An unnamed Brisbane Broncos player has been charged, following allegations the player assaulted a woman over the weekend.

Seven News is reporting the Brisbane player will face court after allegedly slapping and manhandling a woman known to him on Sunday night.

The player has not been named for legal reasons.

Both the NRL and Broncos are aware of the allegations and the NRL’s integrity unit is investigating.

“The club has been made aware of a private matter involving a player that currently sits within a court proceeding,” a Broncos statement said.

“The NRL integrity unit was immediately made aware of the matter by the Broncos, and no further comment can be made until the matter is resolved.”


  1. Ha…the old “I’m a Broncos player and can do whatever I want to whoever I want” mentality. I see it all the time…Wayne will get this swept under the rug, as per usual. Won’t hear nothing more about this in a week. The Broncos are probably trying to pay off the girl right now…

    • Repeat violent offenders like James Roberts and Matt Lodge have lost the right to claim benefit of the doubt IMO. If they step over the line again they should be wiped from the game for life.

      The NRL need to act and impose life bans so clubs don’t put self-interest ahead of what is best for the game otherwise some club will go bargain shopping make no mistake. The NRL and clubs are only enabling such behaviour by showing that there are no lasting consequences for these actions and perhaps even a pay increase as a reward.

      How can the NRL in all conscience sanction a “Women on League” round with these offenders protected by the system?

      • All people deserves the benefit of the doubt right that we all have. Not all allegations are proven to be true. I do not think that James Roberts have been convicted of assault, Matthew Lodge has.

        • Both were guilty but everything got swept under the carpet. If it is proven that they have stepped over the line again they should be banned from the game for life. I take your point though.

        • In regard to Roberts’ indiscretion whilst at the Broncos, I am pretty sure the witnesses and video footage “disappeared” didn’t it?

        • @ panthers2017

          The nightclub involved had a “conflict of interest” I think. Roberts (as you know) was a former Titan and Gold Coast and Brisbane are not that far apart. A lot of the nightclubs patrons would have been big fans of “Jimmy the Jet” and would not have been pleased if Roberts was convicted on evidence supplied by the club. The club were under no legal obligation (as I understand it) to voluntarily hand over any cctv footage or make any statements as there were no charges made against Roberts. I think it was all “smoothed over” to everyone’s satisfaction. So no, Roberts did not go to court as there were no charges against him. If you look through Robert’s history he had 3 incidents of similar behaviour reported over a 12 month period (2 within 6 months) and nothing came of those either.

      • i wouldn’t be totally surprised to see one Jimmy the Jets name come up in this case but am not pre-judging him (yet).
        But I do ask why are the broncos afforded the luxury of not naming their player or for that matter, the Brisbane media not reporting who it is.
        Just looking cases I am familiar with from my club, the media were relentless in pursuing Edwards, Semi, Feet for Hands Toutai and Terepo over similar allegations (remember at the time they were only allegations) however this case is allowed through to the keeper without a word.
        Again, it seems to be a case of some clubs appear to have a greater degree of freedom to manage their own affairs compared to others.

        • To be fair, it wasn’t the Eels that named the players (or the NRL). The Brisbane media might have some blame here, but I don’t necessarily think it has been allowed through to the keeper (just yet). It could be the case that the police have charged a player, but no word as got out as to who it is, that is highly unlikely i know. The point is though, that the player should not have to go through trial by media. Regardless of what has happened in the past with other players, the fact that he is unnamed is the correct thing at this stage.

        • I agree with your comments to a degree and acknowledge it wasn’t the club that named them however once it become knowledge came forward and verified the matters and issued statements that “the club will presume innocent until proven otherwise” or words to that effect. However, the NRL’s integrity unit were very quick to jump all over the matters and, despite unproven allegations at the time, were fairly vocal in their condemnation.
          I wholeheartedly agree with the concept of innocent until proven guilty but just question the media and NRL over differing standards of integrity and treatment.
          Living in Brisbane, you never ever hear of any negative media or commentary relating to the Broncos regardless of performance or off-field matters that occur, it is so complimentary on all levels compared to Sydney,
          Maybe its that standard of (ahem) “journalists” that cover the game in Sydney compared to Brisbane – but there is a definite positive difference in reporting.

        • The Sydney media seem to be of the belief that scandal and negativity sells better, and perhaps they are right, and that it is not their job to sell the game. Perhaps it is another one of those benefits the Broncs get being a 1 team city?

        • so true – just need to see the types that get on NRL360 or other NRL shows and their demeanour and approach.
          Rothfield, Kent, Crawley and Ritchie – all negative personalities and sad individuals.
          Compare that to Craddock, Dobbo and the like – all positive personalities…

        • Billy, they have not named someone as they might still be a minor, who knows.

          All those Parra players you mention were named eventually, not one or two days after the incident.

        • FF2016 – I take your point, but my point is that as soon as the Sydney media get wind of the names of those who committed indiscretions, they plaster it everywhere – in this case the media are strangely silent.

  2. Lol @ some of the comments. Culture at all NRL clubs is piss poor.
    If this turns out true, like any player from any club they need a good old tear up of the contract.
    Time to really nail this… I am just hoping it is Lodge so he never makes the park!

    • It is a problem for ALL clubs AND the NRL OG. This is not an issue where tribalism should distract us to cloud the issue and play down unacceptable behaviour. All supporters should be as one voice on this issue particularly with repeat offenders. Other players, like Hayne who has a clean record, should be afforded the benefit of the doubt until they have had their day in court. Let’s not forget the Brett Stewart/Ben T’eo overreaction and subsequent acquittal.

      • I guess that is the point here. We don’t know who the player is, perhaps rather than being swept under the carpet, the players rights are finally being upheld and they are given the benefit of the doubt. As with other cases, if the player is found guilty, then punish them accordingly. And, if it is in fact one of the repeat offenders, than wipe them out for good.

        • I agree that it is best for players not to be named until guilt is proven but if there are multiple witnesses or cctv footage then the PROOF is already on hand is it not?

        • The player still has the right to fair trial, not trial by media. If such evidence exists, than it should be a pretty open and shut case though.

      • Just perfect! Our comments get deleted while a post advocating violence against women remains and still as yet not one word from the self-appointed “politically correct police” danielle who is no doubt operating in the shadows hitting “Report comment” on “her” multiple profiles but still not prepared to take Kelpie on for advocating violence against women. How typical!

    • Perhaps a step too far? Call a mulligan quick before the beast with two heads takes the bait. Surely THAT is more offensive than advocating violence against women? Surely?

    • Sorry ParraMatt. I hit report by mistake scrolling on my phone.

      @ Zero Tackle

      Please disregard. I need help with my FTS. Can you PLEASE change the report process to include a fail safe “Are you sure?” step?

  3. I’m not speculating who it is, but it would be pathetic if it was Jimmy. No need for hysteria yet, but if this person is indeed guilty he needs to be punted from the NRL and forced to work in a women’s shelter as part of his sentence and see the horrible consequences of these coward’s actions

  4. I have no problem with the NRL issuing show cause notifications and potentially imposing life bans on players who are convicted of indictable offences (e.g. assault, major drug offences) on the grounds that their inappropriate or improper conduct in a private capacity has reflects seriously and adversely on the game. That sort of approach is pretty common in most organisations.

  5. Apparently a forward who played first grade games last year. If that’s the case, rules out Roberts or Lodge.

    • IF that is the case then you are right jayy12, it can’t be Lodge or Roberts. It is only a matter of time though. Leopards don’t change their spots (not when they are serial offenders who have gotten away with their behaviour time and time again).

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