SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 16: Josh Reynolds of the Tigers looks on before the round 1 NRL match between the Wests Tigers and the Manly Warringah Sea Eagles at Leichhardt Oval on March 16, 2019 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)

NRL boss Todd Greenberg is keen to make a decision before February 14 on whether Maika Sivo and Josh Reynolds will be stood down ahead of the NRL Nines, according to The Sydney Morning Herald.

The Wests Tigers are awaiting a decision from the league on Reynolds to determine if the club will have the funds in the salary cap to sign a new hooker. Moses Mbye is currently training in the position, but no decision will be made until Reynolds' fate has been decided.

Sivo and Reynolds returned to training in the new year unsure of whether they would even be able to play in round one with looming court cases after both were facing serious charges.

With such a big decision for the league, the NRL have made it clear that they would like the issues resolved before the new season arrives.

Per the league's policy, players charged with an offence that have a maximum jail sentence of 11 years or more are required to be stood down until the case is resolved in court, with Greenberg also having the power to stand down players who have lesser charges depending on the incident.

Reynolds will return to court on July 23 after pleading not guilty to a domestic violence charge where Reynolds allegedly assaulted his ex-partner leading to bruises on her right arm and left leg.

Eels winger Sivo will return to court on February 17 (he has been excused from attending) after being charged with indecent assault after he reportedly touched the skirt of a waitress in Fiji on Boxing Day.

Both Sivo and Reynolds' alleged offences are less than 11 years in jail, but with both cases involving women, being stood down by Greenberg seems a likely decision.

In 2019, Greenberg stood down Manly centre Dylan Walker and Panthers player Tyrone May because of their charges despite both players facing charges of carried sentences less than 11 years.

May pleaded guilty to recording four sex tapes without the women's consent in them, while Walker faced allegations of domestic violence.

The NRL Nines pre-season tournament will be held in Perth on the 14th and 15th of February, and the league will tell Sivo and Reynolds of their fates before then and if both will be available for round one.

Over the next month, the Rugby League's players union will be in constant communication with the league in regards to the clarity of the stand down rule in the hopes of being able to understand the guidelines and fully comprehend the circumstances where players will ultimately be affected by the stand down policy.


  1. Tyrone May was banned from playing last year, rightfully so, these two should suffer then same consequences.

  2. Reynolds has to be stood down. He said harsh words to a woman on a video. Such flagrant anti-human behaviour should incur the death penalty.

  3. There is plenty more to this story with Josh and that’s a fact that will come out in due time. As per usual there’s 2 sides to every story… And if what I’m told is true then he will be lining up in round 1

  4. Panthers – I might be wrong but I think Saints got some, but not much, cap concession for De Belin being stood down that allowed them to sign Kaufusi (sadly Patrick not Felise). Hardly a like-for-like in my book. I’m not complaining about the concession being too small, if it was the same salary as the player stood down it would be rawted like everything else in RL.

  5. Panthers girl you can’t be serious,suggesting sivo miss the whole year.He tugged on her dress to get her attention and yes he should serve a few weeks but he did’nt film himself acting like a total typical westie and send it to he’s friends like may.
    The whole game is a joke fifita can bash a security guard and suprise suprise get away with it.Matt lodge can bash a bloke illegally enter an apartment and scare the blokes poor kids and is allowed to play nrl…Yet falou can’t.I am not suprised though greenburg is the most corrupt boss we all know his ben barba cover ups whilst he was at the dogs.

  6. Also Did’nt sivo have witnesses there saying he did not do anything wrong?
    It seemed a bit odd that he’s charge got upgraded after he initially got charged for indecent annoyance

  7. Panthers 18 Penrith got to bring Brent naden into the squad. And as for de belin the dragons waited to long to seek a replacement. Dragons were behind de belin winning he’s court case against the nrl. But once he lost the season was already halfway through, so they could only use half of jacks salary

  8. Well they let Fifita off so Sivo and Reynolds will get a diamond ring.

    BUT the NRL is full of hypocrisy so they’ll both get 4-6 weeks.

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