SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 25: Dylan Napa of the Roosters leaves the field after being sin binned during the round 24 NRL match between the Sydney Roosters and the Brisbane Broncos at Allianz Stadium on August 25, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

Canterbury are looking set to appeal any match ban handed down to prop Dylan Napa, per the Sydney Morning Herald. 

Napa has been caught up in a scandal involving unsavoury videos featuring him being leaked

NRL boss Todd Greenberg has been unforgiving in his handling of the situation, indicating that the Bulldogs needed to learn more about Napa before signing him.

”It might be [harsh], but it’s not my primary concern,” Greenberg said to the Sydney Morning Herald.

”My message to clubs is when you are buying and selling players, look equally at the values as opposed to the skill-set. They should be assessed in equal priority.”

Napa is set to face the media soon and will be given license to answer the tricky questions that are set to be asked of him.


  1. NRL has created this problem. Young men with low education getting wads of money with enormous amounts of free time and treated like gods. They have no real idea about the real world, so many turn to gambling or drugs or boozing. Even knowing they are under the microscope plenty are too stupid to care. Society as a whole lacks self control now and this sort of stuff is par for the course. Worst thing that happened when the game went professional and these clowns no longer had to worry about a job.

  2. Not sure about this one. The dogs would have had no idea about Napa’s private affairs so why should they get punished when all this garbage supposedly happened over the last 5 years when he was at the chooks.

    Surely penalising the dogs here is unfair and if it was the Dragons going through this I’d be blowing up big time.

  3. I think the NRL should investigate who leaked the video and punish them if possible, their is no way Easts didn’t know about that video’s existance, its very strange that it got out after he left, just like the other leak that got out much later than it occurred , i smell a rat here, no way should Canterbury be punished for this, Greenburg is way over reacting, should pull his head in and find out how much Easts actually knew about it first.

  4. I don’t think the NRL has any choice but to take some action against Napa. It’s definitely brought the game into disrepute and now it’s so public they can’t turn a blind eye to it. The Dogs are collateral damage

  5. penz0 you flip stick, Sydney Roosters know nothing about the video. Does souffths officials in the office hang out with the NRL players in their spare time and during their social life.❓❔❓❔❓. Grow a brain penz0 and try hard to show a little bit of intelligence.

    One thing is certain of the playing group, it is nobody currently playing with the Roosters now. If you remember the lead up to this years grand final not one player spilt the beans on Cooper Cronks broken shoulder blade when everybody thought it was his rota cuff. The Roosters are a tightly nit club. Perhaps and ex player or perhaps an ex girlfriend could be the person out to destroy him or maybe a soufffs lady receptionist who was to ugly to get a stint on his next home porno. But we know for sure it was not a souffs cheer leader, soufffths are to scabby to transport them from Redfern on a bus 20kms away to their Olympic Park 😆🤣😁😂🤣😆 home game, so they don’t have any.

    Napa has upset somebody so it shouldn’t be to difficult for HIM to work out who is behind the scandal in releasing the videos. Is he to thick between the ears👂👂like penz0 to make a short list of who he had a blue with. It is obvious with another video released which I think is the fourth video somebody is out to get him. Did he upset one of the Kings Cross Gangsters best pro’s🔫😎👉👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👩‍👩‍👦👩‍👩‍👧‍👧❓❔❓❔❓Who knows, but one thing is certain the person making life so extremely difficult for him is hell bent on revenge.

  6. Daffy, sorry to be the one to tell you this, but you’re a fool.

    You’re very naive to think that the these sorts of behaviours are exclusive to NRL players. The only reason you hear about it is because they are so high profile, no one cares if some random does the same thing. Why would the news care about that when there’s so many cases?

    They are just normal people. It’s just rush whenever they do anything the media jump at it. The biggest joke is the way the media carry on despite the fact that a large amount of them would be getting on the bag every weekend.

  7. Your inability to talk in facts Penso never ceases to amaze. It’s not a rat you smell, it’s your simpleton comments you smell. Worse than a Deadfern back alley.

