CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 27: Sam Burgess of the Rabbitohs holds his shoulder during the NRL Preliminary Final match between the Canberra Raiders and the South Sydney Rabbitohs at GIO Stadium on September 27, 2019 in Canberra, Australia. (Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images)

If Sam Burgess is forced to retire from a shoulder injury, it could leave the Rabbitohs with a $4 million hole in its salary cap, as reported by The Sydney Morning Herald.

The 30-year old was ruled out from the upcoming Great Britain Lions tour of New Zealand and Papua New Guinea due to his ongoing shoulder problem.

He went under the knife for his third shoulder shoulder surgery midway through this season.

It has raised queries about Burgess’ playing future, however, Souths officials are reportedly confident he will play on in 2020.

The club has accepted that he will hang up the boots before his contract expires in 2023.

Should Burgess prematurely retire, it could open as much as $1 million per season in dead salary cap weight.

The Bunnies would likely apply for a salary cap exemption, with league rules stating that medical retirement can only be awarded by the Salary Cap Auditor if an injury occurs during a player’s current contract.

The rules state:

  • The Player had no similar injury or medical condition to that area of the body that either has or could reasonably be predicted medically to lead to a degenerative condition of that area of the body prior to signing his last NRL contract or if the players contract was signed more than 24 months previous within the last 24 months unless an unrelated single event has resulted in rapid deterioration of this condition; and
  • A single event that caused the injury could be identified


  1. If that’s the case then The Rabbitohs will adjust with having to concede the disadvantage over that period.
    Won’t affect the ongoing massive membership that comes with a reputation of dignity and pride unlike the sombreros who despite being premiers will continue with their depleting membership.
    No comparison in the reputation of these 2 clubs.
    Numbers dont lie.

  2. The way I read that rule about medical retiring means the Rabbits wouldn’t get to get that cap space back. It says you can get the cap relief if the player had no similar injury or condition to that area of the body and because it’s his third operation obviously he had previous injuries that everyone knew about. Is that right?

  3. Looks like its back to the bottom 4 for another 30 years for the south Sydney stain, while we go back2back2back.

  4. The WOMBATS are understandably salivating at the prospect of Sam going.
    To put it another way, when was the last time the sombreros defeated Souths when Sam played?

  5. Don’t worry souths will get an exemption just like they did for inglis. No such luck for matai and Brett stewart though.. typical “CORRUPT” NRL

  6. Hey WOMBAT 2 don’t you mean Back2back2NoRepeatSetPleaseRef?
    Definitely the most appropriate nic you should have.
    What about Back2backDiminishingMembership20

  7. “To put it another way, when was the last time the sombreros defeated Souths when Sam played?”

    When we eliminated your stain in the 2018 preliminary final hahahahahahahaha

  8. “When we eliminated your stain in the 2018 preliminary final”

    Exactly my point. I wanted WOMBAT to post that.
    Now, who was the ref and what happened to him a couple of weeks ago along with the MRC Chairman Mr North Sydney Bears Beuttner?

    Need I continue?

    Face it WOMBAT your premiership has no credibility in the NRL community.

  9. No matter what you say Stephanie, you have to live with the fact that we’re the reigning premiers for the 2nd year running. You’re happy with mediocre footy and not winning premierships where as I’m happy with elite footy and winning premierships.

  10. Yes they think they can stop the Rooster fans from defending their great club. Sydney Roosters who a one game away from back2back World Champions but are rubbished from the consistent verbal attacks of people like Twentyone and his Souths crony mates.

    If Zero Tackle want to get this site on track for success, then it is definitely time who ever scrutinise this site, to eliminate fools like Twentyone. Constant dribble on every subject attacking the Dual Sydney Premiers

    Everybody should appreciate what they have witnessed this season with Cam Smith the first player to crack 400 games and the Sydney Roosters going back to back.

    Not the constant abuse from Twentyone discrediting our game and supporters of various clubs who are not Souths.

    Time to save face Zero Tackle and axe the fool Twentyone.

  11. Hey LidcombeOval after those Roosters won the 2002 Premiership, Souths over the next few years eventually purchased about 4 million dollars worth of Rooster talent back then. Fletcher, Wing, Crocker, Cusack, Rigon, Hegarty, and a few more.

