MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 06: The Blues stand for the national anthem during game one of the State Of Origin series between the Queensland Maroons and the New South Wales Blues at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on June 6, 2018 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

Blues coach Brad Fittler has named his line-up for Sunday’s Game Two of the State of Origin series at ANZ Stadium.

Fittler has named Matt Prior as a replacement for Reagan Campbell-Gillard, who suffered a jaw injury during the Panthers’ loss against the Roosters on Friday.

That’s the only change in the side, after the Blues defeated the Maroons 22-12 in the opening Origin clash at the MCG a fortnight ago.

NSW’s Origin II starting side

  1. James Tedesco
  2. Tom Trbojevic
  3. Latrell Mitchell
  4. James Roberts
  5. Josh Addo-Carr
  6. James Maloney
  7. Nathan Cleary
  8. David Klemmer
  9. Damien Cook
  10. Matt Prior
  11. Boyd Cordner (c)
  12. Tyson Frizell
  13. Jack de Belin
  14. Paul Vaughan
  15. Jake Trbojevic
  16. Angus Crichton
  17. Tyrone Peachey


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Matt Prior over Ryan James, even Sharon Woods would be a better option. Fittler is already showing shades of Bellamy in the coaches box.

    • Be funny when he scores on debut as most NSW debutants did in Origin 1, this years series ends on Sunday. Matt Priors not even our 1st option and hes better than all the props QLD have hahahaha

    • This is just further evidence NSW team and coach selection is a game of political machinations, alliances and money rather than who the best players are. One win and NSW revert back to old habits…. If James played for a rich club he would have been selected years ago. If Prior played for Gold Coast he wouldn’t even get a mention for Origin selection.

  2. From a centre with the clueless merged venture to a front row gig in origin. Surely an unlikely fairy tale. Price was another genius right off the production line of coaches with outstanding vision.

    • Oh look big bad blow job spouting more effluent from his mommies basement. Hilarious that someone that supports a team so pathetic it couldn’t even use drugs that actually helped them knocks others.

  3. Ryan James has been going really good but Prior brings experience in a young team full of one game veterans. He is 5yrs older than James and won two premierships in a 216 game NRL career. He knows what it takes to win big games and leading from the front row will show the young guys what is needed. He is willing to bleed for the Blues. Great choice Freddy Fittler. 👍

    • redV you St Illawarra fans have very short memories. Prior can’t be to much of a trash player when he played his role in winning you guys a premiership in 2010, then he woke up to himself and signed with the better neighbor Cronulla and wins a premiership there and led from the front in that great grand final win over Melbourne. Seems to me you know an awful lot about nothing.🎯

  4. What A bloody joke.
    Prior isn’t good enough to be a back up reserve at SOO level.
    Ryan James is 10 times the player Prior is.
    How must James be feeling knowing a two bit bum like Prior got picked over him.
    If I was Ryan James I would be telling Fittler to jam it up his backside and that he is no longer available for selection for the blues.
    The Queensland forwards will run riot over the top of a powder puff hack like Prior.

    • Kev, Freddy Fittler and the selectors know a little bit more than you. It was a painstaking choice and James will get his turn at only 26 yrs of age, The thing that swayed Frederick Fittler is that Prior can perform in the games that count. Grand Finals whilst James is a magnificent choice but has not played in the pressure cooker games. His time will come and it will be very soon. Possibly even this year still. depending on injuries. But at least one thing is crystal clear. James is right up there in the minds of the selectors. The disappointment of missing out this time just may be the incentive required to go to a level that demands inclusion. He should not feel to bad though the best prop getting around before Origin 1 was selected Fifita was overlooked also. Remember he put his hand up for two games but was rejected.

  5. Hahahahaha, this only improves Queensland’s chances of winning. Prior is soft and over ratted. Who cares if he has won a title. He did nothing. He got carried. Hahahaha I cant believe what a meme this is, Matt Prior in the new south wales team hahahahaha. They’ve mucked it up again.

  6. Have you guys ever watched Prior play? Sure he doesn’t grab any headlines, but he is a good front rower who will get the job done on Sunday night. Sure, I would have went with James, but I understand Freddy’s thinking here and am very happy for a guy like Prior to get some much deserved recognition.

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