  8. People seem too forget rugby league players were not always Stars they were kids and grew up and were taught right from wrong just like the rest of us. If a grown adult doesn’t know how to behave the fault does not fall on there employers it falls on the individual

  9. Corey Norman got suspended for the same thing.
    He was filmed doing a sex act with a woman and it was consensual and some twit posted it and he got suspended.
    This is no different and Napa should be suspended.
    It’s not the Dogs fault. It’s just unfortunate for them it came out once he joined the club.

  10. If Napa gets suspended from the dogs then I believe that the roosters should cop the same punishment. Give them a fine for each game he misses eg 5 game suspension then 100k fine for the chooks 20k per game or something along those lines

  11. So it’s the media’s fault? I don’t think so. I think Daffy is on the right track but I believe that apart from too much money and too much time for players, the NRL has had a ridiculous blokey culture of redemption is great regardless of your sins or how many times you commit them.
    They’ve set the entry bar lower thn the general community eg you can get employed despite holding criminal records.
    Every other sport has a similar level of media scrutiny yet NRL is consistently over represented in scandal. Standards too low, players too arrogant or dumb. Simples

  12. I have no doubts that players, staff or management from the Dogs, Roosters and every other club had some knowledge of Napa’s videos, as did the NRL. As they did with Barba, Walker, etc, etc. There has never been any attempt to address the root cause of the behaviour – just cover up strategies in case they get caught!

  13. Penso, I think there’s something in what you have to say. It’s extremely naive of WoodChook to suggest the Roosters hierarchy knew nothing of the existence of the videos and that current players wouldn’t be underhand about them.
    We all know nothing gets past Uncle Nick and as far as deceitful acts go, we all saw the greatest example of that with Judas Cronk’s shoulder, seems everyone was happy to lie then, why not now? Absolute liars and masters of skullduggery.
    I agree that if Napa is suspended, his wages for the period of the suspension should be paid by the Roosters as compensation to the Bulldogs. If Napa also receives a monetary fine, the cost should be met by the Roosters. After all, this all occurred on their watch, while he was under contract to them and they were ultimately responsible for his behaviour. It’s already been stated in the press that the Roosters were aware of the videos, so why didn’t they do the right thing and report it to the NRL then?
    Big question mark left hanging over them now.
    Other clubs have been slugged with fines and penalties for the bad behaviour of their players, why should the Roosters be exempt?

  14. Ah the old when I can’t talk factually or common sense I will just go to the this person is that person response. The only theme I see between user accounts is the simpleness of responses when Penso and Mawar78 are out under academic stress.

    The response here is simple. Napa should be smashed in the back pocket. End of story. Then, IF, Roosters knew about it (again dealing in facts) then smash them financially too. Bulldogs as everyone can acknowledge shouldn’t be impacted and if Greenberg and the IC allows this then game is in big trouble.

  15. Judas Cronk…. wow… so now we are wanting all clubs to report details of all injuries to the media. This site never fails to amaze. I would hate to be the loved one of some of you clowns.

    Quote it’s been reported in the media…. everything media says true is it? Hahaha

  16. Madrooster, there was great debate over the Roosters management of the shoulder incident, the main one being their dishonesty in misleading punters who like to place a bet on the GF. Definitely not the honest thing to do, especially to their own members and fans.

    I didn’t say the should injury had to be reported but lying to the public about it wasn’t the right thing to do. Cronk initially proved himself a liar when he continued to involve himself in negotiations with the Storm, stringing them along for months, playing the public and media with stories of retirement and media contracts when all the while he’d already signed with the Roosters. Sold himself for 30 pieces of silver, along with any integrity he may once have had, – a real Judas.

    What i did say though, was the Roosters should have stood up and reported player behavioural issues when they occurred instead of leaving them for the next club to become the scapegoat. As Penso said, the timing of the release of these videos, available it’s been said on a private basis only to the Roosters, is not only incredibly coincidental but highly questionable. The Roosters need to be investigated for any possible involvement – not to do so leaves them looking guilty by default.

