyhalfs. Melbourne and Smith have missed Cronk. But this year with a hungry half who lost last years grand final, had all the motivation to lead them to glory this year. In my opinion I beleive Bellamy has made a massive error.

  13. What crap WoodDave.
    You said halfback, not halves run the team. Keary has been more important to your Cluckers than Cronk. Just look his wonderful they looked against Newcastle earlier in the year. Mitchell was 5/8th & Cronk played. They were no where near as good without Keary.
    As if the Canberra hooker Hodgson hasn’t been running the team there. That’s what’s made their effort this year so great. A fairly ordinary halfback & a good player at 5/8th, who isn’t the greatest 5/8th.
    If just a couple more things had gone their way , they could have won it all.
    True, if one of their halves were better in those positions, they’d have had an even better chance of winning. Though it can be the 5/8th who’s the best half. Doesn’t have to be the halfback.

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