SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 09: Brad Fittler (L) speaks to Danny Buderus (R) during a jersey presentation to the winning New South Wales State of Origin captains at The Star on March 9, 2016 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)

The NSW Rugby League Board has announced the appointment of Danny Buderus and Paul Sironen and successful Cowboys Football General Manager Peter Parr to the coaching staff of the NSW Blues in 2018.

Buderus has been appointed as Assistant Coach to Brad Fittler, while Sironen and Parr will be part of the Blues management team along with NSWRL General Manager – Football Barrie-Jon (BJ) Mather.

All have been associated with winning cultures, with Buderus leading the Blues to consecutive series victories as captain in 2004 and 2005; and more recently experiencing success as the winning Blues Under-20 coach and successful assistant for the under 16s and 18s.

Sironen, a highly respected past player who represented the Blues 14 times from 1989-94, has been Team Manager of the successful NSW Blues under 16, 18 and 20 teams and the City Origin side which beat Country the past two years under the guidance of Fittler.

Newcastle-born Parr has worked at the Cowboys since 2002 and has been credited with creating and protecting the club’s enviable culture that has seen them reach the NRL Finals Series for the past seven years, and brings to the group current best practice at the elite level of the game.

NSWRL Chairman Dr George Peponis OAM said: “It is great to have such highly respected and experienced people of this calibre join our Blues coaching staff. There is no doubting their passion for the game and the Blues jersey.

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Danny Buderus has played at the highest level of the game; he has captained the Blues and led them to success; and more recently has played a key role in the success of our up and coming future Blues players in the pathways program.

“Paul Sironen is also a highly regarded True Blue and has done an outstanding job over a number of years managing our pathways teams and the City side; while Peter Parr is widely recognised as playing a key role in establishing the culture that has made the Cowboys a dominant force in the NRL.”

Buderus, who played alongside Fittler for NSW between 2002-04 and played 21 Origin games in total from 2002-08, hopes to bring a winning culture to the Blues senior team after coaching the NSW Under-20 side to victory against Queensland in 2017.

Buderus said: “Being appointed as Freddy’s assistant coach is a huge honour. It’s a special and exciting time to be a part of the NSWRL set-up and the new regime under Brad.”

“Everyone knows what the Blues jersey means to Freddy. For me, it’s about who has gone before you and leaving the jersey in a better place. I love the history of Rugby League but more importantly NSW.

“I’ve had some coaching experience here at NSWRL in the pathways programs and also at the Newcastle Knights, so I’m very excited to be putting my focus on the NSW State of Origin side.”

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Sironen said: “It is such a great honour to be involved with the Blues and to continue to work with Freddy who I have established a great working relationship with over a number years during my time managing the City team and the Blues pathways program sides.

“I took great pride in representing NSW every time I pulled on the Blues jersey, and it is the same pride I will take into my new role with the team. It’s great to be a part of it.”

Parr said: “I was delighted to be approached and excited to be involved with Origin. I see my role as supporting Brad and the rest of the coaching staff to ensure the team gets the best possible preparation.

“With Brad coming on board and with the discussions he’s had with me, I’m really excited about what the team can produce.”


  1. I imagine that in SOO there is little really coaching and its more about motivating the squad and revving the squad up.Im sorry but i dont see this lot really getting the players in that zone

  2. Off topic but oh well.The other day i wrote on here and it was so hard doing so sticking up for Manly over there salary cap situation.I have changed my view in hearing that the lil granny involded in the situation lives next door to the head of the club.UMMMM sorry but sounds more than a lil suss…. “if it quacks like a duck….walks like a duck….dont be fooled and think its duck,just might be a sea eagle,very sneaky critters.

    • “if it quacks like a duck….walks like a duck….” and looks like a duck… it’s a duck! Unless it has 3 hats then it’s a GOOSE! Bahahahahaha 😂😂😂

      • Are we looking at preparing an Aussie version of Rôti Sans Pareil for Xmas or talking footy?
        We’ve got seagull, duck, sea eagle, goose, and (very) roasted roste (lately) so that’s a good start (for a Rôti Sans Pareil).

        ParraMatt, I hear you and feel your pain. I too found myself defending Manly recently, and no amount of showering has made me feel clean since.

        • Its really hard to deal with.I walked into Bunnings today down North Parramatta to grab a few things to get the yard in order and the bbq prepared for christmas.Two lil kiddies were in there in there Parra jerseys and i was close to crying at the thought of myself defending Manly.I walked up to the lads an just said sorry and walked out.Bunnings can wait till another day.Didnt realise defending Manly would traumatise that much.

  3. Peter Parr brings a swag of class to the NSW build up/prep. Biggest thing I see from him is the respect the players appear to have for him, likes of Thurston and Scott speaking highly of him, as well as Paul Green giving him a great deal of praise for where the Cowboys have grown to.

    I like Buderus’ calmness. Like his footy I find him very measured which bodes well for those around him. What impact this has on field in a 3 game series is the ultimate question.

    Paul Sironen I have always found the exact opposite to Buderus, and to some extent Fittler. This may be a good thing, but he’s no Gillmeister who brings that ‘passion’ component to the QLD camp.

  4. I just can’t take Fittler and Sirronen seriously – after acting like clowns on TV for so long – could they motivate or train anyone? The common thing here is none of these guys have any real coaching experience.

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