    Sometimes history repeats itself, however with the way Souths are managing their team these days. I doubt any player that is any good, would have the desire to leave the Roosters for South Sydney.

  12. Congratulations Ash Barty on your Don Award last night and be grateful it wasnt an award run by Nick Politis and his NRL.

  13. Zero Tackle Please deal with Twentyone and his silly senseless attacks on The NRL, Nick Politis and his every paragraph degrading our game of Rugby League.

    Zero Tackle, this Twentone cannot refrain from attacking the Sydney Roosters on every post and every story.
    Many have had enough of his foolish nonsense and irrelevant comments, antics and are leaving.
    Zero Tackle, do yourself and all of us on here a massive favour and ban this person. Please.

  14. Bunch of sooks having a cry, can’t cop any banter? Roosters did well and good on them for winning back to back. As much as I hate it but they did it. Souths had chances and couldn’t change last year and this year. And knowing Sam Burgess history with his shoulder why would you sign him till he is 34 just like how they knew Inglis had injuries and still signed him on a 4 year deal exactly the same until he is 34. Both class and I love them but 2 year deal with a 2 year option. I know the club wants to repay their loyalty and hard work but offer them a great job afterwards. Now how do you run a team with a mill stuck in limbo 🤦‍♂️. I’m so frustrated see bunnies make silly decisions.

  15. Hmmmmm?
    I can’t imagine the Bunnies, or any other club in a similar situation, saying “oh well, that’s 10% of our salary cap watching from the sidelines for the next few years”, so I’ll be interested to see:
    A. How they try and get around it.
    B. Whether it works (in whole or in part).
    C. If they find something that works, will it get (probably only temporarily) exploited by others?
    For example, could we see Sam take 1 for the team and retire (non medically), and become a new “action hero” in movies (yes, but only partially tongue in cheek).
    I’m not having a crack at any club, or the NRL here, but if you’re managing an organisation of any description (especially a business) you have to be able to think outside the square.

  16. Souths are six premierships in front of the R O R T E R S ……forever in our shadow since 1908 when souths beat the R O R T E R S 14-12 @BIRCHGROVE OVAL IN SYDNEY IN 1908 L O L @ R O R T E R S…

  17. 0 the Roosters have played in 8 grand finals in the past 20yrs. So I estimate the Sydney Roosters will win their 22 premiership before Souths. Henceforth we are gaining on the Rabbit quicker than George Byegess flew out of Australia.

  18. I have been reading the trash section on this site rabbit17, it appears Zero Tackle can not take the banter by blocking Dave9.9 for standing up to you South Sooks.

  19. When a team folds, so does all there previous records and accomplishments.

    Roosters=15 premierships
    Rabbits=1 premiership

  20. Look here John Howard, everyone is entitled to have a say. Just like you, so suck it up and enjoy the show. This article you’re commenting on is a souths article is it not? 🙄

  21. Sam Burgess will probably recover but his career will be shortened and he will not be the same force as he previously has been.
    The guy is wnding downwards. Could even become the next Darius Boyd refusing to retire and hanging around for the easy money Souths were crazy enough to pay him. A million per season ensures Souths continue to buy players of less than Nrl standard.

  22. Shadow appears to be mentally unstable. What benefit and point is there to be achieved by bragging about a premiership won in 1908.

    League enthusiasts know that grand final was rigged for Souths, as Easts had 8 players including Dally Messenger picked on the first Kangaroo tour to England and sailed out before the Grand Final was played.

    Shadow bragging about a grand final in 1908 probably before your grand fathers were born shows everyone your a simpleton.

    It is Souths who are in the Sydney Roosters shadow as they demolished your rabbit team in the finals two years in succession on the way to winning back to back NRL titles. 2018 – 2019. Wake up and get with the times shadow.

  23. ManWar..
    The NRL didn’t give Penrith any salary cap exemption for Peter Wallace’s early retirement due to injury either.

  24. Adamhoward October 11, 2019 at 9:21 pm
    “I have been reading the trash section on this site rabbit17, it appears Zero Tackle can not take the banter by blocking Dave9.9 for standing up to you South Sooks.”
    Adamhoward your nic was probably blocked for inappropriate posting which by now you should have learnt but being a WOMBAT you probably won’t.
    This is a thread about Sam Burgess and all you have done is falsely ridicule and degrade this great champion so accept the consequences .

