DARWIN, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 09: Jarryd Hayne of the Eels looks on during the round 14 NRL match between the Parramatta Eels and the North Queensland Cowboys at TIO Stadium on June 9, 2018 in Darwin, Australia. (Photo by Jason McCawley/Getty Images)

The recent sexual assault claim against Jarryd Hayne could spell the end of his career, with his two main suitors – Parramatta and St George Illawarra – reportedly set to drop their interest in the star outside back.

A woman reported the matter to police on Monday, after an incident that took place on grand final night in the Hunter region.

The woman spoke to the NRL integrity unit before going to the police, and the Sydney Morning Herald understand she has photos detailing the injuries she picked up from Hayne that night.

Hayne in not only embroiled in this sexual assault claim, with a woman in the US claiming the 30-year-old raped her in December 2015.

Hayne’s trial date for the US case has been confirmed for January 2020, although his career could well and truly be over before that date.

The veteran is unemployed after his contract at the Eels ran out at the end of the 2018 season, with Hayne playing 15 games for Parramatta during the campaign.

The Eels are now reportedly backing away from Hayne and withdrawing their interest according to SMH, and are no longer trying to find ways to fit him into their salary cap.

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The Dragons were also reportedly looking for Hayne to fill one of their spots in the backline, although they’ve now too decided to look elsewhere.


  1. As an editor Stephen you should know better than to “milk this story for all it’s worth”. It does you and your organisation no credit to harp on this when this story has already been done to death and the player in question (along with the “alleged” victim) have the right to the presumption of innocence BEFORE guilt is PROVEN.

    Surely, continuing to run with these stories and emotive headlines can only further damage this player’s already tarnished image and lessen their chance for a fair trial? At least in the court of public opinion where this is currently being played out.

    Following the revelation of the TRUE story behind “Thurston’s infamous Coffs Harbour accusation of sexual misconduct” where Thurston was vindicated and this story was proven to be a scurrilous fabrication where was the story for balance shining the spotlight on the young lady who lied and impugned the reputation of Jonathan Thurston? Why is one gender consistently vilified while the other gets a “free pass”? Where is the journalistic objectivity in that?

    Look at my history in speaking out against assault and sexual misconduct on this site first before you rush to any assumptions that I have misogynistic sympathies. Please mate, give it a rest unless there is clear evidence to warrant and substantiate a story instead of using speculation, hearsay and gossip as a foundation to justify an endless cycle of stories that have one aim only, to be used as “click bait” for commercial purposes.

    • Much as this is milking, It’s the off season, with ZT desperate for a story. That’s understandable. The whole media are. Much as the story is speculation, it is fact that a woman has gone to the police over it, and that it isn’t the first time for Hayne. Whether it’s true or not, asking whether it’ll spell the end of his career is valid. Any club would be nuts to sign him now, and he’s unemployed. Time’s ticking for Jarryd. He’s no spring chicken, and clubs will want to be finalising their squads sooner rather than later. The case certainly doesn’t help matters.

      • Just like your Roosters cheerleeder who made an allegation against Sam Burgess. Sam was pre-judged as well but not only proved his innocence but also a Roosters employee’s complicity in an attempt to fabricate a scandal to put Sam out of the game.

        As a Roosters employee it was a massive conflict of interest to involve herself in the way she did and highly unethical. She could have called the club and forwarded the same message.

        I’m all for new stories to post under but this has been discussed to death already and with no new facts there isn’t anything left but gossip and speculation which helps no one.

        What are your thoughts then on the Klemmer family fallout story? Fair game or going too far?

        There has to be limits mate, surely?

        • “What are your thoughts then on the Klemmer family fallout story?”

          I could’ve sworn you objected to any & every journalist reporting on this – unlike you, I won’t go searching for all your comments to quote – & now here YOU are raising a matter YOU wished to be suppressed.

          Priceless. You just make this too easy.

          Well done on bringing up the Klemmer family again – I felt I should add that in the likelihood of your poor comprehension.

