The collective bargaining agreement continues to dominate headlines, and now Wests Tigers' chairman Lee Hagipantelis has thrown the NRLW season into doubt.

While the men's salary cap is one issue, it's only a small part of the larger issues that the Rugby League Players Association are fighting for against the NRL.

They include issues surrounding funds for retired players dealing with injuries and the grassroots game, as well as the NRLW competition.

It's the first time the women's game will be included in the collective bargaining agreement, but as it stands, they have no prior agreement to work under like the men, meaning no players are signed to contracts, no fixtures have been announced, and any training is being done without insurance.

Hagipantelis told SEN Radio this week that there is now a very real chance the NRLW season may not happen.

“We're reaching a critical stage, there's no doubt. These negotiations have been going for quite some time now,” Hagipantelis said on SEN Radio.

“It's reaching the point of no return. If it continues on like this with this degree of uncertainty, it may put the NRLW at risk for 2023. I know that's a big call.

“But at the moment, the lack of information that's coming to us as to the signing of players, scheduling, and the like, is making it incredibly difficult, if not impossible, for us to further that program.”

The Tigers are one of four clubs scheduled to join the now ten-team competition, which is due to kick off during the second half of the men's competition.

It's understood the men's playing group may collectively decide to abandon pre-season trials in the coming days if no agreement can be struck, with teams already avoiding pre-season media commitments.