  25. Back2backThanksRef_20 October 12, 2019 at 5:32 am
    “When a team folds, so does all there previous records and accomplishments.
    Roosters=15 premierships
    Rabbits=1 premiership” FALSE

    FACT – As the Sydney Roosters, the club have won four premierships (WIKIPEDIA)
    FACT – As South Sydney District Rugby League Football Club the club has won 21 Premierships. (WIKIPEDIA)

    So, Back2backThanksRef_20 the UNDISPUTED OFFICIAL tally stands at Souths 21 premierships, sombreros 4 premierships that is unless you question the integrity of WIKIPEDIA.

  26. LidcombeOval October 11, 2019 at 3:30 pm
    “Would be funny if they purchased $ 4 million worth of Roosters talent”
    Which 2 would you go for?

  27. Are you seriously bragging 1908 premiership? Hahahahahahahaha atleast iv been alive to see my team win premierships.

  28. Twentyone mate, you have got that wrong with the Sydney Roosters and WIKIPEDIA.
    The Sydney Roosters are registered by the NRL as the Eastern Suburbs District Rugby League Football Club. The Sydney Roosters (Easts) club has won 15 Premierships. (WIKIPEDIA)

    Twentyone I think it is about time you talk facts and stop making up lies.
    You really are a sad Souths fanatic that consistently follows and attacks Rooster fans.
    Stop with the nonsense mate. People are not interested in the rubbish you talk

  29. mark.mywordsWOMBAT I notice your added alias to your other 8 is all about discrediting my posts with your constant requests for my banning.
    Unlike you, posting facts will ensure your presents which explains my long term on here.

  30. Correction , presence.
    Now m.WOMBAT focus more on your other sombrero cronies on here and maybe give them some advice on how to prevent their constant blocking.
    Start with dave.iq9.9 the latest WOMBAT blocked.

  31. Zerotackle why have you banned all of Stephanie’s (twentyone) other accounts but not not this one?

  32. Back2back2back20_20 October 12, 2019 at 4:05 pm
    ‘Zerotackle why have you banned all of Stephanie’s (twentyone) other accounts but not not this one?’

    Back2BackThankyouRef20 what are you on about?
    Unlike you, I only have 1 nic and besides, on what grounds do you seek my banning?
    If you are sensitive to factual and constructive criticism then maybe ZT isn’t for you.
    Any wonder Ricky Stuart refers to your mob as wombats?

  33. Back2back2back20_20 October 12, 2019 at 3:21 pm
    “Garbage site run by biased South Sydney stain fans.”

    Not true. ZT is an open forum site dedicated to open conversation allowing for different opinions but there are rules like all other sites.
    Just because you disagree with someone’s views it doesnt excuse you and your other aliases from inappropriate, immature and offensive responses.
    You might consider this to reduce your regular banning.

  34. Sam Burgess is near the end of his career and to top it off his lady has split with the bloke as they can not get through that Facebook scandal which occurred last year.
    Everybody knows he was guilty including his partner but the Nrl refused to punish him and like the Inglis drink driving episode, sweep it under the carpet.
    Funny how the truth always prevails in the end.
    I predict he will leave Souths and Australia to concerntrate on a new beginning in England

  35. Literally all your comments have something to do with the most successful club in the nrl Stephanie, your husband penso has disappeared why can’t you?

  36. Sam is done and so are Souths, I hope there toothless fans enjoy the bottom 4 for another 30 years.

  37. The problem with people like you Twentyone, everything you post is total lies and made up rubbish that you never back up with facts and a credibile source as proof. You beleive your own lies as matter of fact. You follow closely all Rooster fan comments, then name call and attack them with your propaganda. Back2Back2Back20 has every right to ask Zero Tackle to ban the likes of your idiotic behaviour. You are amental case and ZT need to act on your stupidity.

  38. Time will tell whether Sam Burgess will be ok to continue his career or otherwise.
    Will be a big loss not only to the Souths family but to the NRL as well for this once in a lifetime great.
    Its flattering to read comments above that without him Souths will take another 30 years or whatever blah blah blah.