        • I’m not accusing Hayne, and this isn’t about Roosters V Souths, it’s a completely different matter. By the way? Roosters cheerleader? Don’t think so, not even an employee. Where did you read that? Only link is that she lives in Bondi. The media have the rights to discuss whatever they want to whatever length. These days, it’s about clicks. Both of us fell into that trap, so clearly it works.

        • @ sydneyroosta

          “Both of us fell into that trap, so clearly it works.”

          Agreed. There are other stories though that are of more importance and greater interest though in any case.

          Sorry mate but I just can’t ignore the “300 pound psychotic elephant in the room”. They aren’t too happy to have been impeached as president of the Reg Reagan fan club. 😂😂😂😂

          Reg Reagan November 18, 2018 at 11:40 am
          That’s it! I’m removing you from the position as president of the Reg Reagan fan club. Don’t make me get a court order to keep you away from me Alex Forrest.

          “What are your thoughts then on the Klemmer family fallout story? Fair game or going too far?”

          Clearly, as I am sure that YOU understood because, unlike “others”, you don’t have minimal intelligence. The question was rhetorical in nature and meant to emphasise that there ARE limits. I was assuming that you would NOT have thought this story angle was appropriate. Perhaps if I had written in crayon with pictures it would have been clearer for others with limited intelligence and social skills to comprehend. But then again, THAT has never been my target audience.

    • “I have misogynistic sympathies.”

      Now that you’ve made that progress, it’s time to see a professional, Reg/ STD/ Nero.

      Progress at long last! Happy days…very happy for you, Reg/ STD/ Nero.

      • “Look at my history in speaking out against assault and sexual misconduct on this site first before you rush to any assumptions that I have misogynistic sympathies.”

        It’s important to be accurate I think. “quod erat demonstrandum” …

        the “300 pound psychotic elephant in the room”, “Perhaps if I had written in crayon with pictures it would have been clearer for others with limited intelligence and social skills to comprehend.”

  2. Totally agree Reg, but man I’m so glad the eels have withdrawn thier offer, don’t need him don’t want him, his toxic attitude is not needed at the eels….

    • He lost me for good mate when celebrating his try in origin that several others team mates helped to setup.

      He was a total showboat and jumped on the fence with his arms opened wide to the blues supporters as if to say worship me while his mates who did all the hard work were left waiting like fans for an autograph.

      The team should have celebrated that try together as one while Hayne selfishly stole the moment for himself. It spoke volumes about his arrogance and disregard for his fellow team mates.

      Sadly, Hayne a classic example of what can happen when success goes to a players’ head.

      • Haha, you have got to be kidding (again) mate. He was celebrating playing in a team that had not won anything for 10 years. God forbid he engage the fans, he did score right in front of Blatcheys Blues and went on to make it about them as well as himself and the team. How is it any different to the old days of post try celebrations? Did you criticise Piggy Riddell when he went and sat in the stands? Do you criticise Tim Cahill or endless soccer players who run to the corner to celebrate a goal?

        And to suggest that it was the other players who did the hard work is just false. It isn’t as if he just had to catch it and fall over the line, he had work to do to get that try, and a lot would not have scored it.

        Hayne has done a lot of things over the years to put people off side, but that isn’t one of them.

        • Look at the footage eels47. His team mates all rushed in for a team celebration only to be looking straight into the tail end of the “plane”. They stood and waited for the plain to land and exchanged looks that showed that they were both surprised and unimpressed at Hayne claiming the moment for himself and cutting them out of the loop.

          Look at the footage first mate and then let’s talk. The try was delivered on a platter for JH38 (return flight to San Franscisco).

        • OK, so I watched the footage again, even though I have seen it endless times and here is what I saw.

