The second-row forward was recently speculated to be considering backflipping on his Roosters contract to re-sign with South Sydney - though Angus Crichton has been quick to shut rumours down.

The Blues player signed a three-year contract to join the Tricolours from 2019; but with the Rabbitohs beginning to look like a genuine NRL premiership threat, the forward has been rumoured to have intentions to stay on.

The rookie Origin player bluntly shut down the speculation on Wednesday; after becoming the subject of social media abuse in regard to signing with the rival team, it appears as though Crichton won't subscribe to any more hate.

“Being a footy player, it doesn’t matter how good you’re going, there’s always going to be people giving it to you. It’s about how you take it and he’s taken it pretty well," teammate Jack Gosiewski told

“I don’t understand why people speak to him the way they do when he’s trying to set himself up for life and do what’s best for his footy career," Gosiewski said.

When further asked for clarification, Crichton had only two short responses: "nope" to backflip rumours, and "yep" to confirmation on his plans to join the Roosters. suggesting the young Rabbitohs player isn't particularly happy about the gossip.

“I’ll pour cold water on that,” he told

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