  39. S O U T H S B E A T T H E R O R T E R S

    14 – 12 I N T H E F I R S T F I N A L I N

    A U S T R A L I A N R U G B Y L E A G U E

    H I S T O R Y. I N. 1 9 0 8.

    S O U T H S A R E (6)
    P R E M I E R S H I P S I N F R O N T
    O F T H E R O R T E R S F R O M
    1908 – 2019 S C U M F O R E V E R IN O U R S H A D O W.

  40. T H E. S C U M A R E S T I L L. (6)
    P R E M I E R S H I P S B E H I N D
    T H E. P R I D E O F T H E L E A G U E
    F O R E V E R I N O U R S H A D O W.

  41. Roosters defeated souths 3 tries to 1 in last seasons preliminary final…… fool

    Roosters defeated Souths 6 tries to 1 in this years finals…….fool

    Souths have competed in 1 grand final under the 6 tackle rule……. Fool

    Roosters have competed in 12 grand Finals under the 6 tackle rule……Fool

    Forever in Sydney Roosters shadow…….Fool

  42. Sorry Fool Shadow, I made a large mistake.

    Roosters defeated souths 3 tries to ZERO in last seasons preliminary final…… fool

  43. Souths have beaten the seabeagles in 3 finals in 1951,1968,1970 the seabeagles have never beaten souths in a final yet.the seabeagles from 1947 -2019 have won 8 finals but were beaten in 3 finals in there 72 year era to date when the seabeagles came into the competition in 1947.souths from 1947 – 2019 have won 10 finals which is 2 more finals than the seabeagles,souths have won 21 premierships the most in australian rugby league history.

  44. Souths have beaten manly in 3 finals manly has never beaten souths in a final yet…

    Souths have beaten easts 3-2 out of the 5 finals they have played in.

    Summary souths are 3 finals up on manly and 1 final up on easts…
    F O R E V E R I N O U R S H A D O W

  45. TwentyOne is being unfairly harassed by a few very jealous fans of other clubs i believe the problem stems from their clubs being underachievers.As most fans in the game all know that souths have won the most premierships in australian rugby league history.when super league came in it divided the game corruptly and souths were kicked out but sued all the 15 clubs and the nswrl and the arl and the nrl and rupert murdocks news limited and was awarded lost revenue of in excess of 2 million dollars.souths were reinstated and the 2 years in exile those years were found by the judge to be unlawful and thus the 2 years in exile were reinstated to our history thats why souths have been so popular as the #1 team in nsw for memberships.i see manly are coming last in nsw for memberships and the roosters are coming third last in memberships in the in summary souths won the first premiership beating easts in 1908 14-12 at birchgrove oval in sydney and souths are leading easts 3-2 in finals and souths are six premierships in front of easts today.souths have won two more premierships than manly,souths have won 10 premierships to manly’s inception from 1947-2019 plus in this 72 year period souths have beaten manly in three finals in 1951 1968 and again in 1970.manly has never beaten souths in a final in their 72 year history.and lastly souths are the pride of the league the people’s team thus having won 21 premierships the most of all clubs in australian rugby league history plus having the highest membership in nsw goes hand in hand with the most successful club in australian rugby league history unmatched and unsurpassed till today are the south sydney rabbitohs from redfern glory glory to the greatest team of all fact…

  46. Manly have won 8 premierships to souths 10 premierships since manly’s inception in 1947 – 2019 so souths are 2 premierships in front of manly in this 72 year period.souths will again be number one in nsw memberships but will manly come last again in nsw memberships again?will easts be third last again in nsw memberships? Us souths members say the words forever in our shadow because those are the facts until souths are bettered by premierships and memberships in nsw then i will concede defeat. but today souths have won the most premierships and souths have the most members in the nrl in nsw today.glory glory to south sydney south sydney marches on to our twenty second premiership thats something other clubs and fans can only dream of fact.

  47. TwentyOne i would not lower myself to their standards they are all playing catch up mate.their clubs history and memberships cant match ours thus great jealousy creeps in just giggle it off mate wink wink wink..shadow.

  48. shadow October 14, 2019 at 10:10 am
    “TwentyOne is being unfairly harassed by a few very jealous fans”

    shadow, I can assure you I’m not feeling harassed. If anything the WOMBATS on here are intimidated when confronted with factual comments and hence respond with their usual gibber.
    I view their paranoid attention as a compliment and comical but thanks anyway.

