MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 07: Jayden Okunbor of the Bulldogs looks on prior to the round four NRL match between the Melbourne Storm and the Canterbury Bulldogs at AAMI Park on April 07, 2019 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Graham Denholm/Getty Images)

Canterbury have deregistered Jayden Okunbor and Corey Harawira-Naera's contracts.

It is in relation to the pair allegedly having a sexual relationship with a schoolgirl during a recent club-organised school visit in Port Macquarie.

Instagram screenshots emerged of Okunbor's interaction with the girl, who is believed to be 16-years old, while Snapchat images also surfaced asking her for topless photos.

The Bulldogs released a statement on the matter via the club website.

“The NRL have today deregistered both Jayden Okunbor and Corey Harawira-Naera with immediate effect and as a result their playing contracts with the Bulldogs have been cancelled," the statement read.

“Our club acted swiftly and was proactive in relation to the incidents in accordance with the expectations of our club and the NRL guidelines.

“Accordingly, our club fully supports the determination made by the NRL in defence of the reputation of our game and the conduct of the majority of players who represent their respective clubs in the right way.

“The conduct of the two players, on the eve of our final trial match, demonstrated an unacceptable lack of respect for their teammates, their coach and club officials, our hosts in Port Macquarie and fans of the game everywhere.

“The consequences of this matter have been serious and far-reaching and protecting the welfare of the young women involved has been a priority for us since we were first alerted to this issue.

“They have, unfortunately, been the victims of some distasteful social media attacks which are not called for and need to stop.

“We have been in regular contact with them, their families and their school and we will continue to offer ongoing support moving forward.

“Jayden and Corey have been subject to intense scrutiny in recent times and have paid a heavy price for their behaviour. They too are entitled to welfare support to help them through this period and assist them into the next stage of their careers.

“Our club will liaise with their respective agents, the NRL and the Rugby League Players Association to ensure they receive the support and guidance they need.

“We know and accept that there will be conflicting views about the penalties handed out to these two players. Our united view as a club is that a firm line must be drawn in the sand to uphold the standards and values that define our club.”


  1. I’m glad finally the NRL takes a stance against immorral behaviour. Hopefully continues into the future and we don’t see anymore straight from the cell to the field.

    Okunbur and CHN were like : ” You know what I like about these high school girls as we get older they stay the same age.”

    I feel for the Bulldogs I don’t know if they’ll ever be able to improve it’s public image. It improves and then gets ripped back down by something.

  2. Well that’s one way to cut costs. I’m sure at least one of these guys is cut because of the corona virus situation.

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