A lot can change in a handful of months.

Heralded pre-season by seasoned pundits as the boom rookie to keep an eye on, Lachlan Galvin has apparently changed his previous inclination about leaving the club, now aiming to establish a lasting legacy similar to Penrith's success with homegrown talent.

Earlier concerns about the Tigers' crowded halves lineup led Galvin's management to request his release multiple times. The team's recruitment of players like Jayden Sullivan, Aidan Sezer, Latu Fainu and Jarome Luai had crowded Galvin's path to first grade.

After reassuring discussions with the club in February, Galvin has decided not only to fulfil the remaining two years of his contract but also to endeavour to become a one-club player.

"One hundred per cent, with Benji (Marshall) here I can see myself also being here for a long time,” Galvin gushed, via News Corp. 

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Marshall has played a significant role in integrating Galvin into the team, notably starting him in the season's opener.

"In my plans, he is a big part of our future moving forward. Someone that I can see playing the game for the next 20 years," Marshall confirmed.

Galvin's roots trace back to the Harold Matthews (under 17s) title-winning team of Western Suburbs Magpies in 2022, where he played alongside other now-NRL debutants Tallyn Da Silva and Kit Laulilii, players he hopes will join him in building a dynasty at the Tigers.

“Yeah, 100 per cent it's something we have spoken about. All us younger boys, even the ones that aren't there yet at the NRL, hopefully soon there are more of us, want to stay here,” he explained.

Marshall is equally committed to nurturing local talent.

“Honestly, I'm not afraid to put in kids that have never played as long as they have earned it," he remarked, highlighting a strategic shift towards fostering homegrown players.

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A young prodigy himself, Benji now faces the challenge of getting the balance right when it comes to supporting Galvin's natural instincts and talent.

Keen eyes would have noticed Galvin sitting alongside Marshall in the coach's box during his recent suspension to gain a broader understanding of the game from a different perspective.

This transformative journey for Galvin, from contemplating an exit to championing a long-term commitment at the Tigers, highlights a significant turnaround which would best be put down to the mentorship of a coach that many were quick to criticise after only one round.