  49. Back2back2back20_20 October 14, 2019 at 10:46 am
    “Souths have only been in the game since 2002, when a club folds so do all there previous records.”
    Back2BackThanksRef_20 how many times do you have to be corrected before you stop with the porkies?
    Take your argument up with Wikipedia not me, I’m just the deliverer.
    FACT – As the Sydney Roosters, the club have won four premierships (WIKIPEDIA)
    FACT – As South Sydney District Rugby League Football Club the club has won 21 Premierships. (WIKIPEDIA)
    So, Back2backThanksRef_20 the UNDISPUTED OFFICIAL tally stands at Souths 21 premierships, sombreros 4 premierships that is unless you question the integrity of WIKIPEDIA

  50. Shadow is mentally impaired. Why would Rooster fans be jealous of the pauper club Souths who have no club, played in 1 Grand Final in 48 years, got kicked out of the comp for 2 years, played semi footy only 14 times in 48 years since 1972 when 6 tackle rule was introduced.

    Shadow you fool the Sydney Roosters are back to back premiers, and come Feb 2020 we will be back to back World Champions.

    Anyone who is jealous of Souths must be going through the roughest patch of their lives. Rooster fans have a club that is number one on Earth. Souths have nothing that the Roosters want or need……Fool. Sydney are the current World Champions.

  51. Souths 21 premierships – easts 15 premierships which is six premierships behind souths forever in our shadow…

  52. Souths have reached 20,000 members today.

    Manly had 12,000 members only last year
    Easts had 16,000 members last year only

    Forever in souths shadow with premierships and memberships…

  53. It would be an embarrassment for the nrl that manly and easts cant attract 20,000 members each year ,unlike souths whom had 20,000 paid up members today and counting…forever in our shadow…

  54. It is a well known fact the majority of Souths membership sales are the pauper memberships that are sold without game day tickets. Hence the Roosters out numbering Souths this year in average Home Crowd Attendance according to the Big League Season Review on sale now. But one and read some facts.

    Memberships do not help win premierships fans at games do. Souths fans refuse to support the so called super coach team this season while the fans supported the Roosters. Its fans that inspire a team to victory at the game. Not stay at home members like South Sydney drop kicks.

    How many games did you go to penzo/shadow? It is you Penzo. Others on here previously found you out hiding behind a false login name of shadow.

  55. Yes souths will again possibly tip 30k in memberships in 2020 lets see if manly and easts get 30k in memberships in 2020 ile be interested to see this years results.

  56. Souths 21 premierships.
    Stgeorge 15 premierships.
    Easts 15 premierships.
    Manly 8 premierships.


  57. Adamhoward
    October 14, 2019 at 8:40 pm
    “It is a well known fact the majority of Souths membership sales are the pauper memberships that are sold without game day tickets.”

    Your paranoia continues.
    Baseless, jealous comment.
    20,000 members as of today for Souths.
    2156 members as of today for the slurry.
    8000 rooster supporters at the GF excluding the 5000 free tickets.
    Predicted roosters membership for 2020 is around 12000 based on past 2 years depleting trend.
    Not surprised.

  58. Correction
    Roosters membership at 156 not 2156.
    Souths membership up 1870 on this point last year.
    At 20000 Souths already surpassed roosters 2019 total of 11230 not including the 5000 free.
    Heading for another landslide for the pride of the league.
    C’mon roosters get a move along. What’s the problem?

  59. Every fan of all clubs are jealous of the south sydney rabbitohs winning 21 premierships fact…forever in our shadow.

  60. Stop believing your own fantasy Twentyone. Unticketed memberships for Souths is a massive sale pitch for poor supporters of this clubless club.
    Why the evidence is in the average home crowd figures with only half of the 30k members attending games.

    The Big League Review magazine is on sale at all newsagents. Buy one and read the facts. Souths could only manage 15k to their games this season.

  61. Souths will have the largest membership in nsw in the nrl in 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 and beyond its guaranteed fact.

  62. Summary: souths most premierships (21)

    Souths have the most memberships in nsw


  63. Shadow you numb skull… some professional help. You need a good Transit Couch Doctor, you mug. Typical Souths nut.

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