          Hayne receives the ball 19m out from the line on the back of some slick play from those inside him. Was it the most impressive individual effort I have seen, of course not, but nor was it delivered on a platter. He had 20m to go with defenders inside and out and threw a dummy to ensure his lane remained open. Like I said, not all would have scored that try, so it wasn’t laid out on a platter
          He the proceeds to run to the corner of the stadium covered in blue and celebrates with the crowd. Some of his team mates follow and some don’t.
          Hayne then turns around and celebrates with his team before turning back to the crowd one more time before retreating back. There was no player who looked unimpressed that he acknowledged the crowd. Maybe some of the late comers had to wait a bit to personally congratulate him, but to suggest that were unimpressed is a massive stretch.
          Hayne is a showman, whether it be the plane or playing up to the crowd, or even the “This is my House” he did with the Titans at Campbelltown. Just because us Aussies are generally not that over the top with things and prefer to be more grounded, it doesn’t make what he does wrong.
          In this instance he did celebrate with his team mates, and he also celebrated with the crowd. No one on here is qualified to question the motives for his celebration, which, like I said, I don’t see a problem with.

  3. Totally, we met him at a restuarant in Baulkham Hills a few years back and you could see the arrogance starting to come through, as I said mate the eels are better off without him.

    • Interesting, as I had a completely different experience when I ran into him with my kids. He was very accommodating to them, signed a couple of autographs and spoke for a few minutes. There wasn’t even a hint of arrogance about him. On the other hand, in the early nineties, when I was 10 or 11, I met Greg Alexander in Penrith, and he has zero time for us and refused to sign any autographs or chat to my old man, even though he came across as a good guy. I guess the point is that the players are human too and have good and bad days, but we generally expect them to turn on every day.

  4. I hope someone, ideally Parra, offers him a year at $200k/$250k, which I beleive we can afford, and he’s smart enough to accept it, assuming he’s innocent.
    I think he needs to keep playing in 2019, for his mental health, fitness, career.
    He’s obviously not going to get the big bucks, from anyone, especially as he’s very likely to need time off during the season, but he’s still a handy player, even if it’s just a versatile back up, and if he misses 2019 he’s probably done in the NRL.

    • Wow! Do you know some facts that the rest of us don’t Slammin? These are just allegations don’t forget. If he is guilty, then yes, hang him out to dry and he deserves all he gets, but at this stage we know nothing about what happened do we?

      • Allegations or not, it still shows he has the same flawed personality he came into the league. There’s a reason he was shot at in Kings Cross, wouldn’t suprise me if it was something like harrasment.

        • Perhaps not quite Checkmate there Phoenix. “Slammin Sam” can still castle his king to avoid Checkmate by referencing the recent developments in the case. That being that “the player in question” has now been formally charged with “aggravated sexual assault and inflicting actual bodily harm and they have been arrested.” Also they are still up on a second earlier charge which also has not yet been resolved.

          Now perhaps “Slammin Sam” sacrificed his queen with a rash move, “Allegations or not, it still shows he has the same flawed personality” because an “allegation” is NOT proof of anything, least of all a “flawed personality”. But this game is still very much alive in a broader sense.

          I would still stress however that the “player in question (along with the “alleged” victim) have the right to the presumption of innocence BEFORE guilt is PROVEN.”

  5. This would have to be his last straw in the NRL and to an extent im glad.Just not the reasons for it i guess.Id imagine he will still get offers for from SL or euro Rugby.As a Parra fan i hope it finally the end of him as a Eel but i hope he can get his life in order as anyway you look at it the guy needs some type of help.If accusations are true in either the US or most recently the Hunter.In saying that i find it a little hard to understand how in either case he has alot to answer.The most recent seems to have alot of question marks around it and i really cant see a judge convicting him over a few photos of bruising (could be by anyone) and her going to the NRL and the paper before police a month after the fact when she has admitted to inviting him to stay the night.Still i think the guy needs help in protecting himself from himself i guess.Seems not alot goes on in his head…i do mean brain.Just hope the guy gets his life in order.Not as a footballer or athlete just as a bloke who makes poor desicions

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