  17. Nah mate this happened on the roosters watch FACT. They should carry the can FACT. its you that is the simpleton that can’t understand FACTS

  18. Manly69er with penz0, Madrooster has a very good point here, every time penz0 writes something Manly69er backs him up. Looks like Penz0 and Manly 69er are the same wanka. Unless they have a Napa and Evens type relationship. 🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔

    All this discusting behaviour happened in the offending players person locations obviously in their own time away from the club. Rugby League Clubs cant be held responsible for the choices of their players. It the Players CHOICE, They decided to participate in this weird/queer behaviour. Napa’s latest video that has been released is snorting lines of a mans tool. Kick him out for a Hopoate style penalty at least

  19. Haha here we go again The woods three useless Amigoes. I bet you three have your hands up each others you know what

  20. First I would just like to say to Maly69er and his lover penz0 who constantly accuses me of being Biff just proves these two paranoid imbo vegielinks schizophrenics by Biffs statement here what nutters they are when Biff the Melbourne Fanatic and totally hates the Roosters after Cronk destroyed Melbourne comes out and does what penz0 does shows hatred towards the mighty Chooks.

    Biff Cronk left Melbourne after giving his heart and soul to the cold dump of a town for 14 years. Followed LOVE to Sydney and now Sydney FANS Love him forever. 💪😁👍

  21. Biff, the Sydney Roosters never ever lied about Cooper Cronks injury. All they reported to the media was their was a severe injury to that part of his body but never gave out any detail if it was his Rota Cuff or his Collarbone or his scapular and they told the players not to tell the media. Sterlo addressed properly in the leadup to the grand final when he said NOTHING has come out of the Roosters not one leak and Coopers injury we still do not know what it is. Sterlo said, all we have been told is it is a severe injury and we still do not know what that means. 💪🐔👍

  22. Biff. Cooper Cronk kept telling the media that it was on a need to know policy and even after the Grand Final Cooper Cronk did not want to even talk about his injury to Brad Fittler in an interview but humbly went on to explain that he needed to repay all the faith the Roosters and the players put in him and then he went on to thank Melbourne for all the great years he had with them and how he Melbourne helped him to be the decent man he is today.

    Biff let it go. He won you blokes a few comps, If Smith had of played for Soufffths would he be a judas❓❔❓❔❓❓ You see in a few tears time Melbourne and Sydney might play for the Cooper Cronk Cup, like Souffths try hard against the Stdney Roosters for the Ron Coote Cup.

    The Roosters lost a Legend towards the end of his career in Artie Beetson when he played his final two years with Parra. But the Rooster Fans never called him a Judas nor our legeng player/coach Jack Gibbson, They are both in the hearts of all old Rooster fans and were chosen in the Roosters team of the past century.

  23. My God penz0/Manly69er. If Olive spoke like that to Dylan Walker he would be in LongBay doing 20yrs for womanslaughter.🎯

  24. Everybody on ZT. Take a look at past posts and see how often Manly78 and his lover penzo post on the same subjects against the same people. Manly78/69er and penz0 is the same idiot.✔🎱✔🎱✔🎱✔🎱

    And you clowns are the mega nitwits accusing me of having multiple user accounts😂😆🤣😁🤣😆😂🤣😆

  25. Wood. You were caught red handed using multiple logins. Everyone saw it. No use trying to deflect. Sorry You have no credibility bozo.

  26. Nice one penz0 alias ManWar78/ 69er or what other names you post under. Everybody knows your the same wanka. The facts were presented about my good old buddy the prankster Russell in the Nursing Home but a few of you clowns refuse to except my version of events or Russell’s version of events. So it is out of my control and I don’t care what you think. But like I explained before I will post my opinion’s and Russ will post his opinions. I also stated that the words that Russ comes up with is far beyond my vocabulary and imagination. If you nitwits want to believe we are the same bloke then so be it. I don’t mind being labelled a vocabulary genius.😂😁🤣😆

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